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  • SNL this is not.

    It seems that if you didn't have the words "Saturday" or "Live" in your title, then late night sketch shows didn't seem to matter. In 1995, Mad Tv premiered and turned it on it's head. Far more cutting edge, boundary pushing, and hysterical than Snl(at least since the first 5 seasons, and maybe the Dana Carvey/Phil Hartman years), Mad Tv has become the place to go for people wanting more color and laughs with their sketch comedy. With recurring characters that are actually knee slapping funny, and that people want to see, Mad Tv has overshadowed that department. Stuart, Ms. Swan, Lorraine, Dot, Trina, Marvin Tickvah, and hysterical impressions of Oprah and others has proven how Snl hasn't been able to cut it for over a decade. The performers are far more talented as well. Frank Caliendo is the best impressionist either show has ever had. Mo Collins can do more incredible things with her vocals than anyone on Snl in an entire season. When it does fall flat, it still doesn't make a huge thud sound like Snl and the audience goes as quiet as crickets. It's no wonder Mad usually outbeats Snl in the 18 to 49 demographic. Snl is more like a security blanket. It's nice knowing it's there. But it's Mad that delivers the goods and the laughs.
  • Wow...just of the funniest shows you can find on prime time!

    MadTV has always been a favorite comedy sketch for me and my brother. We anticipate the new episodes every saturday night and they never let up. Its just an hour of laughing and crakin up. I love the skits and they never get old.....never...even when they show reruns. Though, my only complaint is that its only an hour long! My favorite characters on the show are: Will Sasso, Aries Spears, and Debra Wilson...o yea, cant forget Moe Collins! Madtv even beats SNL...imo...SNL is way past its prime! I hope that MadTv stays on much much longer so I can have though gut bustin saturday nights!
  • Just love MADtv!!

    This show has continuously is one of the most hilarious shows I've seen. they always find the funniest people! It's hard for me to laugh as people fail in attempting comedic skits. MADtv is always the best at their parodies and have an amazing cast. Michael McDonald is one of their classic men and I love Bobby Lee, Crista Flanagan, Nicole Parker and Arden Myrin. I miss MO Collins and Nicole Sullivan. Keegan Michael Key is one of my newest favorites!!! MADtv many laughs to all of you! he he he he Oh and I love Nicole Randall Johnson with her "Can I have your numba?"
  • Better than SNL

    MadTV is a great spin-off the famous age-old comic books Mad Magazine. The show is more crude, funny, and laugh out loud funny. The cast through time has been well remembered, such as Will Saso, Frank Caliendo, Debra Wilson, and Alex Borstein. From very funny scetches such as Frank Caliendo's John Madden inpersonation, to Alex Borstein's Ms Swan. There are so many funny moments I could name off, like Debra Wilson's Chris Tucker act. Anyway, this has so much more comedy value than SNL.
  • Not bad.

    Stuart is my favorite. Didn't watch all the time but when I did I sometimes enjoyed it.
  • i think this season of mad sucks on so many levels

    i think this season of mad sucks on so many levels because all the funny ppl left the show and what the hell is the new location and intro about. this isn't stupid snl ppl. and how bout the new comedy acts added into the show? It looks like a comedy club and its retarded to say that the show is still good. up until this season mad tv was hilarious now it just makes me yawn every second its on. Plus the cast members are gayer than anything i've seen. the creaters should a look a the damage they've done to such a good show
  • If only Family guy reenact this show

    Loved every season.
  • Justin Bieber

    do more with justin bieber is so funny!
  • Mad Tv keeps me laughing to the cows come home....But, there is no cows here? Still cracking me up.

    Madtv is the funniest of shows on right now.

    I like Bobby Lee he is crazy funny.

    I like all the skits and characters on the show and its just a breath of air of funny in your face.

    If you watch the show then you'll know what I mean but if you haven't seen it just turn on the commedy channel on the weekends and its on early in the morning , where I am anyways. E.S.T. What else can I say about Madtv ? Its funny, its comical, its wacked, its funnier when your playing on the computer and have this on instead of music, listening to this cracks me up all the time. Great show *****
  • You're so crazy!

    Every Saturday Noght at 10 PM, I sit back and enjoy another funny installment of MadTV!

    The show is irreverent and the actors are very talented.

    My favorite cast members are Michael McDonald and Bobby Lee.

    Stuart, who is done by Michael Mcdonald, is the best ever! He always gets into trouble and it makes me laugh the way he deals with a problem, and the way he talks just makes me ROTFLOL.

    Bobby Lee does an assortment of asian characters, especially my favorite, the Average Asian. The poor guy is targeted by everybody because he is Asian and they all think he could do all those things Asians do! Just plain silly!
  • OMG!!!!! I love this most hilarious show son.

