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  • If only Family guy reenact this show

    Loved every season.
  • Seasons 1, 2 & 10 weren't the best; the rest of the first ten seasons were great!

    Seven of the first ten seasons were good so I'll give this a really saw the other episodes and the ones I did see were horrible.
  • Top Shows

    Most ep 1999+ (99-09)
  • Justin Bieber

    do more with justin bieber is so funny!
  • I love it!

    Mad TV is the only tv show that can make me laugh non-stop. I just wish they did a better spoof of Hellen Keller.
  • Not bad.

    Stuart is my favorite. Didn't watch all the time but when I did I sometimes enjoyed it.
  • Lots to laugh at!

    The hardworking actors on this show made sure you would remember MADtv as the show with mad laughter! Like, they have great scenes planned out and acted out on set, they're so random and more!

    Mad TV was one of the better shows out there- responsible for some good laughs!. Way better show than SNL now (SNL had better days years......ago!). It is a shame that it was pulled. There are a handful of sketch comedy shows and now we have been deprived of the best one out there. Some networks are run by some real schmucks, who have no clue what shows to keep!. I hope to see most of the ex cast-mates on other shows and I wish them all much success in their careers!!. I will miss this show.....A real loss of comedic entertainment....too bad!
  • it is a complete waste of time. But I really only watch it for STUART. so funny.

    this show is funny. but it is a waste of time. only some things that i saw are funny. I only like stuart. SOO FUNNY! but the rest (that aren't funny, which is majority of it) is a complete, I mean, COMPLETE waste of time. Like, in the morning, I may watch it if nothing else is on. But some things are pathetically stupid! Again, it is a BAD ++ show, like not bad, but not good enough to be an okay show, so Ill give it a BAD++ show rate. Only SOME parts are funny. I LVOE STUART!!! (lol_
  • not sure of the new cast and writers. wilson, ms swan, and a couple of the departed members have proved difficult to replace.

    great show otherwise
    wilson, and the rest of the cast from the 1-17th season are just superb. underappreciated but certainly top notch actors and actresses, as good as anyone .Bernstein is a stud. Mo is a super talent..Pears has done a stupendous job for the show as has mcdonald.A fine and ocular palatable assembly of talent, style. I love the show. Have watched it since my niece, now Dr. Krystle D and his bro Marlon D turned me on to the show. The cried, " uncle, uncle, you have to see this show"!! I got hooked and that was over a decade ago!
  • Just love MADtv!!

    This show has continuously is one of the most hilarious shows I've seen. they always find the funniest people! It's hard for me to laugh as people fail in attempting comedic skits. MADtv is always the best at their parodies and have an amazing cast. Michael McDonald is one of their classic men and I love Bobby Lee, Crista Flanagan, Nicole Parker and Arden Myrin. I miss MO Collins and Nicole Sullivan. Keegan Michael Key is one of my newest favorites!!! MADtv many laughs to all of you! he he he he Oh and I love Nicole Randall Johnson with her "Can I have your numba?"
  • Going downhill....

    The only reason I gave this show a 6 is because I watch most of it on youtube.On TV it sucks. If it was 2003 right now, I would give it a 10......... The only good people that are left is Nicole Parker and Bobby Lee. They ran out of thing to do. All they do is this john MCcain and Barack Obama thing. Its not even funny. Since Michael Mcdonald left the show I dont even bother watching this. I used to like the Lorrine Swanson Sketch. After Nicole and bobby leave this is going to be BAD. Overall: 6/10
  • comedy skits late night

    this late night sketch show, similar to s n l, proves to be the funniest thing to ever hit tv for me! i love miss swan, april, stuart, and the johny gan show. in the johny gan show i love paty u and pongo!!!!! great impressionas they were in the movie disaster movie that was hilarious. good impression of rosie o donell', gordon ramsey , connie chung , i also love the character who says " uh oh ! hot dog ! " . i watch every episode the bomb of all late night tv shows! watch it love it!!!
  • What happened?

    Mad T.V. used to be hilarious. I started watching around 2002 or 2003 and it was really good. I thought that some of the cast members were really talented. Michael McDonald, Aries Spears, Mo Collins, Stephanie Weir, Frank Caliendo, Debra Wilson, and Paul Vogt were my favorites. They made the show funny. All the others were just average. Then when people started leaving, that's when the show started to crumble. It became so watered down and so predictable that it wasn't even half as funny as it used to be. It is a shame, because it used to be a comedy fixture for me. Thank you.
  • MadTV is a funny, and surprisingly long-lasting, sketch show.

    MadTV is a funny, and surprisingly long-lasting, sketch show. SNL is the king of the sketch shows and many other shows have tried to challenge SNL for the throne - all unsuccessfully. Although SNL remains the ratings and mind-share leader, MadTV has been able to carve out its own niche and thrive as the edgier #2 in the sketch comedy universe.

