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  • great show...but what's with the hatin?

    First of all, I love the show.
    But these last two "Best of" shows, well, have been pretty lame=(
    "Best of..."? Over half of the clips were from last season, and those have already aired twice. "Best of" implies THE BEST, but these were clearly not the best of the show's run. What's up with that? A "Best of" show that really does represent the best of MADtv over the years would be hysterical, and undoubtably allow the show to gain even more fans! And I thought the final "SNL get the f*ck off the air" bit was in very poor taste. I understand that many of MADtv's viewers have become disenchanted with SNL, but you have to admit, without SNL, there would be no MADtv. What happened to friendly competition? Dissing SNL only makes MADtv look petty, and considering the usual quality of regular MADtv episodes, there really was no need. Do your thing, be consistently good, and stop the hating!
    Oh yeah, and in-studio musical "guests", i could do without!
    Can't wait for the new season!