Madeline - Season 1

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  • 1/30/94
    The girls and Pepito spend the spring vacations in New York. Madeline dreams to see a Yankee game, but she gets more than she wanted, and ends up giving a delicious new snack to the New Yorkers.
  • 1/23/94
    Girls find injured parrot at park, wishes to keep it. Later at night, finds that parrot misses it's owner. Decides to try to find the owner, fails. Parrot's wounds heals, but still misses it's owner. Girls tries to find parrot's owner again. Madeline understands what the parrot was saying. Found owner sad. Returns parrot, owner and parrot happy, gives girls a free ride and a toy train set.moreless
  • Pepito gets an invitation to a fiesta in his homeland Spain, and he invites Miss Clavel and the girls. They leave the next week. They visit some interesting places in Madrid, and then head to the countryside, where Pepito's aunt and uncle live. They discover that Pepito's cousins' behaviour is worse than his. They ruin fiesta that night. The next day, they head to a bullfighting ring. They see that Pepito's cousins are going to pick on a harmless calf. They ask Pepito to help, but he is a bit reluctant because they're his cousins. He changes his mind when one of them bullies Madeline. He leads the calf away. Meanwhile, the master of the ring, not knowing their plan, moves a fierce bull into the calf's place. The bull teaches the cousins a lesson. They return to Paris, and the girls dance the flamenco.moreless
  • 2/13/94
    Girls come home, goes to attic, finds old musical instruments and start toying with them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Murphy puts on a record (forgot the title, but it's the tune which David Copperfield used on his "Escape from the collapsing building" special) on the gramaphone. Lord Cookooface drops by, Miss Clavel says the wrong thing at the wrong time (tells lord Cookooface that they're playing the instruments instead of toying with them), lord Cookooface mistakes the music from the gramaphone for the girl's music (He must be a little hard of hearing, since gramaphone music often doesn't sound so good). Calls his maestro friend and arranges for the girls to play on Bastille day (French independent day, July 14th). At night, Madeline gets dream of Lord Cookooface crying because the girls played beautifully). Next day, maestro drops by, asks them to demo. Horrible. Maestro cries because it sounded terrible. Teaches the girls. Not going well until Chloe gives the violin a try. Chloe practice, gets better. Girls inspired, practices too. Next day, only Chloe practiced, since the rest were overconfident. Has pillow fight, Chloe joins in after she was done, broke her arm. Girls demoralized, gets worse. Miss Clavel gives them prep talk, practices some more, gets better again. Big day arrives, girls perform, then Madeline does a duet with Miss Clavel. Then they all danced.moreless
  • 2/6/94
    The Spanish Ambassador decides to hold a costume party, and Pepito invites the girls. The girls make costumes, but get chicken pox along the way. They are stuck in bed, quarantined. When Pepito shows his costume to the girls from outside the window, Madeline decides that enough is enough. The girls play some games. No longer contagious but still spotted, Madeline comes up with another idea, they should go as spotted animals. But now Pepito has the pox, and is quarantined in his room. So the girls visit and cheer him up.moreless
  • 1/9/94
    House's chimney emitting black smoke. Girls hurries to circus to catch the smallest clown on earth, Funnybones, in action. Meanwhile, Funnybones was being tormented by the other performers. He runs away. Circus finds him missing, calls Detective Monroe. Finds his clothes lying everywhere. Comes to conclusion that Funnybones wants out. But fails to find him. Girls go home, find chimney in bad shape. Miss Clavel tries calling for chimney sweeps, fail to find any free. Just then, one comes along. Does a great job. Madeline finds out that chimney sweep is actually Funnybones, calls Detectives who alerts the circus. Circus comes back, begs. No can do. Funnybone refuses, gos hide in the chimney. At night, Madeline manages to coax Funnybones down, gives him pep talk. Success! Funnybone returns to the circus, receives apology from the others. Gets Madeline to guess star in his show.moreless
  • 12/19/93
