Season 12 Episode 9

Episode #1209

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Dec 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • Aka: "MadTv's" 2006 Christmas Laugh-a-palooza! :lol: I kid you not! ;)

    Season 12 of "MadTv" has just been on a role! I never expected that I'd end up writing three episode reviews for three of this season's episodes so early into the season's lifetime! The castmembers in this episode are so funny, they manage to hold their own against the early heavy-hitters such as Nicole Sullivan, Will Sasso, and Alex Borstein as far as castmembers go! First everyone picks a secret Santa hoping to get a great gift, only every single time this happens, it goes Horribly wrong! Than a very clever idea for an original sketch is represented when a family and/or group of friends gross out a robber so much, that the robber doesn't want to rob them anymore! Than we're represented with a safe alternative to annoying kid's toys with "Tickle Me Emo." Santa finds out the hard way that you can't bargain and/or reason with a certain Bush. Maury Povich and Connie Chung celebrate Christmas as only They can! Frosty becomes a martyr in the plight against global warming. A supposed grammy-winning artist sings about angst and revenge against her ex-boyfriend. The sequels to the original "Saw" just won't die! And finally, a woman named Luanne does standup and impressions...very, Very Badly! :lol: With one half of "MadTv's" season 12 nearly gone and with it performing this great already, this season of "MadTv" stands a very good chance of being one of the very best seasons of "MadTv" made yet, and that's saying something! Enough said! :D