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  • way freakin cool

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  • Funny but getting dull

    This show was incredibly funny in its earlier seasons. I loved it when Mo Collins,Alex Borstie,Nicole Sullivian,Debra Wilson,Will Sasso were all on it. They made the show sooo funny. With all these new actors/actresses, I mean, they're funny but it's not funny to me anymore. It has its moments but it's getting stale,IMO.
  • The Funniest Show Ever!

    Well, through the 11 years this show has been aired, it gets better every season. Yes it grows with new cast members, and new skits, but there is always room for the old ones to! Stewart, is the far best, if you ask me, but tune in, and you decide!
  • Dynamics have changed on this show. It used to be a snoozer and now we look forward to the sharp, bitey eduges to this commedy. Somehow it went from stale and flat to hip and hot.

    Flipping through channels on a sleepless night, I came upon Mad T.V.'s take off of Grey's Aanatomy. Wow, there are some real sharp, insightful minds come to life in the back room here. So impressed was I that I started watching the show weekly. That says something as we don't watch more than 3 hours of television a week.
    Finding insight and depth or lack of it - in our culture -the show flashs wit into my living room. It wipes the slate clean from those childish mad-libs of yesterday. The show has come 180 degrees from where it was a few years back. Way to go.
  • Copyright of SNL.

    This is SUCH a copy of Saturday Night Live its not even funny. Altough alot of shows are like Saturday Night Live. MADtv is just what it sounds like MAD. This is a very entertaining and a very funny show. I do like MADtv but Im sorry MADtv lovers SNL is better.
  • quit watching when orlando left

    this was a great show when it first came out. it was one part saturday night live, one part living color. orlando is one of the funniest actors there is and this is the show where he got started. i always thought nicole was funny too. i really have not watched it much in the last couple of years and thought it had been cancelled.
  • This show is a typical example of a good show gone wrong

    I used to have the funniest moments in life watching Madtv and can never forget the OJ skit on the older seasons. Madtv had hilarious people like Will Sasso and Aries Spears, but now the show is filled with mediocre talent. Bobby Lee should get his own show because he is the only talent on the show. Madtv is really disappointing and it turning into SNL which is not funny at all. Hopefully the next season will be better.
  • Mad Tv is a sketch show like SNL, only its funny. An ensemble of actors and comics make fun of popular culture and satirize reality between sketches around eccentric characters.

    I really liked this show at the start. It had funny characters, likeable talent, amusing cartoons based on the comics from the magazine and best of all, no musical guests. Why a comedy series would waste time for a band I don't want to here is something I never understood. This series was everthing Saturday Night Live used to be or was supposed to be, but it has since made all the same mistakes. It has let go some of its best talent, Nicole Sullivan and Phil Umar, for example, and its dropped the carttons. It's also started having musical guests; the majority of which are really bad. Some of the new talent, Arden Myrin and Michael McDonald can be really funny with the right material, but it seems as the ship is sinking. SNL should have ended with the death of Phil Hartman, but Mad Tv doesn't seem worthy to replace them anymore.
  • MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool.

    MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool. For the past two years this show has had 2 big mysteries per season - each being solved by the end of the season. This is not like most shows that will string you along for years. On top of this we normally also get a "Mystery of the Week" (MOTW), that gets sloved in that same episode. Each of these MOTW are compelling in their own right.
  • Madtv is Mad!

    I love this show. Its just hilarious. I could watch it for hours. The skits are just really really really really funny. Who comes up with this stuff? Its just priceless. Great acting and writing.

    I love these running skits.Like Stuart,Will and his sister and who could forget Miss Swan. Did you know her first name is Bunny.But my favourite skits are the Literally skits. It just gave me tonnes of jokes to use on my friends and use for comebacks.

    They also have the best guests like Tony Hawk and the Bands that are really really really really great. And know I have 100 words Literally.
  • If you thought crack was good.... try this

    You now are whatching crack tv....... one of my favorite shows i mean they have a blind samurai that throws a cookie instead of a kunai i mean how can you get funnier then that... well stareing at the wall is very intertaning but still.... ummm it is very funny and im going to miss this show i mean once i whatched a manathon of mad tv and it was all about steweart ...... look what I can do... and no cookies for you stewart but for some reason they got rid of will sasso the guy that ate the poodle yesh the poodle and for that i end slide XD
  • Better than SNL !!!

    I really enjoyed watching this show for a lot of years most of it is just slap stick comedy but if you watch this show you will find yourself laughing out loud some of the comic things they do are just really funny if your feeling down this would be a good show to watch its sure to make you laugh and cheer you up !
  • Interesting.