    Girls go for walk, they see artists and want to learn how to paint. Miss Clavel calls a friend, Ludwig, over to teach the girls. Madeline learns very fast and is quite good. Girls celebrate by going to get the picture framed. They overhear people talking about the Louvre. Miss Clavel then takes them there. They look around. When it is time to go home, Madeline misplaces her masterpiece. Later, a guard stumbles upon it and brings it over to the curator, who mistakes it for one of the new exhibits. Next day, critics study it and questions over the mysterious 'M' who painted the picture. It makes national news. Madeline then goes over to prove that it's her's. The critics change their view on painting, but the museum curator is still impressed. That night, the girls paint the basic "fruit bowl" in the middle of the night and give Miss Clavel a fright.moreless
  • 12/12/93
    Girls get up, plan surprise party for Madeline, but must first try to get Madeline out of the house. The Spanish Ambassador drops by and offer to help by taking Madeline to the zoo. Miss Clavel tells them to be back by five-to-three. Pepito gives Madeline her b-day present: a new umbrella. All goes well until the zoo-keeper got absent-minded and forgot to lock the monkey cage. Monkey goes free, steals Madeline's new umbrella. Madeline chases monkey. Monkey causes havoc around zoo as Madeline chases after it. Tries to trick monkey to go back to cage. Failed. Monkey finds key to all cages dangling, takes it and sets all other animals free. Finds time running short, sends message to Miss Clavel via a friend's tamed monkey, Coco. Meanwhile, back at the house that was covered with vines, the decoration was going well as planned until Miss Clavel received the message. Decides to move party to zoo. Back at the zoo, Madeline and Pepito uses food to trick wild animals back to cage. Success. Celebrates birthday there.moreless
  • 6/5/94
    Stranded in an island, separated from the girls and Lord Cookooface, Madeline and Pepito find a pirate band led by Greybeard.
  • 11/21/93
    Madeline watches Sugar Dimples movie, goes to park. Coincidently, producer of movie in town scouting for talents to be in next Sugar Dimples movie, choses Madeline. Girls gets to go to the US - to be precise, Hollywood. Finds Sugar Dimples a brat, but doesn't give up. Sugar Dimples makes mistakes, blames it on Madeline, forces director to axe Madeline from film. Leaves, girls decide to cheer Madeline up at the wardrobe dept by dressing her up as a clown. Miss Clavel asks Madeline to remove make-up. Madeline heads towards washroom, hears somecone crying in the store. Goes in, and finds Sugar Dimples there crying. Cheers Sugar Dimples up and gives a piece of good advice to Sugar Dimples. Makes silent exit and remove make-up, gets into car. Car breaks down. Girls take break, Sugar Dimples comes and apologizes. Madeline's talent lends her a role as Sugar Dimple's stunt double. Episode ends with Sugar Dimples visiting Paris with the girls, goes into house with vines.moreless
  • 10/31/93
    Madeline and the girls go on a winter vacation to Miss Clavel's sister, Hilda, taking Pepito and Genevieve along. They have imagined all sorts of snow fun, but are disappointed when they meet Hilda's nephew Hans there and find that there's very little snow. One thing that they won't have to worry about is the yeti, which Pepito has been scaring them with tales of. When they get to Aunt Hilda's, she tells some tales of her own, including one about the yeti and how its stepping on her toe lets her predict snowstorms, such as the giant one the radio says is coming. One does indeed come that night and Pepito uses it to scare the girls into thinking that he's the yeti. The next day, they all have snow fun, but an avalanche quickly puts a damper on their fun times of ice-skating and sledding. They are trapped for days and can only hope for a rescue team to dig them out. They try yodeling and other methods, Madeline coming up with the idea of using ice-skating to carve S.O.S. in the snow. When rescue planes don't seem to notice, Madeline despairs, until finally the ground troops arrive. They had seen the S.O.S. and called for the finest help available to dig out everyone using heavy machinery.moreless
  • 10/24/93
