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  • It's hard to believe this show has managed to last ten years without cracking a single funny joke.

    MADtv is usually compared, with good reason, to its NBC competitor Saturday Night Live. Both are late night sketch shows that play on Saturday night, both rely on celebrity guest stars and mediocre pop music groups, and both have produced a few good comedians as well as far too many bad ones.

    Sadly enough, the comparison stops here. Even during its lengthy down times, SNL still manages to make me laugh every single week. MADtv, on the other hand, is just plain not funny. Never. It's really amazing, in a way, that a show can last ten seasons without a single redeeming quality, a single good episode, a single good joke. But it has, somehow, stuck around.

    MADtv recycles the same tired jokes over and over again. If they were funny in the first place this would still be unacceptable, but since they never were funny it is even worse. Every week it's the same old "Hey look, Ms. Swan doing something wacky!"
  • ....What?

    So, I really like this sketch comedy show, The Whitest Kids U'Know. I heard about MadTV, and thought, okay, maybe sometime I'll watch that. So here I am, it's 11:30 at night, and I'm flipping channels and finally make the firm decision to watch a riveting episode of When Chefs Attack. But I get bored and keep flipping, and see MadTV. I think, hey, wasn't I going to watch that once? So I watch it for half an hour or so, the whole time I'm sitting there, staring at the TV like, "What IS this?" Once the show's over, I just kind of stare into midair like, "..." then finally regain the ability to think after such a long period of being exposed to stupid. My first thought is, "How was that comedy and why is it still running?" Maybe I just have high standards because I'm used to watching shows with actual talent. Or maybe MadTV really IS that bad, and the morons who actually watch it have never seen GOOD sketch comedy. I'd just like to say that anyone who likes MadTV, check out the Whitest Kids. (cuz if you like this crap you're gonna love watching people with talent.)
  • it is a complete waste of time. But I really only watch it for STUART. so funny.

    this show is funny. but it is a waste of time. only some things that i saw are funny. I only like stuart. SOO FUNNY! but the rest (that aren't funny, which is majority of it) is a complete, I mean, COMPLETE waste of time. Like, in the morning, I may watch it if nothing else is on. But some things are pathetically stupid! Again, it is a BAD ++ show, like not bad, but not good enough to be an okay show, so Ill give it a BAD++ show rate. Only SOME parts are funny. I LVOE STUART!!! (lol_
  • Was once one of the best sketch comedy shows...

    Seasons 5-9 were IMHO the best seasons of this show. I say this in large part due to the contributions of Mo Collins (my all-time favorite), Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson, Will Sasso and Stephanie Weir. The combination of these comic talents gave rise to some killer re-curring characters, my favorites being Stuart and his mother (whose name escapes me right now), Trina and LORRAINE! Debra Wilson's Bonifa was hysterical! Each comic fed off the other's characters and seemed to try to one-up each other to make their characters more funny and over-the-top than they already were (except Sasso's Kenny Rogers, which blew the first time and everytime after). Prior and subsequent seasons were ok, with overlap of these actors/actresses helping them from being complete busts. Others will clearly argue that Nicole Sullivan and Alex Bornstein should be listed above, but their major characters just never registered with me. I would love to see this show reborn, like SNL has every once in awhile, but I just don't see it happening. :-(
  • comedy skits late night

    this late night sketch show, similar to s n l, proves to be the funniest thing to ever hit tv for me! i love miss swan, april, stuart, and the johny gan show. in the johny gan show i love paty u and pongo!!!!! great impressionas they were in the movie disaster movie that was hilarious. good impression of rosie o donell', gordon ramsey , connie chung , i also love the character who says " uh oh ! hot dog ! " . i watch every episode the bomb of all late night tv shows! watch it love it!!!
  • It doesn't even deserve the .5!