    I have seen so many episodes and clips that I wil remember bits and pieces when I am feeling blue. For indstance, if my dog dies I will just remember how hilarious it was when Big Bird died. Also, if my football team loses then I will just remember the clip with John Madden and the popcorn machine. My favorite character is Bobby Lee. I like the parts called the Average Asian. Everyone always expects him to do asian things like origami or ninja invasions. But he is just an average Asian who can\\\'t do any of that and wants to be treated like a normal American, however they get treated. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "You are now watching MadTv!" 8)

    With those 5 words, anybody who's anybody knows their in for another nightly showing of 1 of the funniest, smartest, hippest, & most cleverly acted episodes of this TV series that's managed to stay on for 12 glorious seasons, & managed to be funny through each & every 1 of them! (Unlike a certain S. N. L. which hasn't been truly funny ever since Eddie Murphy left it a Trillion years ago!) :roll: Also, most of the "MadTv" castmembers after leaving the show have gone on to more roles which have gotten them even more respect among the acting community! Who can forget such memorable performances like Nicole Sullivan as the Vancome Lady, the woman that everybody loves to hate? Or Alex Borstein as Miss Swan who has about the same amount of sense as 2 dimes & a hay penny? Not to mention the witty banter between some actors who would often co-star in the same sketches together such as Michael McDonald and Mo Collins in the Stuart sketches, or Debra Wilson and Aries Spears on the Reality Check sketches? Political issues aren't left out of this fray though! We've had Will Sasso as Bill Clinton, desparately trying to make it through his term with some sort of sense of genuine reputation, and Frank Caliendo as the person I always affectionetly mention as "You-Know-Who," because if I say his name, I know I'm going to get angry and I'll never stop talking about it! Let's just say the person Frank plays, for the life of him can't make One single sentence or idea come out the way he thinks it's coming out! Not to mention the various movies, TV shows, music videos, or other kinds of things that get parodied on this show! Since S. N. L. is no longer stepping up to the plate in providing good, quality, prime-time comedy, we've got "MadTv" to fill that position! Enough said, true believers! :D
  • I LOVE IT!

    i love madtv its my favorite show to bad nicole sullivan had to leave she was my favorite i love her antonia that was the best and i liked her i believe it was bonifa or something with nicole and debra and yea but other then that I LOVE LOVE madtv
  • MadTV? The funniest sketch show in TV? Das Cool!

    Mad TV has been a very funny show eversince I first watched it. I almost cried laughing because of the Kenny Rogers JackAss Sketch. If MAd TV was a channel, I would watch it everytime I turn on the TV. It's way better than SNL. Damn Straight! Like I Said, Mad TV? Das Cool!
  • MAdtv is a late night sketch comedy show that premiered in 1995. It has remained SNL's main competion. Every episode features a new set of sketches as well as some recurring ones, with amazing original characters and celebrity impressions.

    This show is great, it is absolutely hillarious. I have watched some sketches and laughed so hard I cried, generally from Frank Caliendo. It is better than SNL because it is funnier and the sketches are not so long that you are bored with them after 10 minutes. It features some amazing dead on celebrity impressions. The current season is not as funny as previous ones, but it is still must see TV. A cast member of MAdtv has been featured in most of Parody movies i.e. Scary Movie, DAte Movie, Epic Movie. It is a career launching show for many of its cast. If you watch Madtv you will not be disapointed.
  • SNL is WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Worse because MADtv Rules.

    I admit they were doing bad in the past couple episodes especially with the lady at the desk who puts people on hold,THAT sucks. other than that this is a good show. I hope they make that Cragg thing regular to the show. Personally I think SNL sucks. Here is a link. Family guy rules and SNL has to rip-off of Family Guy...thats low
  • Much better than SNL! Much more intertaining! Best Sketch show!

    In the mid 90's Madtv tried to do what SNL did. And that is make and awsome show with an awsome cast. But in the 90's SNL had it all Adam sandler, Chris Farely, Mike Myers and others, but then they became stars...they left and the show fell.

    Now Madtv has taken its place and has done an amazing job! An awsome..(but not too awsome) cast, and great scripts. Madtv is becoming one of Comedy Centrals most played show, if not the most! Its awsome and everyone should give it a chance
  • I love it!

    Mad TV is the only tv show that can make me laugh non-stop. I just wish they did a better spoof of Hellen Keller.
  • Live from New York, it's Satruday Night. But where are the viewers? They're watching MADtv!

    MADtv is a great show with goofier parodies, and humor that's easier to understand. Though the cast members aren't as well known as the ones on SNL, MADtv is still a better show. I used to try and sit myself through SNL, but I realized that they weren't that funny, and forcing myself to laugh through it, would do me no good. I then switched to MADtv, I actually laughed! The skits are goofier, and there's no annoying musical guest! SNL, you were once great, but it's time for you guys to give MADtv some room.
  • I love this show!