    Girls and Genevieve goes to Opera (play of the day: The Barber of Seville), gets kicked out because Genevieve was "singing" along to the climax. Impesario spots Genevieve's talent. Meanwhile, Genevieve gets punished by being made to stay outside. Impesario later comes along and coaxes Genevieve to go with him (I prefer the term dog-napped). Next day, girls start hunting high and low for Genevieve, nearly gave up but saw poster advertising Genevieve's show. Goes to show, wants to try to coax Genevieve to come back. Impesario catches her before she could get to Genevieve's dressing room and refuses. Madeline tries again and succeeds, but Genevieve won't come back. Goes back to table and watch show. Heads home, see Genevieve sad, plays ball to get Genevieve to come out, succeeds. Parts with Genevieve after a while (sight ain't pretty with 12 girls cryin'). Genevieve changes her mind and decides to come back after all. Closing with Genevieve howling out Brahm's lullaby and Miss Clavel closing the door.moreless
  • 10/17/93
    Girls studying ballet, goes to audition for a play called "The happy swan". Madeline tries best, but fails and director thinks she's too short. Star begs director to give Madeline second chance, and Madeline gets it. Meanwhile, Pepito torments the girls. Next day, girls rehearse again, Pepito sneaked in to the hall to see them. Meanwhile, Madeline "borrows" a pair of toe-shoes. Fails to dance properly thanks to the shoes, and screwed up the whole stage. Gets shame, hides and cries. Meanwhile, Pepito gets caught and is made to announce the play title onstage during the opening scene. Scene switches back to Madeline, crying, until star of show comes in and gives pep talk to Madeline. Madeline re-energizes. Big day, all went well. At end of show, all get grand encore.moreless
  • 10/10/93
    One rainy day, Mrs. Murphy (one of the cooks in the old house) falls ill, and lord Cucuface will be coming over for lunch in a short while! The girls fill in for Mrs. Murphy, and whips up a nasty dish. Lord Cucuface chokes on it, and sends them and Pepito off to cooking school, since Pepito aided the girls in creating the meal. Girls fail at first, but soon succeeds. Test day comes, and the girls went on to do their best. Madeline did, but saw some poor kids outside her window. So she sacrifices her certificate of passing by giving the food to them. No graduation cert for Madeline. But Miss Clavel saw through the ordeal and Madeline got a cert in the end. They then decide to donate food to the poor.moreless
  • 9/26/93
    Girls visits a toy factory, Madeline got into tiny accident, ends up in a box and being mistaken for a doll. Shipped off to toy store, bought by a wealthy lady for her sick girl. Madeline cheers the girl up by pretending to be a living doll, but the charade's up when Miss Clavel caught up with her. Madeline plans picnic to cheer girl up. At night, girls pull a fast one on Miss Clavel with the dolls.moreless
  • 10/30/93
    Madeline's cousin, Andre (not the same Andre that's on Caillou, btw) visits, helps Miss Clavel grows the vegetables. Meanwhile, Madeline and friends practice soccer (team name: the tigers), hoping to beat their opponent, the kings. Madeline's friends find Andre a klutz, but Madeline finds that he can sure kick up a pumpkin. Eventually, the big day came, and the gang gets ready to kick their opponent's posteriors again, but opponent this time very much tougher han before (As Pepito puts it:"Aye-ai-ai! Looks like they've been eating their vegetables!"). Andre comes to the rescue, but fails at first. Madeline finds a can of orange paint and paints the ball orange, Andre becomes supercharged, and wins tournament for team. Then Andre leaves the next day.moreless
  • 3/6/94
    Lord Cookooface drops by the house with vines by with some guests. Finds house crumbling, moves girls out to an apartment with plans to demolish house. Girls unhappy at new place with grouchy neighbours and mice. Tries to befriend neighbour, fails, neighbour wants Genevieve out. To make things worse, girls receive word from Pepito that Lord Cookooface plans to destroy the house with vines. Girls go out for walk, finds solution. House is saved, girls fix house up and moves back in. Lord Cookooface also gets fed up of living in an apartment and plans on buying a little shack. Girls voluntter to help fix shack up.moreless
  • 3/20/94
    Spring, a day before Easter. Girls go out for walk, sees Bon Bon the milk horse with her sorry looking hat, feels sorry for Bon Bon, takes the hat and modifies it to look better. Gives hat back to Bon Bon, wind blows hat away. Bon Bon throws a tantrum, girls go look for hats. Girls help Bon Bon deliver milk, find hat at a shop. Madeline uses her wits to get hat back, and help the shopkeeper. Modify hat again and returns hat to Bon Bon. All's well, except the next day all the woman in town had ther hats modified to look like Bon Bon's as well.moreless