    Why? Why do the producers of MADtv hate humans? Anyway, MADtv is a sketch "comedy" show that attempts to cause humor rather than make humor. It's stupid comedy. Is it worth watching yourself being degrated looking at this crap called humor. Saturday Night Live is better. In some episodes of MADtv, they try to talk down SNL and wants to be know as it's rival. Do you know why SNL doesn't fight back? BECAUSE MADtv ISN"T A THREAT! If you want to prove you are idiotic, watch it. I dare you.
  • horrible show. nothing is funny about it except for the fact that it is still on television.

    i dont like this show at all. i am more of an Saturday Night Live fan to be honest. Madtv is not as funny as everyone says it is. Everyone in my school always tells me about clips and sketches from the show but whenever i see them they are just horrible and i dont laugh at all. I never watch this show and the fact that Saturday Night Live used to be on Comedy Central showing reruns was awesome but then it was taken down for Madtv and it was really dissapointing...oh by the way "Franktv"...yeahh...really original not to mention the fact that he isnt funny at all
  • 1995-02=funny 2002-ongoing-=absolutely idiotic

    In 1995 when this show began it was a great, funny and original sketch comedy with characters over the years like Ms. Swan, the tow truck guy, the hot dog girls, Rusty, Stuart etc. but now it is like most sketch comedy shows with unoriginal skits like the Celebrity skit while the same episode with the skit had a funny Curb impression the episode was filled with lack buster skits and this is what is happening with most of the episodes nowadays which is sad to see happen again, this is what happen to SNL, I find myself watching re-runs of both shows and laughing through out all of the episode but these episodes now have very few or no good skits at all.

    All in all, in 1995 it would have gotten a 10/10 because it was an original sketch show like Kids in the Hall was with its own set of original characters but now the show has sunk and deserves a 0/10 but since I can\'t for some reason (I have before) it gets 1/10
  • Uhh....

    I do not know where they dug this show up, vut i think it should be put back in the ground. This is not funny. The paradies might make alot of people mad because they sometimes pick on things that other people cherish. That is why i do not watch this show at all.
  • Mad Tv is not funny or original.

    Mad Tv has just gotten rotten. AFter Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson left; the show completely stinks. The jokes and bits are all completely predictable and over-used hack comedy.

    The cast is so unfunny it\'s ridiculous. Bobby Lee is the only one who even has a glimmer of comedic timing and acting. I don\'t even know 90 percent of the cast. They appear to be all unknowns who have no experience as far as comedy goes.

    The hen sketch was retarded and the Crumping students was stupid. The has definitely become a show that appeals to people with an IQ lower than 50.

    The new cast members are ugly and not funny. (the people with the same names as full-time cast members) Let\'s get some hot chicks on Mad TV so at least we\'d have some eye candy instead of frumpy fat broads with no personality.

    WAtching Mad TV for even a minute is hopelessly painful. I\'d rather have my eyes gouged out with a hot poker than watch Mad TV. There has got to be funnier people in the comedy cesspool in LA. It appears that the human resources department of Mad Tv sure didn\'t look very hard for their actors.

    Last but not least; I\'d love to know who the cast members had to blow to get their jobs because that appears to be the only skill any of em have.

  • This show is a typical example of a good show gone wrong

    I used to have the funniest moments in life watching Madtv and can never forget the OJ skit on the older seasons. Madtv had hilarious people like Will Sasso and Aries Spears, but now the show is filled with mediocre talent. Bobby Lee should get his own show because he is the only talent on the show. Madtv is really disappointing and it turning into SNL which is not funny at all. Hopefully the next season will be better.
  • This is the sort of show I waste my life on.

    That is, because it's not very funny. Out of one episode of MADtv I find myself laughing, or enjoying it maybe once, twice?

    The show is intended for people who find humor in ridiculous, crude jokes. This may be sufficient to people who don't enjoy comedy with any depth, but for me it's not.

