Season 6 Episode 4

Ladies Man 2

Aired Monday 4:30 PM Jul 20, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Went to this school

    Still haven't watched the episode, but a lot of my friends knew him from drama. He was a decent person, fit in with us drama nerds well. Then he turned into a dick who thought he was amazing. He actually came back to 'help' our school musical a year or two after he left. I swear I wanted to drop a prop on that man. Somehow he gained an ego that wouldn't even fit in the auditorium. Congrats MTV, you ruined a decent person for the sake of tv. Also you made him get rid of his awesome shoes!
  • Brain is a nerd at his high school, can't get a date. Yeah yeah yeah, we get it. Next.

    Yet again, we have poor tortured nerd who lacks the charisma and confidence to land a girl friend. After being dissed by like every girl on the planet, Tariq Nasheed helps Brian become a "Ladie's Man", or a guy who gets a date to prom. This show seemed to unorignal for my tastes. I really think MTV could do so much better with these shows. Or just stop all together. These shows are all the same now, either create Hot guys/girls or make them athletes. You have the rare episode where someone wants to be something different, but it's all the same. Just send some mack guy in, clean the kid up, take away the D&D and your done.