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Season 10 Episode 13

Episode #1013

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 12, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Episode #1013
This episode's sketches include:
Madden Birdhouse
The Phantom of the Oprah
Handicap Helpers
The Price Better Be Right...
Lida & Melina: MTV Spring Break
Reality Check: Ashlee Simpson
Bae Sung: French Airways
Desperate Housewives
Close-Desperate Housewives

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  • The first ladies are back!

    "Madden Birdhouse"

    In an attempt to recreate the Popcorn Popper, John Madden (Caliendo) promotes another electrical appliance with the help of two teens (Lee and Parker). Caliendo owned this sketch everytime his Madden character lost a body part, and no sketch is complete without Bobby Lee getting shot in the eye with a nail gun.

    "Phantom of the Oprah"

    Deb's first sketch is her reprisal of Oprah, one of her best impressions ever. While not as funny, you can't deny having Dr. Phil (McDonald) pop up and be afraid of his lover's anger.

    "Handicap Helpers"

    Mike and Steph were funny as a clumsy, but stubborn elderly couple. Liked it when they both got ran over at the end.

    "The Price Better Be Right..."

    An American traveler (Parker) is a guest on an Iranian version of the CBS game show. Running its course, yet Frank Caliendo's Rod Roddy impression is hard to resist. And Bob Barker's "control the pet population" ender doesn't disappoint.

    "MTV Spring Break"

    The return of the first ladies of MADtv - aka Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson - couldn't have been better. Here, they play the Latina bimbos Lida and Melina, who are contestants on MTV Spring Break, hosted by who-cares actor Matt Lillard (Keegan). Keegan's impersonation of the "Scooby Doo" star was okay, but seeing Deb licking off a crust of whipped cream off Nicole's chest was proof that the latter doesn't need to cry and wail to get the audience whipped into a frenzy (no pun intended).

    "Reality Check"

    Ah, the BET comedians are back, with guest Wilson reprising the role of Tovah McQueen. This time, Tovah and her bud Belma (Aries Spears) welcome Ashlee Simpson (Nicole Parker, looking very cute). The hilarious insults on Simpson and Parker's ability to capture Ash's facial tics got the best laughs.

    "Bae Sung"

    The hard-to-understand dumbass-speaker (Bob) has to help out a visiting businessman in France. Nothing interesting to note here.

    "Desperate Housewives"

    MADtv spoofs ABC's comedy/soap opera. I see Keegan as Teri Hatcher and Nicole as Eva Longoria than the other way around. But Parker still gets laughs whenever playing the ditzy Susan Meyer. And Weir looks just like Marcia Cross... or the botox-induced Bree Van De Kamp.moreless
  • One of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. Congrats to the crew for this awesome production. 10/10.

    Lida & Melina: MTV's Spring Break Beach Bonanza Blowout Hot Body Contest was THE Funniest Thing I Have Ever Seen. It had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Also, the desperate housewives sketch was very funny. this was BY FAR the best episode ever on madTV, mostly because the unfunny chinese guy didnt play a major role in the most pivotal sketches. 10/10.

Frank Caliendo

Frank Caliendo

Cast Member (Season 7+)

Daniele Gaither

Daniele Gaither

Featured Player (Season 9), Cast Member (Season 10+)

Aries Spears

Aries Spears

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Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald

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Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee

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Stephnie Weir

Stephnie Weir

Featured Player (Season 6), Cast Member (Seasons 7-10)

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    • Melina: I'm not lesbiana. I'm hungry! I haven't eaten anything since I licked the whipped cream off of that lifeguard two hours ago.
      Lida: And she thought you were lesbiana too.

    • Mary-Alice Young: Botox or not, all that matters is that you're watching us instead of Rebel Billionaire. We're the number one show. I may be dead, but apparently, I took reality television with me, and good riddance to both of us.

    • Ashlee Simpson: It's like my dad always says in church: "Never trust a fat black woman unless she's making pancakes."

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series,Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

    • Debra Wilson, MADtv's longest running cast member (and one of the original cast members) guest stars for the first time since her departure at the end of season 8. She reprises Oprah Winfrey, Melina, and Tovah McQueen in Reality Check.

    • This is Nicole's fourth guest appearance since she left the cast at the end of season 6.