    MadTV has been going for 14 seasons now. Very impressive.

    Of the cast members on the show my personal favorites have been Bobby Lee and Keegan-Michael Key. Bobby Lee is just plain funny. He doesn't really even have to do anything. He's just funny standing still. Always a good trait in a comedian. Keegan is wittier and does more clever verbal bits.
  • Love it, it is so funny! Man I can never stop laughing, they do a good job at mocking celebrities.

    Madtv is pretty good, I rarely ever get to catch the episodes on tv though. I mostly like to look at them on youtube. But I will try to see if I can catch them sometimes. Madtv is really really funny. Alot of the times the humor is very funny, but sometimes it isn't. My favorite on the show would have to be Nicole Parker. She does a good job and imataing Brittney Spears and she is a good comedian. I am glad madtv hired her. But I wish they would make more parodies of other movies and tv shows. This show rocks!!
  • I like this show, but I think it needs an upgrade...

    I love this show, it's hilarious (most of the time) but it just seems that you're watching the same episode every time. But I do especially love the Abercrombie and George Bush skits, those always crack me up. I really haven't seen it in a long time though, because like I said earlier, it needs something skits, new actors/actresses something that will just make it entertaining like the last time I saw it. So, the bottom line is, unless you've never seen the show before, don't watch it every time it comes on, chances are, even if it may be a new episode, you've already seen it...
  • i think this season of mad sucks on so many levels

    i think this season of mad sucks on so many levels because all the funny ppl left the show and what the hell is the new location and intro about. this isn't stupid snl ppl. and how bout the new comedy acts added into the show? It looks like a comedy club and its retarded to say that the show is still good. up until this season mad tv was hilarious now it just makes me yawn every second its on. Plus the cast members are gayer than anything i've seen. the creaters should a look a the damage they've done to such a good show
  • Madtv has really stepped there game.

    I have always been a fan of the show. Back when Aries Spears, Mo Collins, and Will Sasso were major characters. It's was always funny. But after a while it started to get wack to me. Now all of sudden, Madtv has been tearing the game up. I think the cast they have right now really fits. Bobby Lee is one of favorite characers on the show. John McDonald has truly shown that he is the star. He been on the show for a long time now. It seems like Madtv has taken SNL's spot. I use to think SNL was funnier but now I have changed my mind. Plus, Madtv has changed their humor. It's more raunchy, out there and they take risks. It really reminds of Family Guy. Great Job!!!
  • Mad TV picks up where the original SNL left off!

    Dot--I love you AND your gloves! Michael McDonald is a true comic genious! Unbridled Capricorn wry humor!!!! My hat off to "TNT" Rusty, sneakysnake Sean, Depressed Persion tow-truck man is better than any anti-depressant, and yes--you are sexy Stewart!!, Mrs. Swan--"Yep--he look like a man"! This show rocks!!!! Love the skits on Oprah and Dr. Phil. Bush skits a laugh riot!! Whitney and Bobby--keep on doing your thing!!! LOL I've been depressed for my entire life --find relief only in great comedy--Mad TV--you did it--With razor sharpness cut through the dark dismal doom---You brouht back the twinkle in my eye and the spring in my step!! Thanks--to entire cast and writers!!!!!!
  • Mad Tv keeps me laughing to the cows come home....But, there is no cows here? Still cracking me up.

    Madtv is the funniest of shows on right now.

    I like Bobby Lee he is crazy funny.

    I like all the skits and characters on the show and its just a breath of air of funny in your face.

    If you watch the show then you'll know what I mean but if you haven't seen it just turn on the commedy channel on the weekends and its on early in the morning , where I am anyways. E.S.T. What else can I say about Madtv ? Its funny, its comical, its wacked, its funnier when your playing on the computer and have this on instead of music, listening to this cracks me up all the time. Great show *****
  • Pretty Funny..

    Madtv, was ok..when the show first started..then i started to lose, some interest..It just got Boring. I mean there are some skits that i like from the newer episodes..Likes the House/Greys Skit (Personal Favorite). But thats like the only one. It seems like the writers don't have much talent aside from the fact that there show is still on television. It also seems like MadTV is trying to become Another SNL. I mean I don't think theres a show out there that can beat SNL. Madtv is just another lame try at becoming the next SNL. While there are some good skits, its just not as entertaining as it was.. 6.0
  • A show where they have people "mock" celebraties, though it can be quite funny!

