Season 1 Episode 1

Episode #101

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 14, 1995 on FOX

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  • Show has not really found its place yet, but half of this episode is hilarious!

    5 good sketches from this ep. are: Vancome Lady-911 Operator (Second Vancome Lady one wasn't that great); Gump Fiction (movie parody of Forrest Gump & Pulp Fiction); Debra Wilson's Monologue (Debra Wilson shows the personality that made her shine in the next 8 seasons); MacDumpster's (parody of Mcdonald's restaurant for the homeless); Star Trek Deep Stain Nine (TV parody of Star Trek)
  • The Vancome Bitch starts it up.

    In the pre-credits sequence the boss (Lange) asks a couple of casting duo if they got a cast after setting up the show. The duo wasn't prepared for that so they lied to him and in the last minute they go out to the streets to find what they got was two homeless men (Anton,Jones),two hookers (Sullivan,Wilson) and their pimp (Herman),a crossing guard(Lange,again),a suicidal wife (Scheer),and a mailman gone postal (LaMarr). They attempted to pick up Alfred E. Neuman,but decided to pass. Then,cut to the theme song (BOOM) withHeavy D. and the hard beats. Then the cast comes out to offer free beer and rides Bryan Callen announces Kato Kaelin will be here at 11:31 to speak his mind. Then there's the Budwieser parody in which a frog uses his tongue to ride the back of a truck,only to be smashed when the driver screeches his truck to a halt. Funny. We just getting started.

    Then we get to see one of the original recurring characters,The Vancome Lady her first sketch,she insults her customers with her tradmark La,La,La,and Tcha,you know what whatever,and she got her ass fired. This skit Tcha you know what,good. But,it's fast Ice Cube and Ice-T in their video together,but the video looks cheap. cut to a news update in which The Vancome Lady as a 911 operator refuses to offer help to another lady. Then the first Spy cartoon in which one kills the other. After the break,there's a Don Martin cartoon. Nicole does this monologue which ends up crying that she don't wanne be on this show. Then,Forrest Gump (Herman) plays a hitman in "Gump Fiction". Then Spike Lee (LaMarr) advertises his deviled ham. Kato Kaelin finally speaks his mind which was a waste. Then a Poison fan gets humiliated by the actual band. David has a monologue on the women on MadTV,but tries to hit on Mary which dog. Then,there's the rarely cancer stricken (Scheer)with her nasty self. Debra does a monologue about her language which was alright. A McDonald's by another Don Martin cartoon. Then,Artie's monologue is about self loathing which was so-so,and creepy. Then,a 'Star Trek' parody that had something to do with landry themes. I'm talking about "Star Trek:Deep Stain another Budwieser parody in which the frog is unaware of the warning signs when he is killed by a wheel.

    By the time the cast say their goodnights,they beer was gone and so was the audience. How they do that?

    It was a good first episode. We got to see Vancome Lady in her first outing which will be popular for a short time until . This show is just getting started.