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Made in Jersey follows a brassy street-wise lawyer who joins a posh Manhattan law firm and lowers expectations at first sight. But, despite her white-collar colleagues' skepticism and her Italian family's well-meaning but constant intrusions, she rises to the challenge. She defends her clients with her distinct brand of legal strategy, intelligence, and Jersey attitude.

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    • This is becoming so typical!!!! - Why? one needs to ask!

      I just can't believe this is continuing to happen, the cancelling of another well received TV Show!

      As there is so much rubbish out there, and when a decent funny show airs, some nitwit TV nitwit cancels it! What planet are they living on!! Jane by design was another one! It was good for both Kids and adults!
    • This is our lost

      you are making a hugr mistake, its a very good show maybe good rather than "The Good Wife"

      and 'Glee"

      its funny and the good

      i hope you give the show another chance
    • Surely not a series for cancelling!!!!

      This is a huge mistake, this series had so much going for it, it was way too premature to cancel it after just two episodes! I am very disappointed to the lack of vision on cancelling such a series !! very disappointing !!
    • Rating deserves to be higher!

      Despite being more cute and quirky... And essentially a TV version of Legally Blonde. I thought this show deserved to be on over some of the trash they keep on TV. I wouldn't say I was outright excited for it every week or instantly wanting the next episode when the show ended. But I was happy to watch it every week it came on.

      I thought Martina was likeable and the cast was was pretty good. Was especially happy to see Stephanie March in the beginning of the show since she hasn't been in SVU!!moreless
    • have watched 2 shows

      and I'm not very impressed. Plus I am not thrilled with martina... at all..........

      The subjects were good but well, martina just did not impress would have remained with better actress....

      I just read the other comments - Guess I saw the Only 2 episodes.......... All I can say is "Good"


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