    Quite funny show... Though it may offend some people ( can get a tad bit out of hand lol ) . It usually gives me a laugh when they change the words to a song , make it their own (make fun of the person ) . Though it is not always about celebraties, random stuff lol im not a real "HUGE"
    fan of the show. . . This is very random but on one of the episodes i remember that there was this guy advertising "the newest thing" ( cost like $500 or somthing ) he was saying it was " high technology " and stuff well anyway it ended up being a NOTEBOOK with a pencil lol i have no clue why i told you that but yah lol :) Good show overall... ^_^
  • horrible show. nothing is funny about it except for the fact that it is still on television.

    i dont like this show at all. i am more of an Saturday Night Live fan to be honest. Madtv is not as funny as everyone says it is. Everyone in my school always tells me about clips and sketches from the show but whenever i see them they are just horrible and i dont laugh at all. I never watch this show and the fact that Saturday Night Live used to be on Comedy Central showing reruns was awesome but then it was taken down for Madtv and it was really dissapointing...oh by the way "Franktv"...yeahh...really original not to mention the fact that he isnt funny at all
  • Funny skits, though at the end it can be silly.

    MADtv is one of those shows which is very entertaining to watch. With funny skits, notable and funny characters, strange situations, and who can forget funny noises!! (LORRAINE!!). The only problem with MADtv is that they change up the cast far too often. Notable and great personnalities such as Mo Collins, Stephanie Wier, Frank Celliendo and such were amazing screen actors for their skits, it's too bad that they needed to move along. MADtv is always good for a laugh or two, and is a nostalgic touch when guest stars who had previously been cast, or are special guest stars show up for comedic performences.

    Definitely check out MADtv!
  • great show...but what's with the hatin?

    First of all, I love the show.
    But these last two "Best of" shows, well, have been pretty lame=(
    "Best of..."? Over half of the clips were from last season, and those have already aired twice. "Best of" implies THE BEST, but these were clearly not the best of the show's run. What's up with that? A "Best of" show that really does represent the best of MADtv over the years would be hysterical, and undoubtably allow the show to gain even more fans! And I thought the final "SNL get the f*ck off the air" bit was in very poor taste. I understand that many of MADtv's viewers have become disenchanted with SNL, but you have to admit, without SNL, there would be no MADtv. What happened to friendly competition? Dissing SNL only makes MADtv look petty, and considering the usual quality of regular MADtv episodes, there really was no need. Do your thing, be consistently good, and stop the hating!
    Oh yeah, and in-studio musical "guests", i could do without!
    Can't wait for the new season!
  • MADtv was great in the early 2000s/late 1990s, but recently it's been pretty mundane.

    Stuart, Lorraine, Ms. Swan...who doesn't love those classic MADtv characters? No one? Exactly. These, and other, characters were pretty much what MADE MADtv what it was back then. Now, however, the skits aren't nearly as funny as they used to be. Most of them are really corny. This show should not be compared to Saturday Night Live because they are not even close. The only cast member I like on the show now is Bobby Lee. He was great in the Memoirs of a Geisha parody, haha. And the Batteries Not Included sketch was good... But they tend to drag jokes out. Anyway, in conclusion, if you're looking for a laugh, try Saturday Night Live instead...
  • ....What?

    So, I really like this sketch comedy show, The Whitest Kids U'Know. I heard about MadTV, and thought, okay, maybe sometime I'll watch that. So here I am, it's 11:30 at night, and I'm flipping channels and finally make the firm decision to watch a riveting episode of When Chefs Attack. But I get bored and keep flipping, and see MadTV. I think, hey, wasn't I going to watch that once? So I watch it for half an hour or so, the whole time I'm sitting there, staring at the TV like, "What IS this?" Once the show's over, I just kind of stare into midair like, "..." then finally regain the ability to think after such a long period of being exposed to stupid. My first thought is, "How was that comedy and why is it still running?" Maybe I just have high standards because I'm used to watching shows with actual talent. Or maybe MadTV really IS that bad, and the morons who actually watch it have never seen GOOD sketch comedy. I'd just like to say that anyone who likes MadTV, check out the Whitest Kids. (cuz if you like this crap you're gonna love watching people with talent.)
  • I dont know why everybody rips on this show

    This show in my oppinion is a really funny show and the best sketch comedy on television. Yes it not alwyas funny but at least its funny unlike saturday night morge. People need to take this show into consideration including that it is s funnier than when i first came out and that its an underrtaed show. I love the skits they have like the ones with bobby lee and michael mcdoald. Lastly whoever doesnt like this show need to get there humor fixed becuase this show is laugh out loud funny and should stay on for a long time.
  • Funny sometimes...

    This show is only funny sometimes. Sometimes it makes me crack up, others I just get a little chuckle, and sometimes I don't even laugh at all. It needs to be consistently funny, it can't be like this all the time. They should have more episodes of Stewie and Mrs. Swan. Those actors are hilarious, and every time there is an episode with them, I just can't stop laughing. All the other skits are just mediocre or just plain unfunny. So anyway, that is why I give the show a 5, because it's kind of a 50/50 hit or miss for me with this show.
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