Madeline - Season 2

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  • Madeline and the Pirates
  • Madeline and the Easter Bonnet
  • Madeline and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Hats
  • Madeline and the Old Violin
  • Madeline and the Costume Party
  • Madeline in New York
  • Madeline and the Talking Parrot
  • 12/10/94
    Winter. Girls go out for walk, meets their other neighbour. Not doing well, might have to move because of pets. Girls go to park, watch puppet show. Gets idea to hold charity show. Unfortunately, Miss Clavel's sister falls sick. Miss Clavel has to go look after her. Replacement: the formidable Mr. Grump. Orders girls to tear down holiday decorations. Then scolds girls alot. Doesn't even give the girls a decent breakfast. Girls decides to soften him by baking a cake for him. Cake overcooked, scolds girls even more. Girls runs away, finds Miss Clavel. Meanwhile, Mr. Grump, getting worried, goes out to find girls. Back to the girls, Miss Clavel ushers girls home. Finds Mr. Grump out looking for them. Meanwhile. Mr. Grump, in the cold, thinks about how he's been treating the girls, heads home, Madeline helps him get warm. Mr. Grump think things over, and changes. Treats girls nicely from then on.moreless
  • Madeline and the Missing Clown
  • 12/3/94
    Girls finds Buffalo Ben in town, go horse-riding. Madeline's horse is the smallest, named Gallop. Madeline rides horse out of ring. Goes around Paris, catches eye of Buffalo Ben. Unfortunately, the evil Lasso Louie, notorious horse thief, is also in town, wants to try catch Madeline's horse. Buffalo Ben notices that. He then invites Madeline to join him. She obligges. Meanwhile. girls get Detective Monroe to help trace down Madeline. Finds Madeline. Watches show. Buffalo Ben invites Madeline to enter rodeo in the US. Agrees. All go. Lasso Louie tries to still Gallop a couple more times, fail. Reaches US, takes train to Texas. All okay for now. Next day, big rodeo. Gallop gets kidnapped. Sheriff takes Madeline to help find Gallop. Find Louie's hideout. Bust evil napper, gets back Gallop and his family. Meanwhile, Pepito does some rodeo himself to stall time. Madeline returns with Gallop, does great. Has to leave gallop in the US. Goes home. Fast forward one month. Madeline got a part time job training horses. Gallop and his family, and Buffalo Ben are over to visit. Broke bread, goes to bed, dreams Miss Clavel riding horse.moreless
  • Madeline at the Louvre
  • 11/26/94
    Sugar Dimples (who we first met in "Madeline in Hollywood") is visiting the girls again. This time they're there to do a shoot (remember that the last time she was down there was for a holiday). However, Sugar Dimple gets homesick because her mom had to cancel plans of going to Paris with her due to some extra work, and her bratty behaviour resurfaces (not at the girls, of course, but at other people they meet). Sard of in France at that time). Girls decide to do an experiment - Introduce Halloween to the residents of Paris. Failure ensues. To make things worse, it starts to rain heavily. Girls retreat back to the old house. The next day, Miss Clavel calls Sugar Dimple's mom and talks to her. Lets Sugar talks to her mom. Meanwhile the Director has attained the location of the shoot - a haunted castle, decides to take girls there. Pepito drops by, gets to go as well. Drops in, then Director heads off to pick up Sugar's mom, storm hits. Miss Clavel lights a few candles and the fireplace. Goes out to find more wood. Danielle and Cloe irritated by Sugar's behaviour (oddly, she didn't even pick on them). Comes up with plan - Genevieve grabs Sugar's handbag and gets her to go on wild goose chase while they turn the hall into a fun house. Frightens Sugar, but she refused to admit it. See what they think are witches, runs for live. Hides in cupboard. Run some more, witches turns out to be Miss Clavel, Sugar's mom and Director. Plays some Halloween games there. Storm over, all heads back. to old house. Cut to few days later, filming done. Director drops girls back to old house before heading to airport. Middle of night in France, Sugar Dimples makes long istance call from home in US. Requests some French food to be sent over by parcel service. Girls come up with idea of exchange.moreless
  • Madeline's Birthday at the Zoo
  • 11/19/94
    Pepito gets invited to Egypt by one of his uncle who's a Spanish Ambassador in Egypt. Girls want to go too. After a little arrangement, the get to go, too. Reaches Egypt. Unfortunately for them, the 3 naughty nephews are also down there on vacation too. Next day, they visits the museum at Cairo, got locked in by accident. Finally out, they get on a barge and go visit the pyramids. Go inside. Naughty nephews go in, frightened the girls, but got trapped while they're at it. Girls decide to go see sphinx. Rides on camel. All was well until a rockfall occurred - camels go awol. Madeline to the rescue. Then they go back to finding the boys. Find boys trapped in an esophagus. Gets guard to come. Frees boys. Boys apologizes. Trip ends. Girls go back to France, writes hyroglyphics on mirrors in old house.moreless
  • 11/12/94
    The girls prepare a project to the Science Fair, and Madeline puts her knowledge to practice in order to rescue Genevieve.