    Now don't get me wrong, MADtv is a great show, but since it first aired in 1995, its been going downhill. But still, there are a few good characters on the new series. Such as Stuart (Michael McDonald) who is easily my favourite. Another good charater is kenny Rogers, because hes seems to be always drunk, and ripping off other shows. And the best sketch with him is the PUNK'D one with Clay Aiken. But anyways, the shows been going downhill, and by around 2010, it probably won't exist anymore. But it will always be in the memories of the loyal viewers.
  • I used to really enjoy this show, but now i think that it is more crude then funny.

    A long time ago, when i was younger, i really had fun watching this show. But now a days, when i watch it, it is pretty crude. I really liked Micheal McDonald as Stewart, but every time i watch this show, i never see it. Parts of the show are sometimes funny but other times it is sick.
  • MAD TV - Full of Potential Often Squandered with Bad Writing

    MAD TV has had me rolling on the floor at times, bored and disgusted in others. I really want to love this show but can't say I can rely on it for good entertainment. The success of this program relies on the talent of its cast and chemistry with the writers. The writing isn't always there for them to shine with. When it does, it can be outrageously hilarious.

    I find the shocking grossness of some of the adolescent level writing to be a turn off. At other times, I am thoroughly entertained.
  • 1995-02=funny 2002-ongoing-=absolutely idiotic

    In 1995 when this show began it was a great, funny and original sketch comedy with characters over the years like Ms. Swan, the tow truck guy, the hot dog girls, Rusty, Stuart etc. but now it is like most sketch comedy shows with unoriginal skits like the Celebrity skit while the same episode with the skit had a funny Curb impression the episode was filled with lack buster skits and this is what is happening with most of the episodes nowadays which is sad to see happen again, this is what happen to SNL, I find myself watching re-runs of both shows and laughing through out all of the episode but these episodes now have very few or no good skits at all.

    All in all, in 1995 it would have gotten a 10/10 because it was an original sketch show like Kids in the Hall was with its own set of original characters but now the show has sunk and deserves a 0/10 but since I can\'t for some reason (I have before) it gets 1/10
  • This show is the bomb...

    it's soo funny how they do it i liked living color too. Those were fun times... Madtv is so funny even my mom likes it zoom go's the funny into your brain hahah! funny Favorites! Madtv and living color are cool don't you think that? it's funnier than catscratch or the amanda show.
    you should vote now on the chart below now do you say yes.
  • this show i just don't know.

    I remember how funny this show was and how I enjoyed how they made fun of the lastest celeb scandal or tv show, but now it's just ridiculous. I could go down the list of how many funny characters their were Ms. Swan, Bunifa, Stewart, etc. It's lost it's touch and the show is just full of skits they pull out of their ass. Their tried to replace the original great cast members and tried to emulate them and it's not working. At least I'm not convinced they can be funnier. The 'uh oh hot dog guy' what is that?They couldn't keep having Aries Spears play every black character there is and ride on Michael McDonald's talent.
  • Where is the funny cast members?

    I use to watch this show years ago but when Alex Borstein and Nicole Sullivan left it just wasn\'t very funny anymore. Mo and Michael are still hilarious when they do Stuart but that\'s the only funny sketch. Where\'s Miss Swan? \"He looka like a man.\" I sure wish this show would try some funnier sketches instead of just spoofing on movies. I never really liked Aries Spears either. He\'s had just a few funny moments on the show but they are a rariety. Stephanie Weir is the funniest new cast member they have gotten in a long time expecially when she does that sister sketch (can\'t remember her name sorry).
  • This show was the bomb in the mid nineties....

    This show used to have great talent. Debra Wilson,Nicole Sullivan just to name a few. Now it has bad actors and bad skits.

    If madtv wants to survive aganist my favorite SNL. They need to try and get Nicole and Debra back.

    They need to come up with some orignal and funny skits. Maybe they should do one live episode a season???

    Enough bashing of madtv... During its early years it was one of the funniest shows on non cable tv.

    The skits were o so orignal and hilarious.

    I hope they can go back to those days.I say madtv will be cancelled in 2010.
  • A sketch show

    So much better than Saturday Night Live! OMG is it awesome! Bobby Lee, Frank Cliendo,Micheal McDonald, Debra Wilson are great actors! Such funny sketches, even though the musical guests and guest stars are not as good as SNL, their sketches are much funnier. Their brand of comedy is one of the best on TV.
  • I watch this occasionally, but only because I\'m too busy to watch frequently. If I wasn\'t busy I\'d probably watch more than frequently. If you are watching frequently I envy you but I would also say you need to get a life. No offence Madtv.

    EXCELLENT SHOW!!! But yes, like SNL it has had it\'s bad years. In Madtv\'s case - guilty of catering to the ghetto youth. This show is at it\'s best with more sophisticated, character studies. I truly believe Michael McDonald saved the show! He and Stephnie Weir (gorgeous BTW). Nicole Sullivan is like totally awesome too (I\'m quite sure I\'m in love with her). :) Did I mention Mo Collins?! Hilarious and supersexy! ANYway, it is beyond me why these and other talents of the show haven\'t made it bigger. If the SNL cast can do it every year why can\'t MADtv churn out some quality movies??? Why is the cast stuck doing cameos on cartoons and crappy tv shows? These are quality people people... APPRECIATE THEM!

