Season 10 Episode 22

Episode #1022

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM May 14, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

"Open: Displaced Kidneys"

Because of her many accidents, Stephnie Weir has roaming kidneys.

"Tank: Playboy Mansion"

The rice boy player (Bobby Lee) hits on women at Huge Hefner's abode.

"Mrs. Campbell Goes to the Movies"

The elderly woman (SW) becomes bothersome to people watching a slasher flick, including a mother (NP) who is forced to take her son out.

"TRL: Emcee Esher"

DJ (AS) goes to TRL.

"The B.S. II"

Ryan Reynolds plays a security guard moonlighting as a special agent trying to nab illegal immigrant Kim-Chee (BL), and hitting on Sharice (DG).

"The First Kiss"

Seems like an attempt to get a smooch goes awry.

"Bible Dude: Video Games"

The Christian superhero (MM) fights against kids who play video games without parental consent.

"Whitney and Bobby Return"

Debra Wilson returns for a second time, playing the coke-induced Whitney Houston singing with husband Bobby Brown (AS).