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  • even when SNL is's not as bad as MADTV

    I have located one of the reasons why this show sucks.....
    The audience.
    they hoot and hollar, they yell, they go "ooooooooohhhhhhh" alot, they cheer alcohol and drug refrences, they seem to be about 100% less intelligent than the audience at SNL (to name one)
    They are the "woo" people, they need to be stopped when in an audience.
  • really, really needs fine-tuning

    I've always liked madtv but recently i feel that the show is not as good as it was anymore. somewhere in the middle of season 10 it started losing it's charm. And now in the middle of season 11 its not getting any better. Also with many of the veteran stars who left (ie. Aries Spears)its not as funny anymore. Time to tune the guitar you guys!
  • Madtv is not as good as it used to be.

    Madtv used to be so much funnier than SNL, but lately, it's just way past its prime. I believe the show peaked at season 8. When Debra Wilson left, it was beyond a freefall. You know how Space Mountain at Disney falls faster than gravity... well I think you get the idea. Season 10's opening episodes were pretty good. I suppose it can have a rebirth. Here's hoping!
  • not as good as it used to be

    i'v been watching mad tv since '95. Throughout the 90s, the show WAS hillariose and original, and the cast really seemed to have clicked. BUT that was years ago, now the cast is ALOT less funny, and very unoriginal...
    I'm sorry to say that as i see the originality in everyday life and sociaty deteriorate, i also see the downward spiral of sketch comedies and sitcoms(fake tv).

    If whoever reads this disagrees with me, do me a favor... watch one episode from about '98, then watch a newer show on saturday night. you will see that the reccuring charecters are alot less funny now.

    My point is, mad tv just dosent have it anymore.-Prymus. A
  • I LOVE IT!

    i love madtv its my favorite show to bad nicole sullivan had to leave she was my favorite i love her antonia that was the best and i liked her i believe it was bonifa or something with nicole and debra and yea but other then that I LOVE LOVE madtv
  • I love this show!

    This show is so funny! They talk about what's going on and do it very well. The acting is great, and the effort is they put into doing it is also great! Some of the skits are a little giggle funny, but others are pee my pants funny! I hope this show will stay on for at least 25 saesons, or even more!
  • almost a ten but falls just short. we all love stuart but they don't show enough of him and he is adorable. mo collins should come back but the coach is hilarious reminds me of the wwe announcer sometimes. another classic from fox. kind of shaky in the fi

    one of the best shows like stuart. is is funny and you never know what is going to happen. too bad on all the cast changes over the years. but at least its not like snl and has at least fifty cast changes. all is can say is bobby lee.
  • No Mo = NO SHOW!! In my opinion Mo Collins was the best thing that ever happened to Madtv.

    In my opinion Mo Collins was the best thing that ever happened to Madtv. She is the reason I started watching the show and that goes for a lot of people I know. Now that she is gone I don\'t watch the show. No reason. I need Mo. I did flip to Madtv every once and while to see Ron Pederson and Paul Vogt, but they got rid of them. I don\'t understand why they change cast members so much. After they have been on the show for awhile they develop a fan base and when you rip them off of the show it pisses the fans; whom watch the show, off!!!
  • The twisted half-sister of SNL, but at least it's good. The years have been very good to it.

    This show has gotten better as the years go by. As most can see, the years have been good to this show. The cast is funny, and so are the skits, this is what a skit-show should be, without going over the edge. The actors are better and better each season!
  • It took me a while to like this show.

    I never really liked this show till my husband introduced me to stewert and mrs swan. I used to be a huge SNL fan. Now When I watch I find myself wishing I was watching Mad tv. Stewert Is so funny!!! The cast just works great together and it's over the edge.
    We still watch all the past episodes because they arer still new to me. I like the simple charaters not the ones that push the limit just a little to far though. But overall I love the show And hope to see much more of stewert. Keep the laughs coming
  • Very very funny!!

    MADtv has to be the wackiest sketch show I have ever seen. I love the wacky characters they have made. My favorites are Ms. Swan, Stuart, and others that I don't even remember their names but they made me laugh numerous times. I love this show and I hope they keep it running.
  • Mad TV is the perfect sketch show for the younger generation.

    Saturday Night Live, or Mad TV; that is the question. These two shows have been neck and neck these last ten years, but overall, Mad TV comes out on top. This show manages to make me laugh consistantely, staying fresh by parodying current TV shows and music videos. Not to mention, the show has a great cast of members (even the new ones are great). All of the characters are 3-dimensional as well, but can sometimes get repetitive. Some classics are man-baby Stuart, Lorainne, Dot, and of course, Miss Swan.

    If you find yourself home on a Saturday night, flick on Mad TV!
  • The Fox show that definitely is better than SNL...

    What a funny show! Stuart, Sean Gidcomb, Ms Swan, Trina, etc. All of these orignal characters are what makes this show great! I can\'t wait until more episodes come out on dvd...or at least the new \'best of\' dvd. Too bad Alex Borstein, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, and Mo Collins aren\'t cast members any more. At least Michael McDonald still is. Anyways, it is definitely worth watching!!
  • Mad Tv is not funny or original.

