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Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2005 on USA
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50 teams of inventors start out in this competition to become the next person with a hot-selling item that's "made in the USA". These inventors of new and sometimes bad gadgets face a panel of judges to be able to compete for the grand prize: a one year contract to sell their invention on the Home Shopping Network. Two drastic eliminations cut the playing field first into 12, and then down to 6.moreless

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    • (After Taddlington's banana pitch)
      Karim Rashid: I would never trust him to sell a product for me.

    • Jim (Pitching the banana): Please keep calling, folks. I know the line's gettin' real busy.
      Karim Rashid: I don't believe that for a moment.

    • Sammy (Pitching the banana): Banana and mayonnaise sandwich is great.
      Karim Rashid: Banana and mayonnaise? Is that what he said?

    • Peggy (Pitching the banana): This one is firm. It is firm. It's real firm.
      Karim Rashid: She hasn't seen anything that firm in a long time.

    • (In the middle of the "sales" test)
      Karim Rashid: I'm convinced. I'm going bananas all the way.

    • Doug (Pitching the banana): The reason why they call it the "pronana" is because it's full of proteins. Full of vitamins. Um...uh, it also helps keep your skin in your, uh, very youthful looking. And also it gives you the appearance of a more youthful appearance.
      Karim Rashid: I thought he was atrocious. He reminded me of a contractor right now that's doing some repairs on my house, that never shows up.

    • Marvin (Pitching the banana): Now, the banana is a fabulous product, because, first of all, it's totally portable. It has an indicator on it, that when it is spoiled, it turns black. However, if you put it in your pocket, be careful, because your friends will think you're happy.
      Nolan Bushnell: He nailed it.

    • (During the "sales" test)
      Scott: What can you possibly do to a banana?

    • (During the "sales" test)
      Marvin: We pull up the lid, and it's a banana!

    • Joy Mangano: You know, if you're on HSN, in front of millions of people, that pitch has to be a thing of beauty.

    • During dinner, amidst conversation
      Taddlington: I figured out that J-O-B is a Journey Of the Bro.

    • (After being eliminated)
      Michael (Of the "Big Ollie Air Band" team): This product will revolutionize the skateboarding industry, whether or not they like it.

    • (After advancing to the 2nd round)
      Taddlington: I'm here to help humanity. I knew they'd figure it out.

    • (After advancing to the 2nd round)
      Doug: Walked up, saw the sign. I swear to God my head popped off.

    • (After advancing to the 2nd round)
      Peggy: I'm in shock. I can't believe it.

    • Nolan Bushnell: If I could wave a wand and wish them all success, I'd do that.

    • (During the Quad Zipper presentation)
      Karim Rashid: This is a really revolutionary piece.

    • Nolan Bushnell: A good product, ideally, should have the potential to form an industry.

    • (During the M-Stand presentation -- The M-Stand is a standalone vomit bucket)
      Nolan Bushnell: I don't know anyone who throws up that much. But maybe I will someday.

    • (During one of the presentations)
      Contestant (Uncredited): There's a lot of gadgets out there that should not be out there.
      Nolan Bushnell: Yeah?
      Contestant: Why not this?
      Nolan Bushnell (To other judges): Rescue me from myself.

    • (During one of the presentations)
      Nolan Bushnell: They would sell zero.

    • Nolan Bushnell: I'm a simple guy. I just want to find out why I need this product.

    • Nolan Bushnell: It's difficult to nail the design, the pitch, and the product. And quite frankly, most people don't.

    • Candace (Of the "Big Ollie Air Band" team): I used part of our retirement and you know, it's worth it just to show my kids that you can do something.

    • Karim Rashid: Everyone has ideas, but that's not enough. You have to pay your dues and really develop a decent product.

    • (During the "Universal Folding Octagon" presentation)
      Karim Rashid: I didn't spend 22 years of my life designing things to critique that.

    • (During the "Smart Sacks" presentation)
      Karim Rashid: They're wasting our time.

    • (During one of the team's presentations)
      Joy Mangano: A wonderful presentation, by the way.
      Karim Rashid: Joy, can I jump in?
      Joy Mangano: Yes. Jump in.
      Karim Rashid: I think it's really stupid.
      Joy Mangano: Oh, gosh.
      Karim Rashid: It''s's ridiculous.

    • Joy Mangano: The pitch is key. It makes or breaks the product.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Teams Who Passed The Second Elimination:

      London & Marvin (The Gorilla Gripper)

      Quintana & Jessica (The Travel Stiletto)

      Chris & Sammy (Shoulder Pad Hydration System)

      Joe & Lisa (Instant Waterfall)

      Alexi & Sarah (Non-Chemical Hair Highlights)

      Justin & Josh (Quod Zipper)

    • Teams Who Passed The First Elimination:

      London & Marvin (The Gorilla Gripper)

      Quintana & Jessica (The Travel Stiletto)

      Taddlington & Terry (AquaLogix)

      Jim & David (Stroll-N-Go)

      Chris & Sammy (Shoulder Pad Hydration System)

      Donna & Heidi (Sun Lounge Chaiser)

      Joe & Lisa (Instant Waterfall)

      Alexi & Sarah (Non-Chemical Hair Highlights)

      Scott & Doug (The Dirt Worker)

      George & Joellen (Save-A-Seat)

      Peggy & Gray (Professional BBQ Fork)

      Justin & Josh (Quod Zipper)


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    Judge Judy
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    What Would You Do?
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