Season 7 Episode 7

Episode #707

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 24, 2001 on FOX
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Episode #707
This Episode's Sketches Include: Bingo John (parody of *Nsync "gone") Lorraine Oprah Ms. Swan: Bunny the Vampire Slayer Fox News Weakest Link Leave It To Blink 182 Harry Potter Premiere

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      • Ward: Alright everybody listen up. Now blink, part of growing up is having friends over for fellowship. But the idea that you boys would bring: adult film stars, bikers, leather perverts, not to mention, naked munchkins... into our home, without inviting us, is simple beyond the pale...Wally, you're grounded.
        Wally: Aw, gee dad, why?
        June: For being such a tattletale... now you go on up to your room and you think about what you've done.
        Tom: Now
        Mark(Waves): Later!

      • Wally: But pop, what about all the crazy parties?
        Ward: Now Blink, is there something you should be telling us?
        Mark and Tom: no...nothin'
        June: Blink!
        Mark:What the f* * * mom, we said no.

      • June: Now boys, you know I hate it when you bicker.
        Wally: Aw but gee whiz mom,I'm in real trouble, on a counta I flunked my spelling bee, on a counta I didn't get any sleep, on a counta all, Blink's parties.
        Tom: Weasel
        Mark: Puss
        Tom: Whimp
        Mark: Bastard
        Ward: Blink, has a point Wally, you shouldn't blame the boys for your poor study habits.
        June: Your dad's right...Brontosaurus burger?

      • Ward: Boys, what's this I hear about porn starts,booze and naked munchkins?
        Mark: um..We'll admit to the porn stars and the booze but we don't know anything about naked munchkins.
        (a naked munchkin goes running by)
        June and Ward: Blink!

      • June: Cookie break.
        Ward: You read my mind.
        June: Ward, I'm worried about the blink.
        Ward: What seems to be the trouble June? Did they break another window playing baseball?
        June: No...bacon roll-up?
        Ward: Sure..did they bring another frog to show and tell?
        June: No, I found: 2 porn stars, a fifth of Jack Daniels and a naked munchkin under their beds.

      • Ms. Swan: You know, that is a good question. Who is anybody anymore? But you know, that's one thing. I didn't get his name. But I'll tell you what he looked like...he a dead man.

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