    Mad Tv has just gotten rotten. AFter Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson left; the show completely stinks. The jokes and bits are all completely predictable and over-used hack comedy.

    The cast is so unfunny it\'s ridiculous. Bobby Lee is the only one who even has a glimmer of comedic timing and acting. I don\'t even know 90 percent of the cast. They appear to be all unknowns who have no experience as far as comedy goes.

    The hen sketch was retarded and the Crumping students was stupid. The has definitely become a show that appeals to people with an IQ lower than 50.

    The new cast members are ugly and not funny. (the people with the same names as full-time cast members) Let\'s get some hot chicks on Mad TV so at least we\'d have some eye candy instead of frumpy fat broads with no personality.

    WAtching Mad TV for even a minute is hopelessly painful. I\'d rather have my eyes gouged out with a hot poker than watch Mad TV. There has got to be funnier people in the comedy cesspool in LA. It appears that the human resources department of Mad Tv sure didn\'t look very hard for their actors.

    Last but not least; I\'d love to know who the cast members had to blow to get their jobs because that appears to be the only skill any of em have.

  • MadTV? The funniest sketch show in TV? Das Cool!

    Mad TV has been a very funny show eversince I first watched it. I almost cried laughing because of the Kenny Rogers JackAss Sketch. If MAd TV was a channel, I would watch it everytime I turn on the TV. It's way better than SNL. Damn Straight! Like I Said, Mad TV? Das Cool!
  • With new cast members constantly its a wonder how its still on the air.

    Almost every season it seems they add and remove cast members and when you remove, will sasso, debra wilson, and nicole sullivan; Madtv to me isn't really Madtv. To be honest, I lost interest in the show just because of this, most of their sketches aren't funny at all, its just something to stare at. I give credit for Bobby Lee, he doesnt' do half bad at least with him I'm mildly entertained at times but still.
  • The Funniest show on Saturday night

    Yes! Indeed it is!

    This show is hilarious! Regular guest appearances make the show very worth while and a lot of fun. Some great comedy geniuses are on this show, but the best is definitely...Nicole Sullivan as the Vancouver Lady and various others.

    Material includes sketches and fake commercials and numerous other things. Some very famous people guest star here, including LL Cool J, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Aniston, Snoop Dogg, and Frankie Muniz. So if you want to see a great, funny show, switch to Comedy Central now, and watch Mad TV!

  • Exactly what the world needed a mini SNL.

    For the fox station, i would have to say that this is the most hilarious humor on their station. It sort of like a childish SNL with more and way funnier sick immature jokes. I'm sure that the viewers enjoyed watching mouth numbing humor. Not only did they do that but they set up a wide variety of comedians that seem to have there own special categories of humor. For ex. Bobby lee which is favorably seen as a lolly gaging asian. Any way if you want to get yourself started up before you watch SNL this is the show for you.
  • Definately not SNL!

    Yes they have the same comedic satire, but this is different. They make fun of pop culture and have recurring characters like SNL but this is funny, I'm not saying SNL isn't funny. This show seems to be targeted to a younger audience and it's a bit more trendy I would say than SNL.
  • A great show overall, although it's not always funny, the hilarious recurring characters and parodies easily make up for that.

    Blue is the new green, Diet Pepsi is the new Diet Coke, and MADtv is the new SNL. It's funny how a lot of critics call MADtv the "poor-man's SNL." I find that ironic for two reasons. Number one, it's not quite the same as SNL because whereas SNL relies mostly on it's celebrity and musical guests (although MADtv does feature them too, albeit not as much), MADtv relies more on it's parodies of TV, movies, and other media. Secondly, SNL just isn't very funny anymore. Sure, there was a time when SNL was better than MADtv (during MADtv's first seasons), but now it has nothing on MADtv. While this is partly due to Jimmy Fallon (thanks a lot @$$hole), it's also due to the fact that SNL's writers are becoming complacent as of late. On the other hand, the MADtv writers seem to become funnier every year, not to mention all of the past and present recurring characters, such as Stuart the big baby. While there are some sketches that aren't that funny, overall MADtv remains a hilarious (and underappreciated) sketch comedy show.
  • Ok i know this has been said about a lot of shows but MAd Tv is undoubtably one of d most brilliant shows on tv and definitely the best comedy........way better than SNL

    I only started looking at MadTV within the last few years mainly as reruns on Comedy Central so i was surprised wen i found out it was on since 1995 and that it has been so completly excellent since then to now...........this hardly happens with most shows.
    With beloved and hilarious characters like Ms..Swan, Stuart, Lorraine, Vancome lady,Kenny Rogers,Dot,the Reality Check women,and great parodies of Oprah, Dr Phil,TRL and many more, MADTV has produced terrific actors like Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Alez Borstein, Debra Wilson, Will Sasso, Mo Collins, Michael McDonald, Stephnie Weir, and Bobby Lee who really carried the show through its 10 years to such greatness.

