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  • If only Family guy reenact this show

    Loved every season.
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  • Justin Bieber

    do more with justin bieber is so funny!
  • Just love MADtv!!

    This show has continuously is one of the most hilarious shows I've seen. they always find the funniest people! It's hard for me to laugh as people fail in attempting comedic skits. MADtv is always the best at their parodies and have an amazing cast. Michael McDonald is one of their classic men and I love Bobby Lee, Crista Flanagan, Nicole Parker and Arden Myrin. I miss MO Collins and Nicole Sullivan. Keegan Michael Key is one of my newest favorites!!! MADtv many laughs to all of you! he he he he Oh and I love Nicole Randall Johnson with her "Can I have your numba?"
  • Mad TV picks up where the original SNL left off!

    Dot--I love you AND your gloves! Michael McDonald is a true comic genious! Unbridled Capricorn wry humor!!!! My hat off to "TNT" Rusty, sneakysnake Sean, Depressed Persion tow-truck man is better than any anti-depressant, and yes--you are sexy Stewart!!, Mrs. Swan--"Yep--he look like a man"! This show rocks!!!! Love the skits on Oprah and Dr. Phil. Bush skits a laugh riot!! Whitney and Bobby--keep on doing your thing!!! LOL I've been depressed for my entire life --find relief only in great comedy--Mad TV--you did it--With razor sharpness cut through the dark dismal doom---You brouht back the twinkle in my eye and the spring in my step!! Thanks--to entire cast and writers!!!!!!
  • Mad Tv keeps me laughing to the cows come home....But, there is no cows here? Still cracking me up.

    Madtv is the funniest of shows on right now.

    I like Bobby Lee he is crazy funny.

    I like all the skits and characters on the show and its just a breath of air of funny in your face.

    If you watch the show then you'll know what I mean but if you haven't seen it just turn on the commedy channel on the weekends and its on early in the morning , where I am anyways. E.S.T. What else can I say about Madtv ? Its funny, its comical, its wacked, its funnier when your playing on the computer and have this on instead of music, listening to this cracks me up all the time. Great show *****
  • I dont know why everybody rips on this show

    This show in my oppinion is a really funny show and the best sketch comedy on television. Yes it not alwyas funny but at least its funny unlike saturday night morge. People need to take this show into consideration including that it is s funnier than when i first came out and that its an underrtaed show. I love the skits they have like the ones with bobby lee and michael mcdoald. Lastly whoever doesnt like this show need to get there humor fixed becuase this show is laugh out loud funny and should stay on for a long time.
  • This is a funny show of skits about politics, celebrities, makin fun, issuses of the world,Iraq and other stuff.

    I love this show because it is just too too funny. This show makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh until I cry and fall asleep in my bed. The funniest haracter is Stuart played by Micheal MacDonald. My favorite cast member is Nicole Parker. She is the best celebrity I've ever met. I met her at the Northlake Mall in Georgia. I have her number and everything. I'm glad that I watch this show. I want to shout you out Nicole. Best Friends Forever buddy. Hope you call next weekend. If you don't I'll just do domething bad to you.
  • i think the show is perfect in delivering the comedic sketches

    i think this an amazing sketch show-the actors and actresses are great in it,they all seem to get on well and compliment each other. the sketches are hilarious and suit many peoples taste and it slags off so much so well. i dont think many other shows can deliver such great up to date sketches with truly great comedic acting!! a true masterpiece that brings a smile to my face
  • A sketch show with talented people.

    Basically another sketch show. But this isn't your regular sketch show. It has insanely funny stuff. Oh My Gosh, you have to see this. They make spoofs and parodies of the craziest and popularest things going on in the media or other stuff. My favorite cast members are Bobby Lee, and Michael McDonald. I've seen them when they started off early in the show. You probaly want to know how a young person, like myself could find a show that old, well I have two words for you: Comedy Central. When I get home from school, it is usually on.
  • A good comedy sketch show that makes me laugh a lot.

    MADtv has been on for many years now and makes me laugh during every sketch they do on an episode. It may not be as popular or original as SNL, but it is hilarious. The cast members are very good at mimicking other celebrities and create new characters every season. For example, cast member Nicole Randall Johnson portrays Condelezza Rice very well, and cast member Michael McDonald portrays Dr. Phil very well. Sometimes, it can be a little racist, sexual, and naughty, so I really don't watch those parts a lot. They've added some new things to the show, and get some ideas from the headlines.
  • Like a good wine, gets better with time

    Some may say this is a ripoff of Saturday Night Live, but I think this show is even better than SNL. I might not be making a fair comparison because I don't watch SNL that much, but I enjoy MadTV's recurring characters, such as Bobby's Lee Bae Sung character; I never get tired of hearing those awful translations. You can't resist laughing when you hear that catchprase "uh oh hotdog!" Recently I've found a new appreciation for Crista Flanagan. She has a great range of character types on this show, and may become my favorite MadTV actor. I don't know if SNL has these sort of recurring characters, but I really don't care. I'll keep watching MadTV. ;)
  • i love..madtv..its the best, personaly i think it is so funny and awsome. i loved last weeks epesode. it was so funny when they were copying montel. how he was rapping and everything. i love that dude. also the 3 minute cook and how she always gets hurt.

    madtv has always been my favorite sketch in prime time.i especialy like keegan, michael key. he is the best but i like all of them. i like every thing in madtv and everyone.i laught in every script and play. i cant wait for every saturdays show. my second favorite is bobby lee.i love the sketches about avaerage asian. it is so funny. i liked when he did the yoga thing.
  • This show is wittingly hilarios. It takes serious problems and makes them funny.

