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  • This is becoming so typical!!!! - Why? one needs to ask!

    I just can't believe this is continuing to happen, the cancelling of another well received TV Show!

    As there is so much rubbish out there, and when a decent funny show airs, some nitwit TV nitwit cancels it! What planet are they living on!! Jane by design was another one! It was good for both Kids and adults!
  • This is our lost

    you are making a hugr mistake, its a very good show maybe good rather than "The Good Wife"

    and 'Glee"

    its funny and the good

    i hope you give the show another chance
  • Surely not a series for cancelling!!!!

    This is a huge mistake, this series had so much going for it, it was way too premature to cancel it after just two episodes! I am very disappointed to the lack of vision on cancelling such a series !! very disappointing !!
  • Rating deserves to be higher!

    Despite being more cute and quirky... And essentially a TV version of Legally Blonde. I thought this show deserved to be on over some of the trash they keep on TV. I wouldn't say I was outright excited for it every week or instantly wanting the next episode when the show ended. But I was happy to watch it every week it came on.

    I thought Martina was likeable and the cast was was pretty good. Was especially happy to see Stephanie March in the beginning of the show since she hasn't been in SVU!!
  • have watched 2 shows

    and I'm not very impressed. Plus I am not thrilled with martina... at all..........

    The subjects were good but well, martina just did not impress would have remained with better actress....

    I just read the other comments - Guess I saw the Only 2 episodes.......... All I can say is "Good"

  • What's with all the bashing?

    Made in Jersey is a good show! I really liked it from the get-go and that doesn't happen very often. So, it isn't a hardcore drama in the court room, but I didn't care. I felt greatly entertained and will keep watching every episode which I can get. I like that Made in Jersey is centered around Martina and her colourful family. And I love her personal approach to each case. I find it refreshingly entertaining that there's no secret agenda hidden somewhere in the story line. It's just plain old storytelling and sometimes I like it old-school (with a modern twist). I really wish Made in Jersey could have kept going. It's kind of upsetting that this show got cancelled and a whole lot of really bad ones go on.
  • Not cancelled quite yet!

    Moved to Saturdays and will air November 24th and December 1st according to the following article posted on November 6th.

    Yay! Maybe it will get picked up for more episodes, but I'm worried we will only get two more before it gets the final axe.
  • Loved the show

    I think they should have at least shown the first season. It takes time to develop the personalities and the show direction.

    On another note, this should have been the cast that made the movie One For the Money, by Janet Evanovich. They'd have been perfect.
  • Cancel!!!!!!! No :(

    I liked this show and I would love to see the outcome. How can u cancel a show after just 2 episodes. You gotta give people time to get used to a new show
  • Feel good TV

    I just saw the second episode and I kinda start to like the show and the characters. There isn't too much conflict going on and so it's nothing compared to Suits of course, but it doesn't pretend to be. It has some sort of Erin Brockovich like charm to it, just not as big of a storyline of course. It may be in the line of law shows like Matlock, just in more modern way. But for me, that's ok, I don't need action and drama all the time and this show is nice and refreshing after a full day of work to just chill out, be entertained and feel good. I don't know where it's going yet but the second episode was very promising, better than the pilot.
  • Hmm...Interesting I suppose.

    It's alright. Enjoyed the fast paced tightly packed script lines. Kinda like when Harry's Law Met Sadly; is it like Harry, really? - Not ! Like what Randy on AI would exclaim, "It's alright dawg, it's alright!" Let's see how this show develops. Can go either way. Then again, if I had to choose watching this over Elementary, probably slam dunk. Casual entertainment. This show's light human/humour element gets a slight tilt on its short skirt above being just average. Pick it up writers!
  • Okay show

    It's an okay show but in comparison to suits its nothing.