    ALL THE BEST MADtv!!!!
    I love you occasionally!!! ;)
  • Who doesn't love Ike and Bobby?

    This show is so very funny. From its first episode to now it hasn't lost its touch. Unlike SNL which, to me, can be a little discreet with some of its comedy Mad TV is just flat out funny. There hasn't been an episode I've ever seen that hasn't made me laugh out loud. They cover topics everyone's thought about, and some no one has, and make them shamelessly funny. Staying up until 11:00 is no task when an hour of laughs is the the reward. I've definitely been a Mad TV junkie since season one, and it has yet to dissapoint me. I say we keep the laughs coming until the actors are being wheeled off stage, and risking breaking a hip or two!
  • It can be boring but sometimes hilarious

    This show can be boring at times. It is the Ms. Wong or whatever thing that gets old. But my favorite sketch out of all of the ones on MADtv is the "Reality check" one. That one always cracks me up. Some of the more random ones can be funny too. A very funny one I thought was when these cops were chasing after the pilssberry doughboy. The doughboy went rabid and shot at the cops. Then the cops threw him in the oven to puff up. That one was a classic. Some of the other ones were stupid, The one that was a bunch of budwisers playing football at the superbowl was kind of stupid. Overall it's not the best not the worst.

    Score: 6.5 fair
  • I am glad that this show hasn't really gone downhill like SNL has. Everytime I turn it on, I always find myself enjoying it.

    this show really has kept up to its reputation throughout the years. It is overall really funny, and a show I can always count on to get a few laughs from, unlike another live improv show that I know of on NBC, that has really gone downhill the last few years.
  • Live from New York, it's Satruday Night. But where are the viewers? They're watching MADtv!

    MADtv is a great show with goofier parodies, and humor that's easier to understand. Though the cast members aren't as well known as the ones on SNL, MADtv is still a better show. I used to try and sit myself through SNL, but I realized that they weren't that funny, and forcing myself to laugh through it, would do me no good. I then switched to MADtv, I actually laughed! The skits are goofier, and there's no annoying musical guest! SNL, you were once great, but it's time for you guys to give MADtv some room.
  • Uhh....

    I do not know where they dug this show up, vut i think it should be put back in the ground. This is not funny. The paradies might make alot of people mad because they sometimes pick on things that other people cherish. That is why i do not watch this show at all.
  • SNL is WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Worse because MADtv Rules.

    I admit they were doing bad in the past couple episodes especially with the lady at the desk who puts people on hold,THAT sucks. other than that this is a good show. I hope they make that Cragg thing regular to the show. Personally I think SNL sucks. Here is a link. Family guy rules and SNL has to rip-off of Family Guy...thats low
  • MadTV is an edgy sketch comedy show. Like Saturday Night Live, it has had its ups and downs. What sets it apart from SNL and makes it better is that it's all about fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's more like In Living Color than SN

    As someone who only recently discovered MadTV, I'm wondering how I managed to miss such a funny show for so long. Thank God for reruns!

    In a word, MadTV is outrageous. I can't believe some of the long-running cast members like Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Mo Collins, Stephnie Weir, Debra Wilson and Aries Spears aren't major movie stars by now. Each is far funnier than Will Ferrell, and look how many movies he's been in!

    Will Sasso is priceless as Kenny Rogers. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as I did at the "Kenny Roger's Jackass" skit, or The "Fear Factor" skit with Kenny, Aries as Sisqo and Alex Borstein as Rosie O'Donnell. Oh, and Will does a dead-on Bill Clinton at his skanky best(or worst)!

    Michael's breakout character Stewart -- the brat from Hades -- is like a thousand bad kids rolled into one. Even Dr. Phil would want to give that child a spanking!

    Alex's Miss Swan is also a hoot. She's an Asian lady who's short on style, and has a penchant for trying to irritate people..and she's freakin' hilarious the entire time.

    The cast has seen ups and downs, but is pretty much consistently hilarious. It's well worth an hour of time to watch this show.

  • Not funny anymore.

    To me MADtv has always been hit and miss with its humor. Some skits have me rolling(Jane Pauley interviewing George Lucas) while others have me in a scramble for the remote. One of the biggest problems I have with MADtv is how much they use the recurring characters. Stuart is not funny, Ms. Swan is not funny, any of Stephanie Weirs characters are not funny. Yet they bring them out every episode. These reasons plus a few more are why I no longer watch MADtv. If you want to see how sketch comedy is done, go pick up any season of Mr. Show on DVD.
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