    MADtv is a show I find myself watching for no reason whatsoever, or perhaps I watch it just for that one joke that makes the show memorable. Plainly, the sketches are used up. *Not to say SNL (Saturday Night Live) is much better, SNL is decent (I'd give it a 7.0 maybe), but it used to be much better, and completely worth it.

    However, I've found that MADtv was always mediocre at best, and I have to say it's not lived up to its ten seasons on television.
  • this show i just don't know.

    I remember how funny this show was and how I enjoyed how they made fun of the lastest celeb scandal or tv show, but now it's just ridiculous. I could go down the list of how many funny characters their were Ms. Swan, Bunifa, Stewart, etc. It's lost it's touch and the show is just full of skits they pull out of their ass. Their tried to replace the original great cast members and tried to emulate them and it's not working. At least I'm not convinced they can be funnier. The 'uh oh hot dog guy' what is that?They couldn't keep having Aries Spears play every black character there is and ride on Michael McDonald's talent.
  • Going downhill....

    The only reason I gave this show a 6 is because I watch most of it on youtube.On TV it sucks. If it was 2003 right now, I would give it a 10......... The only good people that are left is Nicole Parker and Bobby Lee. They ran out of thing to do. All they do is this john MCcain and Barack Obama thing. Its not even funny. Since Michael Mcdonald left the show I dont even bother watching this. I used to like the Lorrine Swanson Sketch. After Nicole and bobby leave this is going to be BAD. Overall: 6/10
  • With new cast members constantly its a wonder how its still on the air.

    Almost every season it seems they add and remove cast members and when you remove, will sasso, debra wilson, and nicole sullivan; Madtv to me isn't really Madtv. To be honest, I lost interest in the show just because of this, most of their sketches aren't funny at all, its just something to stare at. I give credit for Bobby Lee, he doesnt' do half bad at least with him I'm mildly entertained at times but still.
  • Used to be good.

    This show was great a few years ago. Now, it is coming to the same fate that SNL has. A few other sketch shows were created that look a little like Mad TV. Luckily, they have failed to meet our standards. Sadly, as they have come and gone, every single passing sketch show has harmed Mad TV. Another thing has to be the new cast members. I can't get used to them. I think the writers are to blame. Less Stuart. More Bobby Lee. Not my favorite idea. Hopefully, Mad Tv will become better or else its final years are coming for it. Please get better!
  • Better than SNL

    This show is pretty good. They just need to get rid of Bobby Lee. He is more annoying than funny. This show is one of the only funny shows on saterday night, but it's not the greatest. It is better than SNL but thats not saying much since that show has gone right down the tubes.
  • MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool.

    MADtv is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool. For the past two years this show has had 2 big mysteries per season - each being solved by the end of the season. This is not like most shows that will string you along for years. On top of this we normally also get a "Mystery of the Week" (MOTW), that gets sloved in that same episode. Each of these MOTW are compelling in their own right.
  • Watch SNL

    A terrible show that over uses its funny characters to when they aren't funny no more. SNL is so much better. MADtv needs new material and fast because they have killed all their skits and buried them. SNL is better. MADtv needs new cast members and better writers. I dont know why its still on the air. SNL is so much better. No wonder why MAD magazine disses its own show.
  • Trying to be but not funny.

    Trying to be but not funny. I remembered when I actually liked this show but when I watched it, I was a dumb ten year old adult like american. If this is compition for SNL, I laugh. I laugh because the political satire ( or so they say ) is not even considered political. They find a name of a polition, and they come up with some dumb, fake thing to say. I hate Bush to, but I don't think they know what they're even talking about when they talk about politics. I find this a show a waste of time.
  • What happen to the show! The show use to be really funny. They got rid of some of the best actors on that show! please bring them back what the hell is wrong with them. they show is really stupid. The show is a complete waste of time.

