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  • One of the few children's shows that I'm completely into

    I really love entire Madeline franchise, and especially the TV series, from the Cinar specials to the DiC series and movies, it's just a really fun and entertaining series.
  • Cheeky show

    I watched this show for the first time when I was 13 through the Jaroo website and I fell in love with it. The story is about the adventure a cheeky, mischievous, and spunky yet sweet and heartwarming girl with a red hair named Madeline. Madeline lives in an old house in Paris with her 11 friends and Ms. Clavel, everyday she with her 11 friends and Ms. Clavel spend time together on going for adventure to many other places.

    The storyline is maybe kind of childish, but I actually like it because the story can give me a good message on my daily life and quite well written. There are maybe some aspects of the story that I find to be rather weird or uncanny, but I am fine with that. I also really like the idea on how Madeline always goes to many other places while she learned a lot things from her adventure.

    Madeline herself is a really likeable heroine, I really like her character since I watched it for the first time and still like it until now. She has many things that I like about her character such as strong, witty, clever, resourceful, and spunky instead of being weak, helpless, useless, or bratty.

    But just because she is spunky, witty, clever, and that doesn't mean that she is perfect because she has her few of her flaws such as being devious, rebellious, careless, and she also gets angry quite easily at times (especially when someone has offended her).

    I also really like her friends, Chloe and Nicole are my most favorite friends of Madeline because Madeline seem to have a bit closer relationship with Nicole and Chloe. Yvette is my least favorite among Madeline's friend, because she can be somewhat snobby or irritating on quite a few episodes. Ms. Clavel is really nice teacher I must say, she always being so caring to the kids and always teaches them an important lesson. Pepito grews me a lot, at first I didn't like him at because on how the way he treats Madeline and her friends but I grew to like him when he spends more time with Madeline and her friends. The main focus maybe about Madeline with her friends and Ms. Clavel but the series also introduced many other new characters on each episodes.

    The songs are mostly catchy and quite remarkable, I can remember quite many of the songs from the series. My most favorite one is "Hats off to Madeline" because it makes me always remember the show.

    The animation of the earlier series of the Madeline maybe looked old with less bright colors, but the later series looks better with brighter colors, newer, and more fluid looking.

  • This is awesome

    I really like this show.

    Plot:8.7 the plot is very good and I think It is adorable

    Animation:8.6 Very good

    Jokes: The show is not meant to a comedy

    Humor: It is not meant to be a comedy

    Cuteness:10 Very good

    Theme Song:9.8 very nice theme song

    Songs:9.5 I really love the French tunes

    Characters:9.3 there so awesome

    Overall;8.5 <8.7> I consider myself the biggest fan of this show, Hats off to Madeline you really made our day! 3 cheers for Madeline Hip Hip Hooray!
  • This rocks!

    This rocks! Note to Minotoro_Luver: This show didn't air on PBS Kids (They don't have the channel In my country but I still know).
  • Madeline is a totally perfect show and i love her so much:-)


    I really really love Madeline and her school friends. The girls are so cute;-) Miss Clavel is Madeline's teacher and usually tries to get the girls out of trouble. Pepito is a friend which was naughty but got taught on how to be a good friend. Madeline makes it fun for kids to learn lessons like about Good Manners and that company is what counts most. I also love how there is only one song per episode so it focuses young ones on the story of the show more. Madeline is a classic that i will always love.

  • One of the best Y rated shows I ever watched while growing up.

    One time when I was little, I started watching Disney every morning and this was one of the first shows I ever saw on it and it became my favorite show until I got older and started watching Cartoon Network again and the Powerpuff Girls became my new favorite (but I still really liked this show). Each episode has a very enjoyable and exciting plot that kids will really enjoy. The season 3 episodes have more moralty to them and I think it's very good that they added some moralty since it helps kids learn stuff. The books are very good too and they where the very first books I ever read to myself as a little kid since I loved the show alot. To this day, this show is still my favorite show meant for little kids and I kind of wish that it would have had 3 more seasons or more since 6 or more is how many seasons I think each good show should have. I defenitly recommand this show for any little kid. I'm glad that DIC decided to adapt the books as an animation and create more stories. They did a perfect job and I think this is one of DIC's best shows ever.
  • madeline is the one show i ever imired from the past, but im not from the early 90's and this show was my favorite, i could stay up all night watching her it came on disney channel. learning things from her was the greatest i think know other can compare

    soooo bring it back please let the younger 2000 sit and repeat the old days and i will garenteed they will love it and learn like i did and become something and take a peice of the past and a figure out how madeline is and make a change ,,,,,,,,, make a defference to madeline and half her fans and lead her whole fans and discover madeline and what i discovered and learned from such a smart ,loving ,wounderful thing we have on tv than just other things that we have that we will just like we need to be influenced by someone and thats.................... madeline ur the greatest
  • Childhood staple

    This was one of my favorites when I was little. I was totally into it. I never learned all twelve of the girls' names, though. They should've done something about that, but at least they didn't all look the same. I'm glad they still air old shows like this. The remakes are horrible.
  • Definately NOT like the baby stuff they put on PBS Kids. I'm 14 and I enjoy it.

    This show is about 12 little girls in Paris. At first you may think, "This is just like the baby junk on PBS". Nope, not to me. I HATE little kid shows like sesme street. they suck. My opinion is that it rocks. Most DiC entertainment isn't good quality, but this is pretty coolie. I usually enjoy shows like Mucha Lucha and Camp Lazlo, but this a little different. Good quality, without toilet humor and violence. Those type are cool. Not exactly Cartoon Network, but it is cool for what it is. :P Not babish though like Nick jr, Tickle U or PBS kids. The animation style also rocks.
  • Madeline is about 12 little girls that live in paris, at a bording school.

    Madeline is a very good show for little kids. It was my altime favorite show when I was little! I loved Madeline, because she was the bravest girl, even though she was small. She always knew what to do. I would always dress up as madeline, and play games with my friends. Infact, I was even Madeline for Halloween! Pappito is Madeline and the girls' neighbor. He was a "bad hat" at first, but after the girls taught him a lesson to be nice, he became their friend. Madeline is a great show for children, and i hope they continue makeing Madeline cartoons for a long time.
  • My favourite cartoon while growing up! ^^

    Growing up in Canada means you learn french. And in a country so influenced by america you don't get alot of progams wiht a pure french base on non cable TV. I caught this show on global as at christmas time when i was about 6 or 7 and fell in love. The charming adventures of this young girl smaller then the rest as she learns and plays wiht the rest of the girl in her french boarding school taught me lots of things. I learned what it ment to be a friend and manners. Because it's true, when things are put to music you learn more then when they aren't.
  • This is a great show!

    This is a great show. I once said it at school and people were laughing. There's no age limit for this show. This is absoloutely fabolous. I watch this early in the morning when I stay up. It's great for the family and its great for everybody. It's absoloutely wonderful.