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  • One of the best Y rated shows I ever watched while growing up.

    One time when I was little, I started watching Disney every morning and this was one of the first shows I ever saw on it and it became my favorite show until I got older and started watching Cartoon Network again and the Powerpuff Girls became my new favorite (but I still really liked this show). Each episode has a very enjoyable and exciting plot that kids will really enjoy. The season 3 episodes have more moralty to them and I think it's very good that they added some moralty since it helps kids learn stuff. The books are very good too and they where the very first books I ever read to myself as a little kid since I loved the show alot. To this day, this show is still my favorite show meant for little kids and I kind of wish that it would have had 3 more seasons or more since 6 or more is how many seasons I think each good show should have. I defenitly recommand this show for any little kid. I'm glad that DIC decided to adapt the books as an animation and create more stories. They did a perfect job and I think this is one of DIC's best shows ever.
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