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  • Basketball Girl
    Basketball Girl
    Episode 12
    Stephanie is tired of being known as an A1 band geek. She's been teased all of her life and now in her Senior year she wants revenge against the jocks who teased her by making it on the championship basketball team. Can Stephanie who has very little experience being an athlete let alone playing basketball be MADE?moreless
  • Salsa Dancers
    Episode 11
    Ian, a self-proclaimed band geek, wants to be MADE into a salsa dancer with one of his best friends Laura. Laura is very popular and Ian is secretly in love with her. Will Laura go for a guy like Ian, can the two pull off salsa dancing, will they be MADE!moreless
  • Ballet
    Episode 10
    Mack is the superstar athlete at his high school in Delaware and all the girls think he's hot. But this jock has a big secret. He wants to move in a new direction and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Can Mack do what he's always dreamed about and survive the taunts of his peers, attract the ladies, and finally get over his fear of rejection? Can Mack be MADE into a ballet dancer?moreless
  • BMX Race
    BMX Race
    Episode 9
    A Girly Girl and Drama Queen wants to transform into a BMX Racer. Self-proclaimed big mouth Lawryn is always the new girl in town. This is her second year in the small town of Pocomoke, Maryland and she's starting a new school year. But this year she wants thing to change. Lawryn wants to fit in and make new friends by participating in the town's biggest sport, BMX. Lawryn also wants to catch the eye of her crush so she lays it all on the line. Will Lawryn listen to her friends and quit, or will she listen to her World Champion Coach and be MADE!moreless
  • Leading Lady
    Leading Lady
    Episode 8
    Anna is officially known by her classmates as a dork and the weirdest girl in school. She's a student at Overton High School who writes science fiction and is trying to learn Japanese. She's very imaginative and she wants to expand that creativity for the whole school to see. Anna's dream is to act in the school play, but she has yet to make the cut. This year, Anna the tomboy wants to be MADE into a leading lady.moreless
  • Wrestler
    Episode 7
    Meet Dov, an eccentric teen who loves to perform. Whether it's singing, dancing, acting or playing his sax, Dov's strengths shine within the performing arts community at his school. Unfortunately, these talents don't make him cool within the more popular circles. Many of Dov's fellow classmates--especially some of the football players--have been making fun of him. Dov is tired of the jocks stepping on him, so before the year is over he is going to get in touch with his tougher side and be MADE into a varsity wrestler. Dov isn't just getting MADE for the respect of his fellow classmates--he's also in it for the chicks. One chick in particular has captured this Romeo's heart and her name is Evelyn. Evelyn is in all of Dov's classes and he's always looking for ways to impress her. Evelyn only sees Dov as a friend but he hopes that making the wrestling team will change that.(
  • Miss Junior
    Miss Junior
    Episode 6
    Krystle is your average girl at Winslow High. Her friends describe her as crazy, loud, and dramatic but they like her just the way she is. But Krystle, who's a Junior, wants to strive for more. She's tired of all the popular girls running the school and winning every election so she decides it's time for the average girl to shine. Krystle runs for Miss Junior for Homecoming, and Homecoming is a big thing at Winslow. And with big things come big competition, Andrea (Queen of Field Hockey), Alexa and Jess (the cheerleaders), and Jenn (the popular ex-cheerleader). Krystle goes through big changes physically and one mentally. She has an out of character conflict with Alexa but soon regains her cool by an ambush takeover of the football game to gain critical votes. Her MADE Coach can only take her so far, Krystle has to give it up to the student body to decide is she'll win and get MADE!moreless
  • Talent Show
    Talent Show
    Episode 5
    Jackie Buck is a student at Morse High. She is four feet ten inches and has spent most of her life getting lost in the crowd. Even though she is active in field hockey and part of the stage crew, she can't seem to get out of the shadow of her stepsister Jen. Jen is pretty and popular and in the same grade as Jackie. Although the two sisters get along great at home, they run in different circles at school. Jackie is ready to step out of her stepsister's shadow and make a name for herself; she is ready to get MADE.(courtesy Brian puts Jackie in the talent show and she is taught how to dance, sing, and act for a drama piece. The piece is to show the many talents of Jackie. Armed with dancers and a big music number, all Jackie has to do is her best. Can Jackie be MADE into the star of the talent show and the school?moreless
  • Nerd to Football Stud
    Sick and tired of getting shoved into lockers and being called "the nerd boy," Christian makes a crucial decision to shake his bookish image (not to mention his haters) and achieve a seemingly impossible goal of becoming a wide receiver on his high school's football team. This is definitely going to be a challenge, considering Christian weighs in at a mere 122 pounds and has never played with the pigskin in his life. In this episode of MADE, we cheer on Christian, as he tries to earn a spot on the team. Christian's dreams are soon dashed when he moves to a new school. Will he continue is upward rise and join the new school's football team or will he give it up. Find out on this surprise ending of MADE!moreless
  • Step Team
    Step Team
    Episode 3
    All 18-year-old Abby wants to do is make her high school's hip-hop step team, something her friends and family see as an impossible task. After all, Abby is the minister's daughter, honor roll student, Olympic hopeful fencer and prospective Harvard student. So when she breaks the news to her friends and family, they are unsure whether or not she will be able to achieve her goal. With auditions for the step team only 4 weeks away, Abby's dedication to her goals will be tested. In this episode of MADE, we watch this 'goody goody' test her limits to show everyone around her that she isn't the quiet, studious smarty pants they all see her as and prove to them that this dancin' diva has a wild side. -courtesy mtv.commoreless
  • Boyfriend Material
    Boyfriend Material
    Episode 2
    Richie's a high school junior in New England and is using the summer working as a cab driver. Richie also wants to use his summer to come back to school transformed into a chick magnet. A couple of things stand in his way, he's overweight and girls aren't attracted to him. This all changes when Richie gets his MADE Coach. Why is this overweight boy who is uncoordinated and does not exercise trying to lose weight? It's all for his crush Nina, who he wants to go to homecoming with. This summer Richie suffers the trials and tribulations of becoming a lean chick magnet by means of a seaweed diet, a personal trainer, tips and missions to get girls, and fat camp. Will Richie lose weight and become a chick magnet all the while keeping his identity and getting Nina to like him? Can Richie be MADE?moreless
  • Surfing Selena
    Surfing Selena
    Episode 1
    Selena is your average girly girl living in California, going to school, relaxing with friends, and just hanging out on the beach. Selena also looks up to her two guy friends who surf, she's always wanted to do it and with MADE she gets her chance. Having a show-biz brother, Selena feels she can never be in the limelight or get any validation from her mom. Selena's friends, classmates, and even her mom don't believe Selena can compete in an all-girl surf competition, so with hard work, dedication, and hundreds of wipe-outs along the way, Selena tries to prove that she can be MADE!moreless