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  • ....What?

    So, I really like this sketch comedy show, The Whitest Kids U'Know. I heard about MadTV, and thought, okay, maybe sometime I'll watch that. So here I am, it's 11:30 at night, and I'm flipping channels and finally make the firm decision to watch a riveting episode of When Chefs Attack. But I get bored and keep flipping, and see MadTV. I think, hey, wasn't I going to watch that once? So I watch it for half an hour or so, the whole time I'm sitting there, staring at the TV like, "What IS this?" Once the show's over, I just kind of stare into midair like, "..." then finally regain the ability to think after such a long period of being exposed to stupid. My first thought is, "How was that comedy and why is it still running?" Maybe I just have high standards because I'm used to watching shows with actual talent. Or maybe MadTV really IS that bad, and the morons who actually watch it have never seen GOOD sketch comedy. I'd just like to say that anyone who likes MadTV, check out the Whitest Kids. (cuz if you like this crap you're gonna love watching people with talent.)