Season 13 Episode 15

Episode #1315

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Apr 26, 2008 on FOX
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Episode #1315
Albanian Idol Show Open: The New and Improved Bobby Lee Dominic Monaghan's Lost Video Response: Star Wars Stories Johnny Gan: Tching Ling! Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #1 Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #2 Nacho Hernandez:Viva la Vote! Fake Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #3 New Fantasy Film Paul's Final Interview Fake Commercial: Ray's Chain-Link Fences Show Close: Arden Myrin and Cast/Dominic Monaghan's Lost out-takesmoreless

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  • The best episode of season 13 by a Long shot! :D

    This season has been really rocky as far as trying to get a firm footing in standing alongside the earlier seasons of this show. Troubled with a Writer's Strike, a lack of live, original, and expensive sketches, plus the absence of guest stars has really made this season a bumpy one. But it seems like the edges have finally been smoothed out and MadTv has got it's groove back! It starts with Albanian Idol, funnier and Way more entertaining than American Idol could ever be by a Long shot! And Dominic Monaghan from Lord of the Rings Whoo Whoo! comes by to guest star! He tries to teach Bobby Lee how to be a better actor, Dominic parodies the very role that he plays in for a parody of Lost that is Totally funny! An older person who criticizes a child's mistake in the Star Wars series proves that he has no life as he Still lives at home with his mother! :lol: The downfall to having only five frequent callers you can choose from is revealed in three cell phone commercial parodies, Nacho Hernandez channels the comedic flavor of Cheech Marin in his sketch role, Bai Ling proves that the Thai people can do action films as good as American people can make them! Plus Bai Ling's verison is funnier to! :D The two sides of fantasy films are revealed for the first time at last when a kid's disappearance into an expensive production leads to a father's trouble. Even the Chain Link Fence commercial is funny because it reveals what security people really think and feel about canines and what kind of freedom they should have! So even if this season has been cheap up until this point, it definitely makes up for it in This episode due to Dominic Monaghan's guest star appearance and the Fantasy Film parody! I sure do hope Madtv can keep it up, because it's nowhere Near as bad as Saturday Night Live, and that's why I love Madtv so much! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Albanian Idol, Dominic Monaghan's Lost, Video Response: Star Wars Stories, Johnny Gan: Tching Ling!, New Fantasy Film, Paul's Final Interview

    I didn't enjoy this episode. It wasn't funny. Nothing funny happened. Albanian Idol was not really funny at all. The judges were not funny and it wasn't funny when you couldn't understand what they were saying. It would have been better if it was an American Idol Parody. The show opening wasn't funny either. Bobby pulling his pants down can be funny but it wasn't in this episode. The Lost Parody wasn't really funny. In the video response with Jordan Peele, I got the joke and it was probably the only funny thing in this episode. I never find Johnny Gan funny so I didn't enjoy that skit. The fake commerical wasn't funny at all. Some parts were funny but, I've seen funnier commericals. The Fantasy Film wasn't really funny either. I laughed when the father got kicked out but that was it. Paul's Final Interview wasn't funny. Crista was the only person funny in that skit. I liked the commrical about the fences. That was really funny.moreless

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