Season 6 Episode 14

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Aired Monday 4:30 PM Jan 02, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Genevieve pursues her dream of breaking the mould. Pushing through the barriers of fear and frustration she comes out on top and lights a spark in all who watch her do it.

    I am so tickled that I have an opportunity to write a review for this show. This was the third episode of Made I had seen and my favorite still. I must say that I admire Genevieve's pursuit of what she felt would set her free. Taking that first step is not always the hardest or the most frightening, but it is an admirable thing and I admired Genevieve taking it. I would not have wanted to tell her Mother or Grandmother of a decision like she had made. In fact, I saw a lot of myself in Genevieve. I completely understood the frustration she felt when learning new moves that were completely foreign to her body. She was also afraid of performing...and who could blame her? Being surrounded by people who are able to do what you are just hoping to learn is a powerful place to be, and a terribly frightening one. Sincerely apologetic for not being up to par when her coach wants to see her dance with the girls, Genevieve commanded my respect when she did not give up. Though it was fun to watch her cut her hair and buy new clothes, and to give a cheer when she says she is glad Ryan was so shallow, it was her performance at the end that caused everyone in my home to want to give her a standing ovation. There in that "moment of truth" Genevieve finds out what she is truly made of. Not only did she get out there and face ridicule and fear, she came out on top of her own battles and gave it her all. It was not her outfit, her hair, 'the girls', or the cheers of the crowd that made her a winner, it was her freedom. And she wore it well!
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