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On every new episode of Made, one willing candidate embarks on a mission to transform his or her life. Whether it's to become a varsity football player, a BMX biker, or a surfer, each teenager has a dream to break out of their shell and find out who they really are. Sometimes they make it, sometimes not, and sometimes they realize they had what they wanted all along. It's a brand new season of subjects, so tune in to see if their dreams get Made.

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AIRED ON 11/19/2014

Season 15 : Episode 7

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  • Made!

    "Made" has made me quite motivated to pursue my own dreams. It's very inspirational, especially when you're in a go-getter mood (which is the mood I always get into once I watch the show). I have seen some episodes which I didn't particularly like, but there are some that are just amazing. I love when the coaches are firm but supportive and the teens are in that "never quit" attitude. It goes to show how much you can do and how far you can go if you really want soemthing to happen, and that's what I love about the show.moreless
  • Very cool

    I really like the show Made. It's a show where they take a person and transform them into something totally different! For example, they can take someone who is very nerdy and make them into Homecoming King . It's a very interesting show. It's really original, and whoever come up with this is really smart! I would never want to change who I am. Ever! But I still think it would be cool to see what it's like to be Made. Anyways, the show is really really interesting and it is always very entertaining. It's just overall a really awesome show.moreless
  • A person is transformed into someone they usually are not.

    I've liked it since the begining. It's cool how they show their struggles in becoming who they want to be. The only part where it fails is it's pretty much predictable. They meet the MADE coach, begin changing, struggle and almost give up, but then they come back and accomplish their goal and have a makeover. But i guess that's what makes it catchy to me and a lot of people here. It's nice to get encouraged by these people. I have been influenced a little bit by this show. Anything is possible if you just keep on trying even if you fail a bunch of times.moreless
  • This show is where people are wanted to be made into want they are wanted to be made in e.g dancer in this show they are made coaches sent who help them achieve their desire.moreless

    This show is not bad and is really cool to see the outcome from how much training the person as put in. I think a show like this is cool because you could ask for anything they would help you the show is set out in a journal type show. The show makes you face your fears also could make you liked among other people I would recomend watching this show but if missed you wouldnt really worry because the fact is the shows are one offs. But if your in a relaxing mode it is worth watching I suppose.moreless
  • People on it are so good as they just try to act normally and carry on and are willing to do everything .

    The programme Made is unoriginal but extremely exciting to see wether they can achieve there goals.Most of the time they can but it must obviously take alot of energy to do especially if they arent use to anything like it.Made is eye catching and draws you into it straight away with its excitement and drama that the person goes throught to achieve it .The only thing i would change is its predictability on when they have to do something and will only show you if the person does something right .Dont miss made you will be drawn in straight awaymoreless

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