Season 12 Episode 21

Episode #1221

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM May 05, 2007 on FOX

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  • This was my first episode I have seen in a long time and I could not have chosen a better episode. Despite a new cast the show continues the same trend that brought it popularity with hilarious results.

    What most stood out as I watched were the scrubs and house parodies. As a fan of both shows (although house has let me down this season...remind me to rant on the subject in my next blog) I think that the scrubs skit was well done and captured the show quite well although the statement akin to "maybe if we weren't all daydreaming and talking to each other we could have saved her" didn't quite fit. If you have watched Scrubs you know they all take their jobs seriously despite the humorous dispositions of the show. It did however make sense as I can understand why some might think that. The skit about House was less an attack on the show (talk about a show that should have been canceled months ago) as just adding a silliness to it using Larry Kings comments. It was still well done although I think they should have done one addressing IMO the shows recent decline. It continued with a great NASCAR fan parody, a UFC deodorant commercial (with plenty of fake blood), and a parody of political(tv ad)campaigns. The crew performed wonderfully and although not perfect, it was great to see the same humor that gained the show popularity and notoriety.
  • You guessed it! Another great episode! :lol:

    I know that this review has been sometime coming, but now I feel as though I can safely say that what I'm about to share can no longer be denied the truth. First a question: what's the only differnece between Saturday Night Live & MadTv? The answer is, while S.N.L. has been either miss or miss ever since Eddie Murphy left it a trillion years ago; Madtv has Never stopped being funny no matter which stars were there or not there! All the castmembers know how to generate laughs in their own style & are very successful at doing so! Whether it's Tom Cruise acting all crazy, Scrubstaking one of it's final bows, Survivor going a bit Too far for it's own good, or Jordan Peele wincing at the slightest physical contact, there are so many reasons for this episode being funny that I can't Possibly list them all! You'll have to see it for yourself! Rest easy though once you do, because you'll be glad you did! That's why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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