    From the govener of california and the president , to Paris Hilton and Britany Spears . This show always makes people laugh . It is wittingly hilarious . A classic show thats been on for 12 seasons and each one is as funny as the last . The excellent cast are funny by themselves but when there together they are the best cast in my mind . The best comedy central show I have ever seen . This show explores what people think about stars but dont actually say . Like Britany and k-fed getting married. And much more .
  • Awesome, underrated show.

    MadTV is awesome! Especially this season. This season has been excellent and a lot of like earlier seasons of MADtv. It has a \"classic MadTV\" feel to it and the cast is well connected. The sketches are well-thought out and its gotten back to its roots. It surpassed SNL years ago (which is now in the dumpster of TV) and even at its low points (such as Seasons 10 and 11) it\'s still a heck of a lot funnier then Saturday Night Dread. Please give this show a try: especially since it\'s current season is one of it\'s most hilarious season in years. Awesome show.
  • You're so crazy!

    Every Saturday Noght at 10 PM, I sit back and enjoy another funny installment of MadTV!

    The show is irreverent and the actors are very talented.

    My favorite cast members are Michael McDonald and Bobby Lee.

    Stuart, who is done by Michael Mcdonald, is the best ever! He always gets into trouble and it makes me laugh the way he deals with a problem, and the way he talks just makes me ROTFLOL.

    Bobby Lee does an assortment of asian characters, especially my favorite, the Average Asian. The poor guy is targeted by everybody because he is Asian and they all think he could do all those things Asians do! Just plain silly!
  • OMG!!!!! I love this most hilarious show son.

    I have seen so many episodes and clips that I wil remember bits and pieces when I am feeling blue. For indstance, if my dog dies I will just remember how hilarious it was when Big Bird died. Also, if my football team loses then I will just remember the clip with John Madden and the popcorn machine. My favorite character is Bobby Lee. I like the parts called the Average Asian. Everyone always expects him to do asian things like origami or ninja invasions. But he is just an average Asian who can\\\'t do any of that and wants to be treated like a normal American, however they get treated. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is so funny.

    The crew in madtv are so funny it is the best show ever if you not seen the before it is so funny. I so like this so much because it is comedy. I am giving this show Two Thumbs up. and 10 of 10. Comedy is my favorite thing to watch on movies or tv. Comedy are so fuuny to me. and like watcching action and adventure. i like watching them on Movies and Tv.
  • "You are now watching MadTv!" 8)

    With those 5 words, anybody who's anybody knows their in for another nightly showing of 1 of the funniest, smartest, hippest, & most cleverly acted episodes of this TV series that's managed to stay on for 12 glorious seasons, & managed to be funny through each & every 1 of them! (Unlike a certain S. N. L. which hasn't been truly funny ever since Eddie Murphy left it a Trillion years ago!) :roll: Also, most of the "MadTv" castmembers after leaving the show have gone on to more roles which have gotten them even more respect among the acting community! Who can forget such memorable performances like Nicole Sullivan as the Vancome Lady, the woman that everybody loves to hate? Or Alex Borstein as Miss Swan who has about the same amount of sense as 2 dimes & a hay penny? Not to mention the witty banter between some actors who would often co-star in the same sketches together such as Michael McDonald and Mo Collins in the Stuart sketches, or Debra Wilson and Aries Spears on the Reality Check sketches? Political issues aren't left out of this fray though! We've had Will Sasso as Bill Clinton, desparately trying to make it through his term with some sort of sense of genuine reputation, and Frank Caliendo as the person I always affectionetly mention as "You-Know-Who," because if I say his name, I know I'm going to get angry and I'll never stop talking about it! Let's just say the person Frank plays, for the life of him can't make One single sentence or idea come out the way he thinks it's coming out! Not to mention the various movies, TV shows, music videos, or other kinds of things that get parodied on this show! Since S. N. L. is no longer stepping up to the plate in providing good, quality, prime-time comedy, we've got "MadTv" to fill that position! Enough said, true believers! :D
  • A late night show that features funny parodys.

    I have watched this show since I was little but I never REALLY watched it. My brother always watched it and my parents watched it sometimes also. We use to watch it when we would go out late to my cousins and we couldn't go to sleep right away so we watched this. I never really understood hence I was too young to really get anything. I started to watch it really when I went to a family friend's cottage and the kids were watching it while switching between SNL too and I really liked how funny it was and so then on I started to watch it every Saturday I could.
  • Favorite Characters

    My favorite charaters from this show are;

    Miss Swan played by Alex Borstein
    Stewart played by Michael McDonald
    The Coffee Addict played by Pat Kilbane

    A good day starts with a hearty laugh!

