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Welcome to the Madlax guide at Madlax is a Japanese Anime from the Creators of Noir and .Hack//Sign. It is the story of two young woman whom are almost exact opposites of each other. Madlax is a mercenary who lives in the war ravaged country of Gazth-Sonika. Margaret Burton lives a peaceful life with her maid Elinor in Nafrece. Both Madlax and Margaret have forgotten much of their past and are searching desperately to find it. While they have never met Madlax and Margaret are both connected by a mysterious picture book, secondary, and an organization called Enfan. Margaret and Madlax go on their own journeys searching for the truth of their past. When will these two woman cross paths? and what will happen when they discover the truth.
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  • a interesting show

    I'd like to make a quick comment that i was annoyed the character madlax, who fights to end the fighting...that doesn't make much sense to me. They try to make her look like a morally upright person(sort of) but it doesn't work when the person has a gun in their hand. Okay no thats over with lets get to the review. The action scenes is what first drew my attention. The characters are all interesting, and the plot is decent. The main reason i liked it was because of the action that they had in this show. Its a show thats very similar to noir in many aspects, so if you enjoyed noir then watch this. Nothing really much to say about this one.moreless
  • I was truly interested in this show when it showed on 'The Anime Network'.

    I was midly interested when I saw the word Madlax on my tv screen.. I was wondering what was that.. Was it a person? Was it about something?

    So I just decided to watch it, and I now realized that it was about a professional female gunist.

    I must say.. it has some good plots.. I still want to learn about those mysteries inside of Madlax and Margaret lives..

    If you simply love action... this is a must see!moreless
  • At first, it seems rather complex, but after seeing a few episodes, it becomes much easier to watch.

    In Gazth-Sonika, a country which has been plagued by Civil War for 12 years, Madlax is one of the deadliest agents out there. She is a hardened assassin, with a sweet voice and manner that could fool even the most paranoid.

    Far away, Margaret Burton is plagued by dreams of a troubling past, which has escaped her memories. With only a red book filled with an ancient language, Margaret struggles to find herself, supported by her doting housemaid Elenore, and her neighbour, the feisty Vanessa.

    "Madlax" tells the story of these two girls as they do their best to get by in a world haunted by misery. It's intelligent, its compelling, and it makes for one hell of a show.

    To begin with, the military-based action is a little hard to follow. The dark setting of Gazth-Sonika provides an ominous outlook on all that is happening in Madlax's world, while Margaret's bright surroundings help to press home how out of place the orphan is. The two are complete opposites, and yet their connection is so mysterious that it binds the two storylines neatly and intriguingly.

    The fight scenes show Madlax's fighting spirit, and how easily she copes with killing. Her attitude towards killing hundreds would normally seem cold, but in this series it is merely used as a tool to show how acustomed Madlax has become to such a ruthless world.

    Margaret's struggle to fit in at school and find out more about her past is a more sympathetic contrast. She has a kind heart and is easy manipulated, though she doesn't seem to mind, nor notice. Her blood-stained red book, her housemaid Elenore, and her buisnesswoman friend Vanessa are company enough.

    As the stories unfold and intertwine, it becomes clear that pieces of a much bigger puzzle are beginning to appear. Though the episodes stand on their own, they are each only a part of a much bigger story.

    The music has a mystical feel to it, and helps to set the scene, particularly for war-torn Gazth-Sonika. The chanting of 'yanmaani' leads to some awesome action, and the opening theme is brilliant.

    Overall, "Madlax" is definately worth taking a look at.moreless
  • Garsonika, a War torn paradise, lives Madlax your typical 17/18 year old girl, sent by Three-Speed to undertake various missions, meanwhile not far from the warzone lives Margeret Burton a young well to do 16 year old girl, that has lost all her memorys bmoreless

    Garthsonika, a war torn paradise, a false war, continued by the manipulation of Bookwald, and Friday Monday, by supplying both armys with weapons to continue the conflict, with manipulation at the highest levels, on both sides, will this war last forever, thats one thing you will have to watch to find out

    in this War torn paradise, lives Madlax, shes your typical 17/18 year old girl, she was sent there as an agent by SSS/Three-Speed, to undertake missions, some involving protection, and assasination/ and just plain saving people when they need it

    meanwhile not that far away from Garthsonika lives Margeret Burton, a young rich, well to do 16 year old girl, who has lost all her memorys, her past is unclear to her, but one name she remembers above all else is Madlax, Margeret Burton carrys around a Picture book, which she refers to as the red book, Friday-Monday and his associates refer to this back as second diary, their is 2 books, one of which is in the hands of Friday Monday, the other in the hands of Margeret, Margeret doesnt understand what this books significance is but knows its very important to her

    Madlax has various ongoing plot lines, and events that lead off from one another, and plays off each other just perfectly

    Elda Taluta - Sarcs Sarcs ~ the words of awakening

  • Don't take my classification wrong its just this Anime is kind of odd yet in a good way.

    Within the story are two characters Madlax and the girl now I'm currently only up to epsiode 9 and missed a few so I don't know everything but so far its quite good. Madlax is a hired agent I believe for the secret guy and most of the time from what I see she helps people get from point A-Z and protects them from harm. On the flip side is the girl who sounds like she is just from another planet. In the beginning she sounds very dull and plain but as time goes on she get a little kick into her step and you get to stat understanding her. Now from episode 8/9 their stories start to intertwine with eachothers and hopefully soon I'll find out what happens so I'll probably update this soon!moreless
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