Season 12 Episode 3

Episode #1203

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 30, 2006 on FOX

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  • I Love the 1980's, and I love "Madtv," and I love it when the two of them are put together! :D

    There were so many great sketches put on this episode it's hard to know where to start! There's the opening sketch, where the castmembers of "Madtv" try to prove they have tolerance for others, but end up proving just how totally intolerant they can be. Also, it's revealed that Heidi Klum simply Can't be counted on to talk in a normal voice. The little Leprechauns are proven to be creepy & should Not be given careers as fashion models. Bobby Lee tries to do some yoga, but ends up getting harassed by a man, his frisbee, and his dog trying to catch the frisbee, as well as a life-guard who won't believe that Bobby Lee is telling the truth that there are supposed to be no dogs allowed on the beach! Coincidentally, the beach looked a lot like the beach near where I live, which is cool! John Kerry just Can't stop putting his foot into his mouth. Condelezza Rice finally stops being a doormat for a certain Mr. Bush and instead decides to make some decisions for herself that help the African-American community rather than hurting it! While it was wrong, it was funny seeing that there might be some people who still think that African-American's are entirely powerless when it comes to the power of foods & drinks that are grape-flavored! Keegan Michael Key gets lucky with a certain singer named Nelly Furtardo! A couple proves how far back their love goes, & it's all the way to the rocking year of 1984 where all forms of rock and roll music were king! Finally, Bobby Lee forms a pretend Asian band & sings about something that nobody else can understand! You will laugh, you'll chuckle, you'll guffaw, you might even hurl! (But I wouldn't reccommend it!) Whatever gets you in the mood, it's hard to deny "Madtv" has got laughs! Enough said! :D
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