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  • Wow...just of the funniest shows you can find on prime time!

    MadTV has always been a favorite comedy sketch for me and my brother. We anticipate the new episodes every saturday night and they never let up. Its just an hour of laughing and crakin up. I love the skits and they never get old.....never...even when they show reruns. Though, my only complaint is that its only an hour long! My favorite characters on the show are: Will Sasso, Aries Spears, and Debra Wilson...o yea, cant forget Moe Collins! Madtv even beats SNL...imo...SNL is way past its prime! I hope that MadTv stays on much much longer so I can have though gut bustin saturday nights!
  • SNL this is not.

    It seems that if you didn't have the words "Saturday" or "Live" in your title, then late night sketch shows didn't seem to matter. In 1995, Mad Tv premiered and turned it on it's head. Far more cutting edge, boundary pushing, and hysterical than Snl(at least since the first 5 seasons, and maybe the Dana Carvey/Phil Hartman years), Mad Tv has become the place to go for people wanting more color and laughs with their sketch comedy. With recurring characters that are actually knee slapping funny, and that people want to see, Mad Tv has overshadowed that department. Stuart, Ms. Swan, Lorraine, Dot, Trina, Marvin Tickvah, and hysterical impressions of Oprah and others has proven how Snl hasn't been able to cut it for over a decade. The performers are far more talented as well. Frank Caliendo is the best impressionist either show has ever had. Mo Collins can do more incredible things with her vocals than anyone on Snl in an entire season. When it does fall flat, it still doesn't make a huge thud sound like Snl and the audience goes as quiet as crickets. It's no wonder Mad usually outbeats Snl in the 18 to 49 demographic. Snl is more like a security blanket. It's nice knowing it's there. But it's Mad that delivers the goods and the laughs.
  • One of my favorite shows! Madtv is one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen....way better than SNL, SNL has just been on the air way to long!

    Madtv is one of my favorite shows for many reasons. One is that the cast is awesome. Every season you always find out that someone has left, like in season 9 when Mo left it shocked me, I was really angry. But then I realized that the new people on the show are just as funny and is going to take this show far.
    Another reason is the great characters most of the castmembers play. My personal favorites are Stuart and Doreen, Lorraine, the old lady that always has strokes can't remember her name, and Ms. Swan to name a few...I have a lot of favorite characters I would be listing forever.
    Those are a few reasons I love madtv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This show is awesome I recomend it to anyone who loves funny sketch comedy shows.

    It has been on the air for ten long years and they might be on for ten more if they stay funny. It as a long way to go to catch the SNL show because it has been on for over 30 years. But MADtv is still funnier than SNL and continues to grow every show and season.
  • Out of all the shows I watch I have to say that this is the one that makes me laugh out loud the most.I will forever watch this show and I hope that it will continue to bring laughs forever.

    I have been watching MADtv since I was about 10 and sure I didn’t get all the jokes then but now that I’m 18 I fall over laughing every week. Out of all the shows I watch I have to say that this is the one that makes me laugh out loud the most. The jokes are witty and hit a lot of the major issues in society at the moment. I love their parodies of everything from music, commercials, to other TV shows. I have to say that I do miss people like Nicole Sullivan, Deborah Wilson, Mo Collins, Alex Borstein, and will miss Stephanie Weir but all the new actors and continued amazing writing continue to keep the show first rate. I will forever watch this show and I hope that it will continue to bring laughs forever.
  • this is one of my personal favs

    well as u can c mac tv aint like it used to be with Nicole Sullivan, debra wilson, alex borestein, and mo collins, right about leaving there will be no more stuart skits, and no more of the latina chiks played by debra and nicole with the Sk@Nky Slut rosa played by mo and its just noty the same i havent really sat doen and watched the new seasons i like the old ones with what i call the perfect mad cast like michael, debra, aries, nicole, bobby, mo, alex, will, frank and thas it. i mean i dont know why some people may like it but i like them better, not some not to sound harsh but newbies, sure they can be funny and all but i wouldnt wanna watch it instead i just watch the 2000-2002 ones and some 2003 and 04 ones but not really. and if michael or aries left i dont know what to call of mad tv anymore....
  • One of the funniest shows ever!!!! I always find my self laughing when I see this show. if you havent seen it you really should.

