Made - Season 6

Monday 4:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Aug 03, 2002 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Spring Break
    Spring Break
    Episode 20
    Former contestant Brian goes on Spring Break to further his goals of becoming a ladies' man. Can he be MADE during Spring Break?
  • Break Dancer
    Break Dancer
    Episode 19
    Jason prides himself on his math team awards, so you'd never expect that he wants to be MADE into a breakdancer. But he wants to convince his peers that he's more than just a shy computer nerd.
  • Lose Weight
    Lose Weight
    Episode 18
    Danielle is a girl with a big personality. She also happens to be a big girl,clocking in at 274 pounds, that want so lose weight. She started packing on the pounds after the death of her father because she found comfort in food. Can Danielle be motivated to lose weight and regain her self esteem. Can Danielle be MADE?moreless
  • Battle of the Bands (2)
    16 year-old Alexa is a super-shy band geek and wants to be an ultra-sheik rocker chick. She lives in her sister's shadow but she wants to shake the good girl image and release all her inhibitions. The cool thing to be is a rock star and Alexa wants to win the battle of the bands at her Bow, New Hampshire high school. Can this aspiring opera singer, who's totally not noticed, stop playing on the safe side and take some risks. Can Alexa be an edgy free spirited rocker chick. Can Alexa be MADE?moreless
  • Skateboarder (2)
    Skateboarder (2)
    Episode 16
    Themi is "hot" according to her male peers. She's also popular, but known as prim and proper due to growing up in a strict, traditional Greek household. Themi wants to break out of that mold and do something people wouldn't expect -- become MADE into a skateboarder.
  • Miss Teen Arizona
    Miss Teen Arizona
    Episode 15
    Punk rock teen Stephanie wants to get MADE into a pageant queen. The self proclaimed "scary gothic chick" who meows at people wants to defy stereotypes at her high school in Cottonwood, Arizona and remove all cliques. Can a girl who only appeals to the misfit crowd fit into the world of glamour and be accepted for who she is as a person? Can Stephanie be MADE?moreless
  • Rapper (2)
    Rapper (2)
    Episode 14
    Genevieve is a sophisticated straight "A" student that comes from three generations of headstrong women. Because of the success of her mother and grandmother, Genevieve feels that she has to always be perfect and that expectation keeps her from the hip in-crowd. But this is her senior year, and she wants it to go out with a bang. Genevieve hopes to break free of her parent's expectations through the art form of rap, win the affections of her long term crush, Ryan, and go from pop flop to Tupac with a debut performance at her Arizona school's pep rally.moreless
  • Central Idol
    Central Idol
    Episode 13
    Nadia is a very shy girl who wants to be MADE into Central Idol, her school's version of American Idol to break out of her shell and make brand new friends in MADE's 50th Episode!!!
  • Soccer
    Episode 12
    Josh is a heavy gay teen who wants to be MADE into a soccer player to earn the respect of the guys at his school and his father.
  • Rocker
    Episode 11
    At school, Alaric is known as a Kumbayah-singing hippie. Now she's going to be MADE into the rocking leader of her own
  • Comedian
    Episode 10
    There's a big goof-off in every high school class, and Alyssa is the goof-off at her high school in Minnesota. She has an off the wall comedy style, no one can tell her what to do, and she can never focus on the task at hand. Part of the reason is her big family of seven members, and her constant need for attention and telling jokes. But it's time for Alyssa to get serious as a senior in high school about to graduate and be MADE into one of those kids that know what they want to do with their lives. After several unsuccessful attempts at various jobs, Alyssa is thrust into comedy. Can Alyssa be MADE into a comedian?moreless
  • Dance Team
    Episode 9
    Bryttni is a softball player at her school and wants to become popular and not just the girl with the wigs(She has a disease that makes her lose her hair).The only way to be popular is to be on the school's dance team, the Emeralds. Can a girl with no dance experience be MADE into an Emerald and find out that it's not about being popular but the about the friends you have?moreless
  • Figure Skater
    Episode 8
    Zach is an all-star athlete who dares to be different. His friends show him no respect and his teachers and coaches say he can do better. So what better way to command that respect than to be MADE into a figure skater. Can Zach balance school, the winning lacrosse season, and go the distance on the ice? Can Zach be MADE?moreless
  • Wakeboarder
    Episode 7
    Joan wants to have the ultimate summer on the lake this year, but the only problem is that she's a total outsider. Lake Travis is the hot spot for all the cool kids at school and the only way that Joan can fit in is to be MADE into a wakeboarder. Joan can only find a good friend in her sister Liz, but she wants to expand her horizons, meet new people, and finally catch the eye of her crush since ninth grade, Riley. Can a girl that marches to the beat of her own drum make friends, wakeboard, do good in he INT contest, hook up with Riley, and get approached instead of always doing the approaching? Can Joan be MADE?moreless
  • Cheerleader (2)
    Cheerleader (2)
    Episode 6
    MADE comes full circle as another girl aspires to be a cheerleader in the second half of the sixth season premiere! Mary is the new girl in town who's unathletic and overshadowed by her perfect older sister and constantly annoyed by her four younger brothers. Quiet and shy, Mary misses her home of Ohio and can't quite fit in at her new school in New Hampshire. Sick of being passed by and bumped into in the hallways, Mary wants to go from the girl no one notices to the girl no one can miss by being MADE into a Cheerleader.moreless
  • Prom Queen
    Episode 5
    Brittany is a tough mosh pit loving punk who tries to change her attitude and be voted Prom Queen of her Palm Beach, Florida high school? Can a girl with barely no friends and an intimidating image be MADE?
  • Ladies Man 2
    Ladies Man 2
    Episode 4
    Brian is a big drama nerd at Mojave High School in Arizona. But this nerd wants to become a stud and land his first date and first girlfriend. To put more impossible tasks on another one, Brian has his Senior Prom coming up and he needs a date. With a Made Coach who is a straight pimp and a huge makeover can Brian go from wack to mack, will he be kissed or dissed by his dream girl Elisabeth, can Brian be MADE?!?!moreless
  • Snowboarder
    Episode 3
    Ditzy blonde Amanda is known as the "Paris Hilton" of her school, Carson High. But having enough, she is ready to shed her reputation and start to sled as an extreme snowboarder. Amanda faces tough times from her friends and her sport-crazy dad who refuses to believe that she can do it. Can Amanda be MADE?moreless
  • Girly Girl
    Episode 2
    Only on MADE can a tomboy be transformed into a girly-girl vixen. Sam the Man is an extreme tomboy who hangs out mostly with her brother Chris but she wants to be changed into a girl who gets attention from hot guys and most of all she wants one of them to ask her to the Prom. With help from her MADE Coach, the new more girly with actual girlfriends 'Samantha' is transformed into a brand new hot girl who has to choose between a brand new friend named 'Hockey' Eric or her major crush and mega popular 'Hot' Eric. Sam is forced to choose in this major decision and pick a prom date or not be MADE at all!moreless
  • Rapper
    Episode 1
    Niles is a relatively goofy kid with a passion for rapping. The kids at school don't like his rhymes and Niles was booed off the stage at a talent show for choking. He loves everything about the hip hop culture and wants to be Made into a legit rapper. Niles comes from a musical family(His dad wrote FunkyTown and his mom worked with Dolly Parton) and wants to become the next breakout star. With help from his Made Coach, can Niles overcome the things that hold him back and become MADE?moreless