  • 11/5/94
    Lord Cookooface brings 2 surprises for the girls and Miss Clavel: a big piece of cheese (aptly called Fromage de la grand vache - "The Cheese of the big cow") and a car for Miss Clavel. He's going to teach Miss Clavel to drive. As for the cheese, he's going to make cheese fondue out of it. Puts cheese in kitchen, goes outside to admire car. Unfortunately, while no one was in the kitchen, the mice came out and eat the cheese. Girls discover this, comes out woth plan to distract Lord Cucuface while they boil out a better plan. Lord Cucuface falls asleep as planned. Miss Clavel, Madeline and Pepito plans to go buy a replacement. Madeline uses hypnosis trick to get Lord Cookooface to spill the beans on where he bought the cheese. Goes to shop, but shopkeeper said that he's sold out on that particular type, but gives address of manufacturer. Goes to countryside. Car gets flat tire. Luckily a helpful truck passed by. Continues, car overheats (a common problem - don't these people ever fill up their radiator?), but luckily they stopped right at the farm which the cheese they're looking for is produced, but the boss of the farm has left. Gets a tour of the cheese manufacturing area and some samples. Meanwhile, girls makes Lord Cucuface comfortable so that he doesn't wake up so soon. Gets water. Continues on their way. Car runs out of gas (unlucky car), but luckily the boss of the abovementioned farm passes by (lucky girls). Tows the car back to the old house and gives them the cheese they're looking for. That night, everyone has fromage, but not Madeline and Pepito. Miss Clavel faints when Lord Cucuface tells her that he's giving her the car. At night, girls dream of Miss Clavel taking them on a trip to the countryside and have cheese sandwiches.moreless
  • Madeline's Winter Vacation
  • Miss Clavel encourages girls to read. They like "Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo, and decide to have a more vivid experience: a play based on the book.
  • 10/22/94
    In order to buy a birthday gift to Miss Clavel, Madeline and the girls open a Detective School. But a cat burglar on the loose can make the matter a lot more complicated.
  • Madeline and the Singing Dog
  • 10/15/94
    Girls catch spring fever and couldn't concentrate on their studies. Pepito then drops in and shows them an ad. on a tresaure hunt that the newspaper is holding. Girls want to participate for the reward and fame (and Pepito hopes to use his share of the cash to buy a motorized toy boat - a pretty pricey luxury item in their time, I reckon), but Miss Clavel has a different reason. Girls go to the site of the first clue. Other treasure hunters wreak havoc, Madeline and friends stay back and help chean things up, unaware that someone was filming them. They head to the site of the second clue- Napoleon's tomb. Finds clue, everyone hurries off again. Finds that a girl drops her bracelet into the tomb. Madeline uses a bar of chewing gum and some string to recover the accessory ala MacGyver. They're still being filmed. They hurry to the third site - the arc d'triumph. Gets the clue, goes to the fourth site - the Eiffel tower using a shortcut they found in one of their textbooks that Miss Clavel is carrying with them. Goes up, finds clue and a lost cat. Everyone then comes and heads to what they think is the site of the treasure. Meanwhile, Madeline returns the lost cat to its owner. Also, Lord Cookooface drops by the house and finds it empty. Also finds one of the girls' testpaper and is dissastisfied with the answer on it, plans to get Miss Clavel replaced. Back to the girls, they finally arrive at the banks of the Seine, where everyone thinks the treasure is. Thinks they're too late, until Madeline realized that the answer might be the Twilleries gardens instead. Heads there and find treasure, unfortunately the other hunters also figured things out and followed them. They nearly got the treasure, but Madeline got careless and knocked a toy boat. Boat sinks, boy who owns the boat jumps into pond and nearly drowns. Madeline rescues girl, but unfortunately the other hunters have already arrived when they're done. Gives gold to a poor widow. Next day, back at the old house, girls read newspaper that publishes the story about the widow's history and hardship before she won. Just then Lord Cookooface drops in and gives them pop quiz, with threats to replace Miss Clavel if they fail. They pass thanks to the things they learned at the treasure hunt. Lord Cookooface treats them to a movie. The show presents the candid shots of the girls helping out - they got their wish for fame after all. The girls go home as heores.moreless
  • Madeline and the Toy Factory
  • 10/8/94
