Season 9 Episode 1

Episode #901

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 13, 2003 on FOX

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  • A very enjoyable season premiere of Mad TV with some very funny sketches

    With my only experience of Mad TV before now being Series 1 (which I thought was pretty decent), I was very impressed by this episode. The Rod Roddy sketch was incredibly well done, and I got all the jokes despite having not seen his show, The Price Is Right, before. Another big highlight was the Governers Debate sketch, some big highlights in this one including Gary Coleman, Arnie and loads more colourful characters. I also quite enjoyed the Bible Dude sketch, it was interesting and highlighted the over-exagerration of music piracy (i.e. making it out as worse than murder). That joke about the Pope was so wrong but so funny at the same time. Fake TV was a funny parody of the over exposure of reality TV. The rest was solid, although there's one or two sketches you can afford to skip. Overall, a good episode, and refreshing to see in a time with little good sketch shows left on TV.