Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Monday 4:30 PM Jun 22, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • White boy Niles tries to not be plain and suburban when he tries to join the rap game. Under the alias Blizzard, Niles meets his coach C-Rayz who tries to help him come out from under his dad's shaddow. Nile's dad was the man who wrote Funkytown.

    I'm still banging my head against the wall because of this episode. Sometimes I feel like Made is dragging along a dead horse. While I am glad that Niles has a dream and MTV is willing to help, I wish that they could come up with better dreams to fufill.

    I'll save the ranting untill later and continue with my review now.

    Niles, a average kid from Somewheresville wants to be a rapper. Ok. As if I can't keep one rapper straight from the other, we are going to add more. Niles meets his made coach C-Rayz who offers to take him along his wing and make him a great rapper. C-Rayz has Niles a variety of tasks to beef up his skills including practing saying "I'm Niles and the Blizzard is comming" infront of a mirror, to going grocery shopping and rapping about each food. While I can understand how most of these activities can help with rapping skills, they don't do much. I think the natural gift of rhyme is something you are born with.

    After chickening out of a rap competion, C-Rayz takes Niles to NYC to meet a few of his fellow Rappers. My personal favorite person in this episode was the little girl P-Star, or P-Girl or whatever. She had skill. Even by the end, Niles didn't really improve all that much. Anyhow, in traditional Made style, Niles battles, wins or something like that, blah blah.

    It's an ok plot, but a little far fetched. We are kind of scraping the barrel with this one MTV. Let's try a little harder next time.