Season 1 Episode 5

Episode #105

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 11, 1995 on FOX

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  • A debut for Desperate Losers

    In the cold opening,a family has a conference show opens with the cast giving tribute to the bad we can't see their faces because they put down the an IBM parody in which it takes place in a gay about hard one of the Krishna wanna convert because of a girl and wants to play bigger airports. But he gets some setback. Then,this episode premires a segment "Lower comes with a few segments featuring Louise,Hank,a racist Christian,and a guy in an electric stops his monologue for a drink,but it's the Crips gang has some new recruits for some Affirmitive Action thing which was a topic at that urine ad making fun of those Milk ads. Then,a Don Martin cartoon. Larry King crashes a party and gets personal and dirty. Another IBM parody on some Billy Crystal has a relationship with a whale in a parody of "When Harry Met Sally" Talk about . A man gossips on a co-worker. Another Don Martin cartoon. A guy rejects his girlfriend when he's being would pop-up in 'Lower hip-hop guy and a valley girl talk on their pay phones. A guys talk about a drug deal in this IBM does a monologue about being celibate,but she's acts horny. Two actresses argue about a boyfriend before their act. A Spy vs Spy cartoon. Then the show closes with the cast performing with the sound crew,but we can't hear them because the audio is out.

    This was funny,and it debuted a segment "Lowered sketch for desperate people with no personality.