  • 9/12/93
    The girls walk at a park, and they see a poster advertising a dog show. They decide to enter Genevieve, but fail at first. They talk to a judge. The judge looks through the rulebook and finally agrees. Genevieve is doing great, but then someone accuses Genevieve of having fleas. The crowd panics, and other dogs jump into the water. Genevieve rescues them. She wins the contest, plus a bonus: the key to city for saving the mayor's dog as well. The girls and Genevieve go home and clean up. At night, Genevieve sleeps in Madeline's bed while Madeline sleeps in Genevieve's basket.moreless
  • 11/14/93
    It's Autumn. Girls decides to go out, goes to zoo, lost a hat, comes back home, loses more stuff. Madeline investigates, found that Pepito lost his bad hat, and the girls are not the only one. Investigates, find that almost everyone in town have been losing things. Calls Detctive, but returns empty handed. Tries again, found Pepito's hat on a poor girl. Follows her to the home of the poor, finds that the thieves are wild magpies who're just trying to help the poor (ala Robin Hood). Causes Madeline to decide to have a charity drive to help out too. Magpies thanks her by taking her flying.moreless
  • A gypspy caravan comes to France as part of a traveling amusement park. When Madeline and Pepito are stuck at the top of a ferris wheel in the middle of a storm after everyone else has gone home, they devise a way to rescue themselves. The Gypsy Mama urges them to go home, but they stoyaway on the caravan and join the group. They enjoy the caravan, but also must do work. When the performing lion gets sick, they are asked to do a lion costume and do the act. They agree, but find themselves longing for home.moreless
  • Madeline's Rescue
    Episode 5
    Madeline falls in a river and is saved by an unwanted dog. She calls the dog Genevieve and asks Miss Clavel if they can keep her.
  • 9.8
    The girl's have a new neighbor, the Spanish Ambassador and his family. Madeline immediately dislikes Pepito, the ambassador's son, since he seems a bit mean.
  • Madeline
    Episode 1
  • Madeline (Cinar remake)
    The episode begins with an introduction to viewers accustomed to the characters. We learn about how the girls leave the house every day at half past nine and so on. We also see Madeline at the zoo, saying "poo-poo" to a tiger that all the other girls are scared of and we also learn that the girls frown upon the bad and laugh at the good. Additonally, we see that while other girls are afraid of mice, Madeline likes to play with them. Madeline also performs an extended version of the song "I'm Madeline," as well as a piece about doing things using her imagination. Later on, the girls are on one of their trips to the zoo. But Madeline doesn't seem to be herself. She falls behind the pack and ends up sitting by herself by a pond when everyone expecting her to scare the tiger. That evening, the girls are tucked into bed for the evening. Miss Clavel goes to bed too, but she wakes up with a fright. Something seems to be wrong. She performs the song "Something is Not Right (Miss Clavel's song)" and eventually ends up in the girls' bedroom. There, she finds that Madeline is sitting up in apparent pain and all the girls are staring on worriedly. Dr. Cohn is called and Madeline is whisked away to the hospital. It turns out that Madeline had appendicitis. Her surgery goes well and she is kept in the hospital to recover. The staff are sometimes a bit surprised by her odd requests, though. For example, when one of the nurses asks if she can get Madeline anything, Madeline asks for some mice to play with. Her stay is extended and the girls begin to miss her. Their normal routine is disrupted. They start to laugh at the bad and frown at the good. Worse, there is nobody to scare the tiger for them. Finally, they get to go visit Madeline in the hospital. On the way there, they perform a very odd song about "Dear Madeline has lost her appendix." Also on the way there, they stop at a market, where Miss Clavel suggests that they get a present for Madeline. They end up purchasing a stuffed tiger, for Madeline to say "poo-poo" to. At the hospital, the girls are all impressed by Madeline's scar. In fact, they're so impressed that they end up wanting one too.moreless
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