Made - Season 4

Monday 4:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Aug 03, 2002 In Season


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  • Girly Girl Goes Skater Chick
    It looks like Heather has it all--she's pretty, popular and captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. But Heather's got a secret...she'd give up her dream life if only she could be MADE into a skateboarder. Yeah dude! Heather loves the X Games, but actually, she's got something else motivating her. She has a major thing for a surfer guy at her school. But when Heather's coach starts to push her hard, will this covert crush be enough to get Heather to meet the challenges of competitive skateboarding? Heather thinks she's got the strength to face all these challenges, but when the chips are down, will she fold to peer pressure and fall back on her comfortable life? Or will she be able to stand strong, stick to her guns, and come out on top at the skateboarding competition, showing everyone that she's not the girly girl they think she is? -courtesy mtv.commoreless
  • Hip Hop Dancer
    Hip Hop Dancer
    Episode 6
    Alley is a choir girl who can't dance, so isn't weird that she wants to join the school's hip hop dance team "The Cuda Girls". Her coach(a local dance teacher) teaches Alley to get down with some fresh moves and some cool cuda flavor. With all the training and heavy dancing will Alley overcome thoughts of giving up or will Alley become MADE!!!moreless
  • Formal Date
    Formal Date
    Episode 5
    Rachel gets made fun of everyday by the boys in her school who call her ugly, and she also can't get a date. Overshadowed by her 'hot' little sister, Rachel wants hotness of her own and wants to be made into a beautiful women with a date to the formal. Rachel's MADE Coach(a recording artist) changes Rachel's attitude with photo shoots, recording songs, heartfelt talks, and a body and soul makeover to give Rachel the confidence she needs to be MADE and get a formal date.moreless
  • Movie Stars
    Movie Stars
    Episode 4
    Megan and Katelyn want to be made into the stars of a Hollywood movie.
  • Mr.NorthStar
    Episode 3
    Goth guy Scott who wears nothing but black wants to become his school's Mr. NorthStar which is the male equivalent to homecoming queen. His Made Coaches put some much needed color into his life(and his wardrobe) and cut his hair so now Scott has his chance to be MADE!
  • Pageant Queen
    Episode 2
    Kitty is a quiet girl who makes good grades while sitting in the back of the class, so imagine the shock when Kitty announces that she wants to enter the school beauty pageant. Kitty has to deal with her sister's jealousy and the girl who was runner-up in the pageant last year and is poised to win this year. But that all changes when Kitty gets a big makeover that includes contact lenses and a hot new wardrobe. Can Kitty, now the hottest girl in school, focus on winning now that she's got the boy of her dreams attention. Kitty's Made Coach won't let anyone stand in Kitty's way,so can Kitty be Made?moreless
  • Britney Hits Broadway
    Southern Belle Britney goes to New York to fulfill her dream of becoming a Broadway diva and tries out for the Broadway Musical 42nd Street.