    I've been watching this show for about 2 years and it always makes me laugh! It's truly awsome. I cant belive its so underrated though couse its defenetly the funniest show I've ever seen and if you havent seen it you should... inless your offended really easily. So I give this show a 10 becouse its incrediable ways to make me laugh.
  • I think MADtv is the best sketch show, far better than the overrated SNL.

    MADtv is definitely the best sketch show till date and I like it far better than SNL. The show has featured some great sketches and developed some fantastic characters over the years. All the performers are immensely talented but my favorites are Debra Wilson & Nicole Sullivan. I try not to miss any episodes and I think it has already earned the title of a classic. And what’s great is that even after so many years, the show is still going strong. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to laugh out loud and have a fun time. Hope it continues to make us laugh with its hysterically humorous sketches and accurate satires.
  • Much better than SNL! Much more intertaining! Best Sketch show!

    In the mid 90's Madtv tried to do what SNL did. And that is make and awsome show with an awsome cast. But in the 90's SNL had it all Adam sandler, Chris Farely, Mike Myers and others, but then they became stars...they left and the show fell.

    Now Madtv has taken its place and has done an amazing job! An awsome..(but not too awsome) cast, and great scripts. Madtv is becoming one of Comedy Centrals most played show, if not the most! Its awsome and everyone should give it a chance
  • It doesn't even deserve the .5!

    Why? Why do the producers of MADtv hate humans? Anyway, MADtv is a sketch "comedy" show that attempts to cause humor rather than make humor. It's stupid comedy. Is it worth watching yourself being degrated looking at this crap called humor. Saturday Night Live is better. In some episodes of MADtv, they try to talk down SNL and wants to be know as it's rival. Do you know why SNL doesn't fight back? BECAUSE MADtv ISN"T A THREAT! If you want to prove you are idiotic, watch it. I dare you.
  • MADtv is an extremely funny show, especially in its earlier seasons. I think that it is much better than Saturday Night Live. It has great cast members and great skits, and most are funny.

    MADtv is an extremely funny show, especially in its earlier seasons. I think that it is much better than Saturday Night Live. It has great cast members and great skits, and most are funny.

    Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Will Sasso, Phil LaMarr, Bobby Lee, Orlando Jones, David Herman, Alex Borstein, and Mike McDonald are just some of my favorites.

    Must watch show.
  • This show is better than SNL.

    MADtv is possably the best scetch comedy show. SNL lost its touch and I now watch MADtv because it has better scetches, jokes and actors. It never seems like they can go as far as SNL for some reason. The show is underappreciated by those who think SNL is the best. I say SNL has lost its touch so move out of the way for MADtv. I recommend this to anyone who likes to see a show push the bounderies and that is actually funny. Not like some others. *Cough* SNL *cough*. So next saturday night, make the right choice and change it to FOX so you can watch MADtv.
  • Better than SNL

    MadTV is a great spin-off the famous age-old comic books Mad Magazine. The show is more crude, funny, and laugh out loud funny. The cast through time has been well remembered, such as Will Saso, Frank Caliendo, Debra Wilson, and Alex Borstein. From very funny scetches such as Frank Caliendo's John Madden inpersonation, to Alex Borstein's Ms Swan. There are so many funny moments I could name off, like Debra Wilson's Chris Tucker act. Anyway, this has so much more comedy value than SNL.
  • A basic sketch comedy show making fun of things in pop culture.

    Not as good as SNL but it's hiliarious and it has it's moments. The sketches are funny most of the time but it's really hit or miss because some of them get it perfectly and are hiliarious and some I just don't get at all and aren't funny. The show has good actors they can play pretty much any role in the skits. A decent show to watch.
  • MADtv is more of a modern classic. I think this is so much better than Saturday Night Live. SNL has just gotten... bad. I dunno, but I think that MADtv is just great with their parodies and their classic characters.

