Season 12 Episode 7

Episode #1207

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 25, 2006 on FOX

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  • This episode is for anyone who wants to know why & how Coach Hines lost his hair, or why celebrities get married in the first place! :D

    So that explains Coach Hines rotten behavior! It's all because a now-professional football player put battery acid in Coach Hines shampoo causing it to fall out! In case there was anyone left on this planet wanting to know why celebrities get married, the answer is very simple. The answer is celebrities want to have babies, and nothing else! The rest of the episode proves that the PlayStation3 literally drives people to literally kill other people, literally! (And I even managed to work in a past "Madtv" reference in this post to, no less!) :lol: It's proven that it's never a good idea to golf in hot weather, Tom Cruise's cat is spoiled rotten, Dane Cook finally gets shut down, Bobby Lee stars in his own Korean soap opera (sort of!), 3 too many "Capote" pictures are filmed, and last but not least, Arden Myrin premiere's "Happy Feet!" I haven't seen an actual "Madtv" celebrity actually premiere a real movie since Will Sasso & Alex Borstein did it last way back in season 7! Arden Myrin sure has what it takes to make Hollywood premiere's her own! This episode sure is funny! Enough said, true believers! :D