    Just today i saw great spoofs on LOST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and TRL which truly hit the nail on the head to show us the flaws of our beloved shows.
    MadTv has excellent politically based skits and day to day issues being dealt with.
    Some of them really make u think hard just to realize how right they really are.
    There are apparently terrific writers and scripts as well as truly great acting by the all star cast.

    Often we hear madtv being compared to SNL which is a show barely thriving on a history of greatness which ha s ended over a decade ago.
    That show can only boast of producing a few good actors (long ago) and having star guests every week.....their acting is really poor an not funny.

    Anyway i think MADtV is underappeciated and should be given more props for 10 years of incredible comedy and hopefully many more to come.
  • When I came upon this show, i was like "geez where have you been all my life!!!"

    MADtv mixes original scripts and segments with parodies based on tv shows. In the past they have done parodies on The Sopranos, Cold case, The OC (or The BS as it was on the show) and many more. It is a hilarious show written by very funny people. The actors on the show are also great. Bobby lee, stephanie wier, michael mcdonald, ike barintoltz just to name a few. A great show on saturdays at 11 on fox, watch it!!!
  • They're just making fun of everyone and EVERYTHING!!

    I love this show so much. Its HILARIOUS. I'm watching it right now actually. I LOVE the one about the two college bound boys that are watching a football game and find out that they're gay. lol I love it when they make fun of people that I know like, Micheal jackson, Oscar delahoya, Christina Agulera('s cousin), britney spears, EVERYONE! I recomend this show to everyone and anyone who likes to laugh. It shows how assholey people can be and how idiotic some people are. My favorite characters are the old lady that is sarcastic in a non sarcastic way. The "o my goodness" lady. Yoou know who I'm talking about. I watch it every day, one of the reasons i stay on comedy central. Other than south park.
  • Offers a few funny one-liners, and a few funny characters, and a few talented people, although mainly only a cheap ripoff of Saturday Night Live.

    Offers a few funny one-liners, and a few funny characters, and a few talented people, although mainly only a cheap ripoff of Saturday Night Live. Doesn't have the same likability of the actors or characters of SNL. The sketches are usually recycled ones already seen and so much more funny on SNL.
  • Don't get this confused with SNL. SNL WAS good. MadTV is still good.

    What makes Madtv so good original, hilarious, great acting, and well never A LOT of dull moments. SNL had actors like Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrel, and all many other good actors. Now not so much. Madtv on the other hand has a great cast that is so funny and talented you'll laugh your arse off. This show has many funny sketches then you have the dull get up get a snack go to the bathroom sketches. Don't get me wrong the show doesn’t have a lot of these moments happen every once in a while. They also try to a little too hard to be funny, and unlike SNL it really isn't the smartest comedy on the block. Sure there are other shows like this. Then again this is the best one still airing.

    Love sketch you'll get your fair share of laughs here.

  • It is so much better then SNL. Cast is awsome. -Must watch

    This is a must watch show.... cast are amazing, acctualy funny, good all round show. Dont take my work for it. You need to see it for yourself. My fav is smokin too much pot. its a spoof of drop it like its hot by snoop dawg. Funny as hell!

  • BRAVO!! One of the funniest comedy shows on TV today.

    Mad TV has been on for quite a while now, bringing us hillarious jokes ans stupid comedy. The actors are lovable and fun. I reccomend theese skeches:

    Keegan Michael Key stars as a gym teacher Coach Heinz, who has yelling problems. He's constantly threatening the kids, and getting in trouble with the cowardly principal.(Ike)

    Bobby Lee plays Trisha, a female reporter who's always getting fired. There's a good reason.

    Frank Caliendo plays, in many places George Bush. He's done it so many times, that sometimes you forget he's acting.

    Paul Vogt plays girls a lot. Any time this happens, prepare to laugh.

    Keegan Michael Key loves movies. He loves them so much, he has to tell everyone. His costume is a bathing cap and swimming trunks. No shirt. He looks like a lunatic, but as we all know, he's just a.........lunatic.

    Good Job MadTV, may many more seasons be in your future.

  • Better than SNL

    This show is pretty good. They just need to get rid of Bobby Lee. He is more annoying than funny. This show is one of the only funny shows on saterday night, but it's not the greatest. It is better than SNL but thats not saying much since that show has gone right down the tubes.
  • What happen to the show! The show use to be really funny. They got rid of some of the best actors on that show! please bring them back what the hell is wrong with them. they show is really stupid. The show is a complete waste of time.

    The show is really stupid. it really is a compelte waste of time. dont watch it. they need to back back mo collins debra wilson and all of the old cast. because the new people they brought to the show is wack. they all suck. they also need to bring back will saso, andrew daily. like i said what the hell were they thinking of getting new actors. the new actors are dumb and they are not funny. i use to love this show now i hate it. i really watch SNL and i hate that show.

    This show is so funny! My favorite skits are "The Vancome Lady", "Antonia", "Reality Check", "Stuart", "Literally", "Lowered Expectations" and Ms. Swan. The funniest people on the show I think are Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Aries Spears, Micheal McDonald, Aries Spears, Mo Collins, Stephanie Weir(I think that's how you spell it) and Alex Borstein, They're all funny though.
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