    MADtv began in 1995. I think that since then, it has gotten much better. I love the cast. Although many of my favorites have come and gone, a few are still there and there are new cast members that I am already beginning to like. The best season had all of my favorites such as:

    Michael Mcdonald
    Alex Borstein
    Nicole Sullivan
    Stephanie Weir
    Debra Wilson
    Mo Collins
    Will Sasso

    Those are among the best episodes to me. I think they are doing a great job so far and hope to see more MADtv in the future. I think it is doing a fine job holding off against the SNL. I'm all for MADtv.
  • going downhill

    the first 7 seasons of mad tv were fantastic. it blew away the grossly overrated saturday night live. lately however, the show is just not funny anymore. most of the key cast members - ex. nicole sulliva, phil lamaar and alex bornstein have left, and the new talent stinks! it's time to put this show to rest, and collect the first 7 seasons on dvd.
  • MADtv is a rival show to SNL that involves comedy skecthes.

    MADtv is way funny and hilarious and better than SNL will ever be. MADtv has some of the funniest people on TV including Nicole Sullivan, Deborah Wilson and Micheal McDonald. This show egts funnier and funnier every year and even though some of the skits are the same storyline (Stewy, Lowered Expectations, Oprah etc.) they are still down right hilarious.

    One of the funniest skecthes has to be Micheal McDonald's portrayal of Stewy, the child that looks 40. in second place is Deborah Wilson's Oprah, that one is so funny. MADtv brings together a whole bunch of comedians and make a great show to watch and laugh with your friends, unlike SNL which tries to be funny but it idioticly stupid. I reccomend this show to everyone who wants a good laugh.
  • MADtv is one has some of the most original and random comedy of any variety comedy show. Unlike SNL, MADtv comes up with new ways each week to entertain their audience and has a cast that is willing to do anything for a laugh.

    MADtv is one has some of the most original and random comedy of any variety comedy show. Unlike SNL, MADtv comes up with new ways each week to entertain their audience and has a cast that is willing to do anything for a laugh. The writers always think of something creative that you wouldn't think of and always give the audience what they want. The cast is great and are some of the best comedians currently on tv.
  • who ever said snl is better than madtv is crazy.

    i can just say one word to describe how great this show is. Awesome. it's slapstick humor and parodies are some of the best i've seen. there impersonations of many of today's stars from Kenny Rogers to Oprah (my personal favorite)topple snl in everyway. many people say that this show is going downhill, that these new seasons are a bunch load of crap. that the new cast is terrible. well they are gifted in their own way. yes, i loved seasons 3-9, but this show is still funny as heck. nicole parker with her ellen impersonation, its great, danielle gaither with her one time oprah thing, still is better than mya rudolph's. give these new cast memembers a chance, they all have potential to be as great, if not better, then there predecessors.
  • Way better then SNL

    I used to watch the first half hour of Mad and then watch SNL. One day I realized that I was waisting my time watching SNL after Will Ferrell left. Anyway now I watch Mad tv whenever it's on. Mike Mcdonald is the absolute best! It's not as good now that all the funny people left but it still kicks ass!
  • Lots of great and coming-up comedians + great sketches= MADtv. Way better and just simply more funny than SNL.

    MADtv is an awesome sketch show that simply seems not to be rusted at all after all these years. As of now, the whole cast has changed except for Michael McDonald, yet we can still expect great laughs every Saturday night. MADtv included some unforgettably funny and original recurring characters such as Alex Borstein's Ms. Swan and Bjork impersonations, Nicole Sullivan's Vancome Lady and Antonia, Mo Collins' Lorraine, Michael McDonald's Stewart and Rusty, Phil LaMarr's Michael Jackson, Debra Wilson's Bunifa and Malina, and Stefanie Weir's Dot just to name a few. Other memorable cast members were Aries Spears, Josh Meyers, Mary Scheer, Will Sasso, and Artie Lange.

    Those were some memorable sketches a few seasons back, but on today's MADtv, you can still find very interesting sketches, like Nicole Parker's Britney Spears impersonations, Frank Caliendo's President Bush impersonations, and Daniele Gaither's Condeleeza Rice impersonations.

