Season 14 Episode 1

Episode #1401

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 13, 2008 on FOX

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  • "MadTv" starts the 14th season off right: with lots and Lots of comedy! :idea:

    "MadTv" has definantly gotten their game back now! There was a short period of time when it looked like they would sink down to "S.N.L.'s" level (also known as Season 13,) but "MadTv" has proven that their ability to re-invent themselves is endless, unlike "S.N.L!" :lol: Seriously though, the sketches for the premier episode of Season 14 are top notch! Who would've guessed that Bobby Lee could play a convincing John McCain? Or that Johnny Gan has been married at least five times?! Of course, there are other surprises other than those! Coach Hines has Always had that mustache, Barrack and Michele Obama are Great hip-hop dancers, Cindy McCain is Completely clueless, the H.N.L. guy is surprised that the former husky kid from "Stand By Me," Jerry O'Connell, could now be married to Rebecca Romijin and "The Hills Girls" are surprised to find out how tough it is to find another new girl for their Not so real "Reality" show. Season 14 of "MadTv" is definantly going to be one of those great seasons! I just know it! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)