Madeline - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2007)


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  • My Fair Madeline
    My Fair Madeline
    Episode 28
    Madeline attempts to stop the theft of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, but no one believes her; so, she is sent to a manners school in London. But now the thieves are also in London, and they will try to rob the Crown Jewels! Would Madeline be able to stop them?moreless
  • Madeline: Lost in Paris
  • 12/19/96
    A ring trusted to Pepito is accidentally sold in a garage sale, and now the girls have to run to track it and buy it back.
  • 12/9/96
    Genevieve gets jealous of Pepito's new iguana, and fakes a disease to have back the girls' attention.
  • 3/16/96
    Madeline and the girls get some special guests at the house covered with vines --- donors who are considered giving Lord Cucuface money for a new roof for the leaky new house. The two donors, Harris and Maris Faris, are caricatures of oil tycoons from Texas, with a generally ignorant air and bad manners. Lord Cucuface offers them a tour of France, but they grow quickly bored with what he considers to be attractions. Then he faints and they threaten to leave without donating. Madeline keeps them around by telling the white lie that she is a famous child prodigy tour guide. She takes them to Louvre, where quickly things grow out of hand. They then get locked in and Madeline meets a new friend named Henri who helps her to see the problems she's created by lying, and what to do to solve them.moreless
  • 3/9/96
    Madeline and the girls reunite with their old friend Sugar Dimples ("Madeline in Hollywood") when they find her working on a new film in France. The director of the film is having a hard time finding a suitable location for shooting and so the girls invite Sugar to stay at the house covered in vines while things get straightened out. There, she learns about a tea party that the girls and Miss Clavel are holding in honor of Lord Cucuface. Bored with their simple party plans, she suggests an extravagant party like the one's she attends in Hollywood. It'll have rainbow cake as tall as the house, monkeys, a live carousel ride and more. At first, the party is a big hit, but things unravel fast when Lord Cucuface starts sneezing due to an allergy. It's then that Sugar learns that a simple party can be quite nice as long as you have good company.moreless
  • 2/3/96
    Visiting the Eiffel Tower to perform a scientific experiment, Madeline and Pepito get locked at the top when the elevator brakes down.
  • 1/27/96
    Pepito creates chaos when he brings a skunk into a perfume factory.
  • 1/20/96

    Genevieve struggles to give Madeline a proper Valentine's Day present.

  • 1/13/96

    Madeline helps Pepito to join the society of young magicians.

  • Madeline's Manners
    Episode 18
    According to Amazon's review but in my own words:

    Pepito's father is holding a banquet to honor a soccer star. Pepito and the girls heads off to etiquette school after their bad manners were discovered. Things were going great, until Pablito (Whom we last saw in Madeline and the Mummy) comes into the scene.moreless
  • 12/30/95
    Madeline and the girls experiment the beauty and the weird of the fashion show.
  • 10
  • 12/16/95
    When Madeline receives a new pair of ice skates for her birthday, she resolves to become a great skater. She begins taking three-a-hour a day lessons from a pro, but soon finds herself in a battle against time. She tries to schedule her life down to the very second and ends not only having no time for fun, but also neglecting her responsibilities. Miss Clavel, Genevieve and the girls all become very worried, but it takes a dramatic event for things to change.moreless
  • 12/9/95
    While out for their morning walk, the girls come upon a new puppet show in the park. The puppet show features well-crafted marionettes and tells traditional fairy tales, but the endings portrayed are sour and rotten. While all the kids are disappointed by these awful shows, Madeline wonders why the puppeteer is angry. She searches for the source of the problem and makes a surprising discovery.moreless
  • Madeline on Stage
    Episode 13
    The girls in the house covered in vines fancy themselves actresses and so Miss Clavel brings a famous acting instructor to teach them. They do well at their lessons, but most are upset when they're assigned what they feel is a bit role in the first play. Then, Madeline learns exactly what the role entails and finds out that there no small roles, only small actors.moreless
  • 11/25/95
    The girls are doing their evening teeth-brushing at the house covered in vines when suddenly they have problems. It turns out that the plumbing has gone bad and there's no way they can stay there for the time being. Miss Clavel consults with Miss Cucuface and manages to arrange for them all to stay the Hotel Riche --- the grandest hotel in the world. As they arrive, they come upon a little girl named Cecil playing music outside the entrance. They tip her for nice music and head on inside. Once settled into the hotel, they have lots of fun and also meet a rich girl named Colette. Though the girl initially snubs them, they soon become friends. However, their noisy and rambunctious playing soon causes embarrassment to Lord Cucuface. The girls work hard to right their mistakes and manage to help the girl Cecil in the process.moreless
  • 11/18/95
    When Madeline and the girls pay a visit the castle at Versailles, Pepito tags along. Once there, he tempts them with chocolate treats which they are not allowed to have and they refuse until it is the proper time for a treat. Meanwhile, Pepito continues to break the rules, causing a major problem when of the girls is accused of being behind his misdeeds.moreless
  • 11/11/95
    A new girl named Lakshmi comes to stay for a month with the girls at the house covered in vines. Though she seems fairly nice and is an excellent soccer player, the girls have trouble pronouncing her name, are turned off by her seeming dislike of Genevieve and are upset when she is reluctant to try the bread that they normally eat. Things go from bad to worse when her interest in astronomy causes the girls to think that she's an alien. It's up to Miss Clavel to set the girls straight and up to Madeline to establish a friendship with the new girl.moreless
  • Madeline and Santa
    Episode 9
    According to Amazon's review but in my own words: Part 2 of "Madeline at the North Pole". Sanity Clause Santa gets too fat after ingesting one yule log too many. Madeline must now work to get the presents delivered on time.
  • 10/28/95
    According to Amazon's review but in my own words:

    It's a heatwave in the middle of Winter, so Lord Cookooface takes them to the North Pole. They arrive just in time to see Sanity clause's Santa Clause's elves having a bad case of flu (blame it on El Nino). So the girls all pitch in and help.moreless
  • Madeline on Safari
    Episode 7
    Nicole has been having a lot of trouble with her reading lately, but Miss Clavel thinks that she might simply be a late-bloomer. A letter from her friend Dr. Branch cheers her up, and pretty soon the girls are going on a trip to Africa with Lord Cucuface. He hopes to find some great artwork to add to his collection. Once there, the girls meet Dr. Branch's gorillas. They are part of an on-going study, but one named Rosie seems to be nothing but a mischief-maker. Madeline suggests that she may simply be a late-bloomer, and pretty soon she surprises everyone with a special talent that was previously undiscovered.moreless
  • 10/14/95
    While out shopping, the girls notice a baker and a florist who are very lonely. They work every weekend and have never met each other, even though their shops are located on the same block. Madeline despairs their loneliness and devises a brilliant plan to bring them together. It works, and they invite the girls and Genevieve to their wedding. Meanwhile, Pepito's mean cousin Pablito has come for a visit. He doesn't approve of Pepito's playing with girls and starts teasing Pepito, tearing him and Madeline apart.moreless
  • 10/7/95
    Yvette gets chosen by a painter to be portrayed and because of that, she starts showing off. This causes a chain reaction that makes the girls show off among themselves and results in widespread rivalry and competition. But when it turns out that Yvette's portrait is a cubist painting, things finally cool down.moreless
  • Madeline in Cannes
    Episode 4
    Heavy rain in Paris is causing Madeline to sneeze and sneeze. Dr. Cohn diagnoses her with sinus problems and prescribes a visit to someplace warm and dry. Miss Clavel decides that they will all join Lord Cucuface in sunny Cannes. There, the girls have a great time swimming, diving and building sandcastles at the beach. Madeline, however, gets a bad sunburn all over her body and must remain indoors. Lord Cucuface introduces her to a famous movie director and actress and it inspires her to create a fun new festival with the rest of the girls.moreless
  • 9/23/95
    When Miss Clavel shows the girls the famous Moulin Rouge, the owner, Sir Ihavea Price, urges the girls to participate in the upcoming cancan competition. He promises that there will be promises for the winners. The girls are eager to start cancan dancing, but Danielle and Yvette get into a fight over whether hats or gloves are better. Pretty soon, they start having the girls take sides with them and forming cliques. Only Madeline refuses to joina clique, protesting that she loves everyone. The petty fighting causes the girls' dancing to become a mockery and Madeline finds herself trapped in the middle.moreless
  • 9/16/95
    According to Amazon's review but in my own words: This is actually part two of "Madeline's Halloween". We find out that Fifi's a radio star, and she takes them to the station. While Fifi's doing her recording, the girls rigs up a story about polka-dotted ants rempaging the city, plays around in a studio, and accidentally records their story. Worse thing, their story got aired by accident. Panic hits the citizens of New York. In the end, the mistake was discovered, and things pulled back to normal.moreless
  • 9/9/95
    According to Amazon's review but in my own words: The girls are in New York for Halloween. After a trick-or-treating bout, they find a strange pair of strange spider-shaped earrings in Madeline's bag. So they go look for the owner, and finds that by coincidence it belongs to Miss Clavel's cousin, Fifi.moreless