    The Spanish ambassador has some special guests over: an Arabian storyteller and Pepito's cousins (which we first met in the ep. "Madeline and the Mean Nasty, Horrible Hats"). They hear a story about genies. Pepito remembers that he has an old brass lamp in the attic, and goes to see if it has a genie inside, No dice. To add salt to the wound, the cousins tease Pepito. Pepito gets upset, throws lamp into trash. Madeline wants to save it, but Miss Clavel intervenes. At night, a magic carpet comes to Madeline. Turns out that there's a genie in the lamp, after all. He wants Madeline to help him save her. Madeline agrees. Sneaks out. Goes to Spanish Ambassador's trash can. Lamp not inside. Goes call Pepito. Pepito explains that the dump truck came by because it's trash day. Gets Pepito to be in on their plan. Unfortunately, one of the cousin was also awake, and forces them to take him along. They track the dump truck own. Unfortunately, the sanitation engineer who's manning the truck homed in on it and gave it to a friend who runs the "Le Petit Cafe" (The same one from "The Aristocats"?). Madeline goes there, but owner has gave it to her brother who'se a captain and will be setting off soon. They traced the barge down, and in a nick of time, too- The captain was about to turn the lamp into a teapot. Madeline frees the Genie. The genie gives the captain a tea set. They then fly around Paris for a while. They then drop Pepito off. Genie gives Madeline the lamp she was trapped in before they part. Next day, Madeline can't wait to talk to Pepito about it. Unfortunately, Pepito doesn't seem to remember it. Madeline wakes up, turns out to be a dream - or is it, since she has the lamp by her side.moreless
  • Madeline at the Ballet

    When the girls' ballet teacher informs them that they have been invited to audition for a ballet called The Happy Swan at L'opera, the ballet master Gaston de Valmont is reluctant to choose Madeline because of her short legs. Madeline, in her determination to impress him, tries to make herself taller by wearing toe shoes- before she is ready for them. Will they help her or will it all end in disaster?

  • 10/1/94
    Girls make garden of old house beautiful, Miss Clavel enters it into a contest. Some body else's dog dig ups a bone which Genevieve buried, causes Genevieve to dig up the whole garden to relocate her "treasures", destroying the garden in the process. Miss Clavel scolds Genevieve. Genevieve digs again, finds an ancient bone. Miss Clavel calls a paleotologist. The paleotologist calls his friends and messed the garden up even further. Miss Clavel contacts Lord Cookooface, but the paleotologist blinded him with science. Paleotologist finally leaves, but he takes the bone Genevieve found with him. Also unfortunately, the damage has already been done to the garden. Madeline comes up with a way to temporarily restore the beauty of the garden until everything grows back. Meanwhile, Genevieve runs away. Madeline tries to find her, failed. Tries again, finds her at a construction yard at last. Takes Genevieve to see the bone she dug up. The mayor finds out that Genevieve is the one who discovered the bone, awards her another medal. Girls go back, give Genevieve a plot of land to dig. Genevieve digs up a cow bone. Miss Clavel also wins the garden contest.moreless
  • 9/24/94
    Girls practicing spelling competition, gets invited to a spelling bee competition in Istanbul. Gets to go via Orient express. Pepito and Genevieve gets to go along. Goes to train station, hops onboard. Meet colourful people onboard, including a snake charmer who's on his way to Istanbul too for snake charming competition. At night, snake charmer's snake got kidnapped. Next day, Madeline hunts high and low. First thought snake ran away. Then found tool used by kidnapper. Starts searching again. Finds that the cook did it out of mishearance. Cook apologizes. Reaches destination. Madeline wins contest for group. Goes around Istanbul. At night, Madeline finds that the snake-charmer's room is next to hers. See snake charmer's snake.moreless
  • Madeline and the Dog Show
  • 9/17/94
    Prince of Monaco, Pierre, visits the Spanish Ambassador. Madeline finds prince's crown keep dropping. Goes in to Pepito's house to see Pepito's train set. Meanwhile, Prpito exhibits his hat collection, including his bad hat. Prince accidentally trips on Pepito's train set. At night, Madeline finds the prince crying at one of the balcony at the Spanish Ambassador's house. Has a little chat with prince, invites him to come with them on next morning's walk. During walk, crown giving trouble. People staring at him, and during a game of soccer, the crown punctured the ball. Heads home. Gets some ice cream. Madeline gets another idea, asks prince to keep crown and cape at the safe in Pepito's house. Goes out for walk again. No problems. Comes back, crown and cape missing. Detective Monroe held up, so Madeline goes to find crown. Goes on wild goose chase. Comes back empty handed. Then Detective Monroe drops by. Gets mislead by some clues, find crown but places Pepito as culprit. Madeline proves Pepito's innocence. Turns out that the prince hid the crown himself to avoid having to wear it. Prince runs out to the garden and cries. Madeline gets another idea and makes an extension to make the crown better. Problem solved. Girls get to join in on the parade.moreless
  • Madeline and the New House