Madigan Men

Season 1 Episode 7

Three Guys, a Girl and a Conversation Nook

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 01, 2000 on ABC



  • Notes

    • The series returned to the schedule with an overhaul. Sabrina Lloyd was out as fast as she was in, and George Wendt (Cheers) and Christine Ebersole (Madigan Men's predecessor, The Cavanaughs) were thrown in as a sure fire way to just boost those sagging ratings through the roof. This is also the last episode broadcast for which Cindy Chupack is credited as executive producer. Chupack, who rumor has it was disgusted with ABC's pointless tinkering, exited the show. Co-executive producers Richard Dresser, Marc Flanagan and Tom Leopold succeeded her in the executive's chair. But they only had two episodes to show their stuff before ABC "savior" Regis succeeded all of them. Chupack's production company continued to co-produce the episodes after she left, although it's uncertain to what extent.