    The show is really stupid. it really is a compelte waste of time. dont watch it. they need to back back mo collins debra wilson and all of the old cast. because the new people they brought to the show is wack. they all suck. they also need to bring back will saso, andrew daily. like i said what the hell were they thinking of getting new actors. the new actors are dumb and they are not funny. i use to love this show now i hate it. i really watch SNL and i hate that show.
  • even when SNL is's not as bad as MADTV

    I have located one of the reasons why this show sucks.....
    The audience.
    they hoot and hollar, they yell, they go "ooooooooohhhhhhh" alot, they cheer alcohol and drug refrences, they seem to be about 100% less intelligent than the audience at SNL (to name one)
    They are the "woo" people, they need to be stopped when in an audience.
  • Funny sometimes...

    This show is only funny sometimes. Sometimes it makes me crack up, others I just get a little chuckle, and sometimes I don't even laugh at all. It needs to be consistently funny, it can't be like this all the time. They should have more episodes of Stewie and Mrs. Swan. Those actors are hilarious, and every time there is an episode with them, I just can't stop laughing. All the other skits are just mediocre or just plain unfunny. So anyway, that is why I give the show a 5, because it's kind of a 50/50 hit or miss for me with this show.
  • Not funny anymore.

    To me MADtv has always been hit and miss with its humor. Some skits have me rolling(Jane Pauley interviewing George Lucas) while others have me in a scramble for the remote. One of the biggest problems I have with MADtv is how much they use the recurring characters. Stuart is not funny, Ms. Swan is not funny, any of Stephanie Weirs characters are not funny. Yet they bring them out every episode. These reasons plus a few more are why I no longer watch MADtv. If you want to see how sketch comedy is done, go pick up any season of Mr. Show on DVD.
  • Madtv is not as good as it used to be.

    Madtv used to be so much funnier than SNL, but lately, it's just way past its prime. I believe the show peaked at season 8. When Debra Wilson left, it was beyond a freefall. You know how Space Mountain at Disney falls faster than gravity... well I think you get the idea. Season 10's opening episodes were pretty good. I suppose it can have a rebirth. Here's hoping!
  • Where is the funny cast members?

    I use to watch this show years ago but when Alex Borstein and Nicole Sullivan left it just wasn\'t very funny anymore. Mo and Michael are still hilarious when they do Stuart but that\'s the only funny sketch. Where\'s Miss Swan? \"He looka like a man.\" I sure wish this show would try some funnier sketches instead of just spoofing on movies. I never really liked Aries Spears either. He\'s had just a few funny moments on the show but they are a rariety. Stephanie Weir is the funniest new cast member they have gotten in a long time expecially when she does that sister sketch (can\'t remember her name sorry).
  • Pretty Funny..

    Madtv, was ok..when the show first started..then i started to lose, some interest..It just got Boring. I mean there are some skits that i like from the newer episodes..Likes the House/Greys Skit (Personal Favorite). But thats like the only one. It seems like the writers don't have much talent aside from the fact that there show is still on television. It also seems like MadTV is trying to become Another SNL. I mean I don't think theres a show out there that can beat SNL. Madtv is just another lame try at becoming the next SNL. While there are some good skits, its just not as entertaining as it was.. 6.0
  • quit watching when orlando left

    this was a great show when it first came out. it was one part saturday night live, one part living color. orlando is one of the funniest actors there is and this is the show where he got started. i always thought nicole was funny too. i really have not watched it much in the last couple of years and thought it had been cancelled.
  • way freakin cool

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  • It can be boring but sometimes hilarious

    This show can be boring at times. It is the Ms. Wong or whatever thing that gets old. But my favorite sketch out of all of the ones on MADtv is the "Reality check" one. That one always cracks me up. Some of the more random ones can be funny too. A very funny one I thought was when these cops were chasing after the pilssberry doughboy. The doughboy went rabid and shot at the cops. Then the cops threw him in the oven to puff up. That one was a classic. Some of the other ones were stupid, The one that was a bunch of budwisers playing football at the superbowl was kind of stupid. Overall it's not the best not the worst.

    Score: 6.5 fair
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