Season 12 Episode 10

Episode #1210

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 06, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • If you look closely at the drummer during The Black Tirade, you can see he never makes contact on the cymbals, even during cymbal crashes, as can be seen by the cymbals never moving after the drummer 'playing' them, therefore leading to the questioning of the whole band's performance as a charade. If the performance was a charade, the song deserves the name, "The Black Charade".

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    • Lyrics to The Black Tirade:

      [Opening, slow piano beat]
      There once was,
      an actor,
      on Seinfeld,
      a wacky guy named Kramer,
      was the character he played.

      [speeds up]
      Years later,
      he went and,
      did stand up,
      got heckled and he lost it,
      and went on a black tirade.
      He said "Hey there you N-words,
      we used to lynch you N-words,
      and put a fork up your ass-bone."
      The next day it surfaced,
      on YouTube, because somebody caught it,
      on their brand new camera phone.

      [Beat picks up, rock music starts playing]
      He tried to make it better,
      by going on TV,
      apologized on David Letterman.
      The Seinfeld curse just made it worse,
      nobody could believe,
      he used the term "Afro-American"

      ['Chorus' type singing]
      Now Kramer's gone,
      his career is gone,
      though he kissed up to Jesse Jackson, and even up to Al Sharpton!
      Al Sharpton!
      You know you're really in big trouble when you're sucking up to Al Sharpton.

      [Beat slows down a bit]
      And those guys,
      he called N-words,
      weren't bribed,
      to sue for a million.
      But that's okay,
      he made that weekly,
      back in the day,
      on Must-See TV.
      But that was then,
      but we watch TV.
      Now its the web,
      where things are sneaky.
      Like Britney's batch,
      or porn that's homemade.
      Or Michael Richards,
      and his black tirade!

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