    To sum it all up, MADtv is a show that started about 10 years ago, and is still going strong with original characters, and simply, a laugh-out-loud funny and talented cast to help create a strong backbone to the show.
  • i lagh i cry, i scream and squeal

    best skit show around, i like their siera mist comercials too ( bunch of hungry sell outs, well thats my opinion ) though they still make you laugh in ways no other can compare, its still a pretty dam good show i say, and i challenge anyone who doesnt think so to PM, and make a good conversation about it.
  • SNL is The Past, MADtv is The Future

    Unlike In Living Color and many other shows that tried to take the crown from SNL\\\'s head MADtv took the crown then kicked SNL in the nuts!

    This show has lasted for 10 years and I think it will last many MANY more years to come.

    The cast, comidy skits, and everthing else make this show the new KING of Comidy series.
  • A show where these people just do random, stupid,yet funny (really really funny)things. These people just love to humiliate themselves. I reccomend that teens should watch this. It on Comedy Central.

    It was better than the best. It was funnier than the funny... You would laugh so hard it would your head explode.Its way better than SNL(Saturday Night Live.) show on the face of this planet.If you haven't watched this, you are missing out on the laughter. Whenever you feel grumpy, sad, depressed,etc... This show will get that frown upside down, get you more than happy. I watch it everytime when it goes on. If you watched the show, you could tell that they love this job. They love humiliating themselves and making people laugh. I have nothing left to say execpt go watch that and explode your head because of laughter and have a verylaughing life. ( i know, a lame ending)
  • Watch SNL

    A terrible show that over uses its funny characters to when they aren't funny no more. SNL is so much better. MADtv needs new material and fast because they have killed all their skits and buried them. SNL is better. MADtv needs new cast members and better writers. I dont know why its still on the air. SNL is so much better. No wonder why MAD magazine disses its own show.
  • MadTv was Fox's answer to SNL. While SNL got the guests, Mad Tv got the comedy! Funny!

    So much funnier then SNL. Madtv has gone down a bit, but the comedy is great. They aren't afraid to go Off the wall. I liked the early years especially with sketches like Gump Fiction, I also liked Mrs.Swan she was hysterical. Phil Lamar was great as the office guy who is hyperactive. Some skits were bad while others were pretty good. You probably won't see as many breakout stars from Mad TV then from SNL. However in later years Mad Tv has crushed SNL. SNL isn't even funny, the only person there who is actually watchable is Darrell Hammond. Otherwise the show is a total failure. Now this show is declining a bit by definetly better then SNL.
  • What can i say about this show, except that its so hilarious its hard to turn away..

    This show has been on for a while now, and every season its get even funnier with real life parodys. Issues of the world causeing grief, pain or even amusement can be brightend up by mad tv anytime. Not afraid to go to the limit and beyond its no wonder that its still on.
    SNL was the past , Madtv is now. A great show you can sit down to and laugh away your problems.
    Madtv, stepping into greatness
  • A comdey show similar to SNL.

    WOW! I love this show. It can be boring at some times, but most of the time it is funny. The best skit they have EVER done is the Snoop Dogg song "Smokin too much pot." It is such a funny song. I don't do drugs, nor do I listen to rap music, but it is such a funny skit!
  • Madtv is the show that will make your frown trun upside down..Really it is like reading mad magazine in a theater. Madtv is the show that I won't miss out on.

    I have watched so much comedy shows and madtv just made my saturdays turned much more sweeter. They have parodies that will laugh your a** off and you'll just love how much cool characters have they created. Like Tank that dude that acts all cool with his dejwu. My favourite cast is still Bobby Lee. I just love all of his characters like that chinese guy that talks english all weird and always says " yes yes." And he pretends to be Bruce Lee's cousin. Take my advice if you love comedy and little funny sketches thaen you'll love madtv it has everything to offer. If you don't like it you will just be missing a hole lot of laughing your a** off moments.
  • A stech Comedy show that rocks.

    Mad tv is a great show and is very funny. It has great actors and it has great skits. I can't find one episode thar doesn't make me crack up. This show is a classic and is very underappreicated. From this show also comes great comedains who are very funny on their own specail on comedy central. I love this show.
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