Season 1 Episode 7

Episode #107

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 25, 1995 on FOX

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  • Tyson bashes Little Man

    This episode starts with a spanish guy named Nestor trying to be football player Ken Norton Jr. tells the cast backstage to get their game face on. Doesn't he know that the high-top fade is outta style. It was 1995 there was a Bud Light parodies in which the guy says the lines "I Love You,Man" which was popular at that time. There was this principal (Herman) who causes the end he treats his students for a beer run. Then a Native American renames football and baseball teams in which insulted his race and stereotype white about controversy,but I like it. I've seen the Tyson vs. Barty sketch,and the actor playing him has a better impression than Aires ending was Steven Segal (Callen) dons blackface for this behind the scenes look on his latest film to stop segregation in the school. Debra Wilson played Pam Grier and she had an setting of the movie takes place in didn't have Afro's back then. The sketch was alright,Segal in blackface and making a fool outta himself is funny. A Happy Storytime lady makes kids sad. Louis Farrakhan(Lamarr) gives a white kid math lessons with numbers and facts. Then,David Foley from "The Kids In The Hall" fame has a monologue about we had Dana Gould talking about America in the previous episode?You know Dave is from Canada. I wanna live up we have a loner who has imaginary the end he's watching 'Friends'.

    It was a good episode,Tyson beating Billy Barty to death in the punching bag was bashed a little old man.