    This show is so funny! They talk about what's going on and do it very well. The acting is great, and the effort is they put into doing it is also great! Some of the skits are a little giggle funny, but others are pee my pants funny! I hope this show will stay on for at least 25 saesons, or even more!
  • going downhill

    the first 7 seasons of mad tv were fantastic. it blew away the grossly overrated saturday night live. lately however, the show is just not funny anymore. most of the key cast members - ex. nicole sulliva, phil lamaar and alex bornstein have left, and the new talent stinks! it's time to put this show to rest, and collect the first 7 seasons on dvd.
  • Lots to laugh at!

    The hardworking actors on this show made sure you would remember MADtv as the show with mad laughter! Like, they have great scenes planned out and acted out on set, they're so random and more!
  • What happened?

    Mad T.V. used to be hilarious. I started watching around 2002 or 2003 and it was really good. I thought that some of the cast members were really talented. Michael McDonald, Aries Spears, Mo Collins, Stephanie Weir, Frank Caliendo, Debra Wilson, and Paul Vogt were my favorites. They made the show funny. All the others were just average. Then when people started leaving, that's when the show started to crumble. It became so watered down and so predictable that it wasn't even half as funny as it used to be. It is a shame, because it used to be a comedy fixture for me. Thank you.
  • No Mo = NO SHOW!! In my opinion Mo Collins was the best thing that ever happened to Madtv.

    In my opinion Mo Collins was the best thing that ever happened to Madtv. She is the reason I started watching the show and that goes for a lot of people I know. Now that she is gone I don\'t watch the show. No reason. I need Mo. I did flip to Madtv every once and while to see Ron Pederson and Paul Vogt, but they got rid of them. I don\'t understand why they change cast members so much. After they have been on the show for awhile they develop a fan base and when you rip them off of the show it pisses the fans; whom watch the show, off!!!
  • Offers a few funny one-liners, and a few funny characters, and a few talented people, although mainly only a cheap ripoff of Saturday Night Live.

    Offers a few funny one-liners, and a few funny characters, and a few talented people, although mainly only a cheap ripoff of Saturday Night Live. Doesn't have the same likability of the actors or characters of SNL. The sketches are usually recycled ones already seen and so much more funny on SNL.
  • not as good as it used to be

    i'v been watching mad tv since '95. Throughout the 90s, the show WAS hillariose and original, and the cast really seemed to have clicked. BUT that was years ago, now the cast is ALOT less funny, and very unoriginal...
    I'm sorry to say that as i see the originality in everyday life and sociaty deteriorate, i also see the downward spiral of sketch comedies and sitcoms(fake tv).

    If whoever reads this disagrees with me, do me a favor... watch one episode from about '98, then watch a newer show on saturday night. you will see that the reccuring charecters are alot less funny now.

    My point is, mad tv just dosent have it anymore.-Prymus. A
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    Most ep 1999+ (99-09)
  • Mad TV picks up where the original SNL left off!

    Dot--I love you AND your gloves! Michael McDonald is a true comic genious! Unbridled Capricorn wry humor!!!! My hat off to "TNT" Rusty, sneakysnake Sean, Depressed Persion tow-truck man is better than any anti-depressant, and yes--you are sexy Stewart!!, Mrs. Swan--"Yep--he look like a man"! This show rocks!!!! Love the skits on Oprah and Dr. Phil. Bush skits a laugh riot!! Whitney and Bobby--keep on doing your thing!!! LOL I've been depressed for my entire life --find relief only in great comedy--Mad TV--you did it--With razor sharpness cut through the dark dismal doom---You brouht back the twinkle in my eye and the spring in my step!! Thanks--to entire cast and writers!!!!!!
  • I dont know why everybody rips on this show

    This show in my oppinion is a really funny show and the best sketch comedy on television. Yes it not alwyas funny but at least its funny unlike saturday night morge. People need to take this show into consideration including that it is s funnier than when i first came out and that its an underrtaed show. I love the skits they have like the ones with bobby lee and michael mcdoald. Lastly whoever doesnt like this show need to get there humor fixed becuase this show is laugh out loud funny and should stay on for a long time.
  • This is a funny show of skits about politics, celebrities, makin fun, issuses of the world,Iraq and other stuff.

    I love this show because it is just too too funny. This show makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh until I cry and fall asleep in my bed. The funniest haracter is Stuart played by Micheal MacDonald. My favorite cast member is Nicole Parker. She is the best celebrity I've ever met. I met her at the Northlake Mall in Georgia. I have her number and everything. I'm glad that I watch this show. I want to shout you out Nicole. Best Friends Forever buddy. Hope you call next weekend. If you don't I'll just do domething bad to you.
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