    The are some of the most talented comedians I've enjoyed from this show. More of my favorite madtv cast members are;

    Will Sasso
    Nicole Sullivan
    Bobby Lee
    Josh Meyers
    Aries Spears
    Stephnie Weir
    Debra Wilson

    and , well, ok, all of them! I would love to see some of their characters get made into movies. (Boy if I had the money, lol)
    If ya love to laugh, watch Madtv!
  • MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool.

    MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool. For the past two years this show has had 2 big mysteries per season - each being solved by the end of the season. This is not like most shows that will string you along for years. On top of this we normally also get a "Mystery of the Week" (MOTW), that gets sloved in that same episode. Each of these MOTW are compelling in their own right.
  • If you thought crack was good.... try this

    You now are whatching crack tv....... one of my favorite shows i mean they have a blind samurai that throws a cookie instead of a kunai i mean how can you get funnier then that... well stareing at the wall is very intertaning but still.... ummm it is very funny and im going to miss this show i mean once i whatched a manathon of mad tv and it was all about steweart ...... look what I can do... and no cookies for you stewart but for some reason they got rid of will sasso the guy that ate the poodle yesh the poodle and for that i end slide XD
  • A sketch show

    So much better than Saturday Night Live! OMG is it awesome! Bobby Lee, Frank Cliendo,Micheal McDonald, Debra Wilson are great actors! Such funny sketches, even though the musical guests and guest stars are not as good as SNL, their sketches are much funnier. Their brand of comedy is one of the best on TV.
  • Who doesn't love Ike and Bobby?

    This show is so very funny. From its first episode to now it hasn't lost its touch. Unlike SNL which, to me, can be a little discreet with some of its comedy Mad TV is just flat out funny. There hasn't been an episode I've ever seen that hasn't made me laugh out loud. They cover topics everyone's thought about, and some no one has, and make them shamelessly funny. Staying up until 11:00 is no task when an hour of laughs is the the reward. I've definitely been a Mad TV junkie since season one, and it has yet to dissapoint me. I say we keep the laughs coming until the actors are being wheeled off stage, and risking breaking a hip or two!
  • I LOVE IT!

    i love madtv its my favorite show to bad nicole sullivan had to leave she was my favorite i love her antonia that was the best and i liked her i believe it was bonifa or something with nicole and debra and yea but other then that I LOVE LOVE madtv
  • MadTV? The funniest sketch show in TV? Das Cool!

    Mad TV has been a very funny show eversince I first watched it. I almost cried laughing because of the Kenny Rogers JackAss Sketch. If MAd TV was a channel, I would watch it everytime I turn on the TV. It's way better than SNL. Damn Straight! Like I Said, Mad TV? Das Cool!
  • Definately not SNL!

    Yes they have the same comedic satire, but this is different. They make fun of pop culture and have recurring characters like SNL but this is funny, I'm not saying SNL isn't funny. This show seems to be targeted to a younger audience and it's a bit more trendy I would say than SNL.
  • Ok i know this has been said about a lot of shows but MAd Tv is undoubtably one of d most brilliant shows on tv and definitely the best comedy........way better than SNL

    I only started looking at MadTV within the last few years mainly as reruns on Comedy Central so i was surprised wen i found out it was on since 1995 and that it has been so completly excellent since then to now...........this hardly happens with most shows.
    With beloved and hilarious characters like Ms..Swan, Stuart, Lorraine, Vancome lady,Kenny Rogers,Dot,the Reality Check women,and great parodies of Oprah, Dr Phil,TRL and many more, MADTV has produced terrific actors like Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Alez Borstein, Debra Wilson, Will Sasso, Mo Collins, Michael McDonald, Stephnie Weir, and Bobby Lee who really carried the show through its 10 years to such greatness.

    Just today i saw great spoofs on LOST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and TRL which truly hit the nail on the head to show us the flaws of our beloved shows.
    MadTv has excellent politically based skits and day to day issues being dealt with.
    Some of them really make u think hard just to realize how right they really are.
    There are apparently terrific writers and scripts as well as truly great acting by the all star cast.

    Often we hear madtv being compared to SNL which is a show barely thriving on a history of greatness which ha s ended over a decade ago.
    That show can only boast of producing a few good actors (long ago) and having star guests every week.....their acting is really poor an not funny.

    Anyway i think MADtV is underappeciated and should be given more props for 10 years of incredible comedy and hopefully many more to come.
  • They're just making fun of everyone and EVERYTHING!!

    I love this show so much. Its HILARIOUS. I'm watching it right now actually. I LOVE the one about the two college bound boys that are watching a football game and find out that they're gay. lol I love it when they make fun of people that I know like, Micheal jackson, Oscar delahoya, Christina Agulera('s cousin), britney spears, EVERYONE! I recomend this show to everyone and anyone who likes to laugh. It shows how assholey people can be and how idiotic some people are. My favorite characters are the old lady that is sarcastic in a non sarcastic way. The "o my goodness" lady. Yoou know who I'm talking about. I watch it every day, one of the reasons i stay on comedy central. Other than south park.
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