Season 2 Episode 5

Junior Partner

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1994 on Global

Episode Recap

Gordon offers Penny the chance to become his junior partner and their relationship becomes more close and less professional. Penny is flattered by all his attention and praise and is shocked when Gordon makes a pass at her. When she refuses he accuses her of leading him on and fires her on the spot. Then Gordon deducts money from her final wage packet without any reason and after some deliberation (and encouragement from R.J.) Penny shops him to the local authorities.

Jamie is headed down a road toward self-destruction. He still hangs out with Derek, but spends most of his time with an older crowd. He's been buying stolen goods from Ty, a twenty-one year old who hangs out at the school. Ty agrees to cut him in on the action when he agrees to find them a home to boost, which happens to be the house next door to his (Jamie's parents are house-sitting).