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Why was this cancelled? FOX should bring it back

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    So much better then sNL. Granted it started to fade towards the end but they should have kept it on, they tried spike fereson, and Wanda Sykes =, and they both were cancelled. They should bring it back with new and old characters im sure alot of old members of the cast would return alot of them need the work they are never seen any movie or shows with exception of a few.

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    I'm pretty sure it was cancelled due to costs. It had been on for fourteen years and maintained an okay enough rating (for a Saturday night I'm sure the bar is not very high and I believe that was why it was successful at staying on the air for a decade) but I don't think it was ever a huge hit. I think the rating was somewhere around one million and that was about a fourth or a fifth of what SNL gets. That's not big enough (over a long period of time) to sustain what was probably being spent on it. That's why they replaced it with a talk show with Wanda Sykes; those are known to be very cheap. I've also noticed that the show was constantly firing cast members, etc. in order to maintain the budget; it probably barely got a fourteenth season. The truth is that nearly every successful show that airs a long time eventually accrues too much in cost over time and that causes its cancellation. There is no point of making it if the company can't make a profit off of it. This is what caused the cancellation of several shows. Dynasty, Dallas, ER, Frasier, 24, and House are all good examples. In fact, they all were pulling fairly solid ratings but the ratings weren't big enough to justify keeping them on the air. They all even wanted to come back for another season.

    My biggest question is why, after the failure of Wanda's talk show, has FOX not brought the show back? Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that the creator could bring it back with a whole new cast, writers, production staff, etc. and that would probably reboot costs on the show and allow it to start over from scratch like new. But at the same time you could declareit to be officially "Mad TVseason fifthteen"and just a continuation of the show. Why FOX refuses to do this I'll never know. Instead they just continue to air repeats of prime time shows. When will they learn?

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    If I had to guess, JimmyJames, it's probably much, much cheaper just to stick syndication or repeats in that slot, and I think Fox just gave up. I just assumed all the cast turnover was due to it not working out & not salary. Family Guy referenced SNL to have "1 1/2 times the audience of MadTV", if that was actually true. Maybe someday in the future Fox will try another variety show, but the MadTV franchise is probably ceased.
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