MADtv - Season 11

FOX (ended 2009)


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  • Episode #1122
    Episode #1122
    Episode 22
    Bobby Lee plays a character that works for the Chinese mafia as a translator in a meeting with Tony Soprano. Also, new Cragg sketch and an encore of an old Stuart sketch. Special Appearance: Andrew Bowen, Pat Kilbane, Mo Collins
  • Episode #1121
    Episode #1121
    Episode 21
    Show Open: Randy Jackson Cragg: Practical Jokes Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar Encore: Stuart 1st Annual Video Game Awards Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Tapped Out Workshop
  • Episode #1120
    Episode #1120
    Episode 20
    Ike and Bobby Go Clubbing Red Flag Girls Rise and Shine, North Dakota Dr Kylie: Medical Malpractise Trial Hello, Iraq! Hello! Encore: Stuart Weekends with Maury and Connie Nicole's Teenage Years
  • Episode #1119
    Episode #1119
    Episode 19
    The Jeffersons 2006 Parody: Medium Stuart Returns Coach Hines: Oliver Twist Baby Joey: First Playdate Ka-Son Works at a Club Knobs 2
  • Episode #1118
    Episode #1118
    Episode 18
    Skits include "American Idol" star Bo Bice (Ike Barinholtz) in a commercial for his new CD; and a trip to the Playboy Mansion.
  • Episode #1117
    Episode #1117
    Episode 17
    Parody: Hamburger Helper Commercials Open: Michael Adopts a Baby Yvoone Criddle: Stolen Parking Spot HNL: The Cast of "Ice Age" Never-Ending Conga Line Can I Just Say? Cragg's Party Close: Yvoone Gets Arrested

    Guest Starring: John Leguizamo, Ray Romano, Queen Latifah.
  • Episode #1116
    Episode #1116
    Episode 16
    Sketches include: Brokeback Mountain 2: the Cowgirls; Show Open: Nicole Parker's Bad Date Reenactment; 24 With Bobby Lee; George Clooney's Greatest Hits Collection; Weekends with Maury and Connie; MADtv: Now Being Aired in China!; Ashley Simpson's L.O.S.E.R. Music Video; Hello Hollywood, Hello; Show Close: Nicole Parker's Bad Date Reenactment.
  • Episode #1115
    Episode #1115
    Episode 15
    Sketches include:
    Fart Camp;
    Crazy as Hell 2005 Academy Award Nominees;
    Beautiful (Parody of James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful');
    Sesame Street Selling Out;
    Laguna Biotch: Biotch Saves The Day
    MADtv Encore: Memoirs of a Geisha;
    Bobby Lee and Ike Barinholtz Go to the Movie's;
    MADtv Performance with Jason Mraz;
    Marvin Tikvah's Search for a Star: the Finalists;
    Cast Close with Michael McDonald.moreless
  • Episode #1114
    Episode #1114
    Episode 14
    A Lillian Vernor Game Show "Survivor" edition. Jeff Probst and Alyson Hannigan guest star. Also, an encore of a Season 7 skit "Carolina on Ice", the first HNL sketch, and several spoofs on Black History Month.
  • Episode #1113
    Episode #1113
    Episode 13
    Jaime Pressly guest stars in a sketch called "My Name is Dubya," a show that follows President Bush (Frank Caliendo) as he sets out to right the wrongs from his past. Also, Martin Tikvah continues his search for a star, another Steven Cragg sketch, a closer look at Valentine's Day cookies, and a Queen Latifah "Last Holiday" parody.moreless
  • Episode #1112
    Episode #1112
    Episode 12
    Music Video: "Sake of My Fame" (Parody of Hilary Duff's "Beat of my Heart)
    Parody: Grey's Anatomy
    Luanne Lockheart
    Parody: Deadwood
    Jordan's Driving Lesson
    My Loss Is Your Gain
    Parody: Walk the Line
  • Episode #1111
    Episode #1111
    Episode 11
    Disney Girl: Wonderfully Normal Day Crazy as Hell George Bush Looks Forward Red Carpet Interview: People's Choice Awards Parody: Curb Your Enthusiasm Paula Zahn Now Cragg's Black Friends Close: George Bush Looks Forward
  • Episode #1110
    Episode #1110
    Episode 10
    Action 5 News Open: Katie Holmes is Fine Bae Sung: Monday Night Football Superstitious Knights Laguna Biotch (#1) Lincoln Word Title Replacement Show Shop America Cragg's Make a Wish Close: Laguna Biotch (#2)
  • Episode #1109
    Episode #1109
    Episode 9
    This Week's Sketches Include: Memoirs of a Geisha, Open: Neil Patrick Harris, QVC: Quacker Factory, Stuart Meets Santa, Sean The Floor Leader: Going Away Party, Inside Looking Out: Kwanzmas Carols, Jazzed for Crafts: Rodeo, The Silver Fox: Holiday Show, Close: Ike & Cast
  • Episode #1108
    Episode #1108
    Episode 8
    This Week's Sketches Include: Music Video: Black Eyed Peas featuring George W. Bush "My Slump", Open: Britney & Kevin Clear Everything Up, Runaway TV Audience Bleachers, Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Another Baby, Sesame Street: Bird Flu, 2005 Billboard Music Awards, The Lillian Verner Game Show: Segway, Fuddermuckers, Ho Nuva Leva, Close: Bobby & Castmoreless
  • Episode #1107
    Episode #1107
    Episode 7
    This Week's Sketches Include: Taradise, Open: WWE Champion John Cena, Boston Legal, Jazzed For Crafts: Monster Truck Rally, Marvin Tikvah's Search for a Star, Coach Hines: Bus Ride, 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena, Knobs, MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 4.0, Close: 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
  • Episode #1106
    Episode #1106
    Episode 6
    Actor Christopher Meloni guest stars! This Week's Sketches Include: Boob Whisperer, Open: Kung Kung, Only Vegas #1: Buffet, FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbone, Only Vegas #2: "A New Day" Starring Celine Dion, Dot's School Play "America's First Thanksgiving", Camp Winnetonka, Juvenile Hall Break, Voyage of the Sailship Mayflower, Holly Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting: Holiday Edition, Lorenz: Kid-Aid, MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 3.0, Close: FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbonemoreless
  • Episode #1105
    Episode #1105
    Episode 5
    PAMELA ANDERSON HELPS “MADtv” CELEBRATE ITS 250TH EPISODE This Week's Sketches Include: Dr. Larry's Sleeping Pills, Open: Ike's Hot Grandma, Abercrombie & Fitch: Blackercrombie, Inside Looking Out: Compact Discovery, Kurt Jones Buick Autoplex, Wheel of Fortune: Stacked, Goodnight America Late Night Tonight Show Show, Sanford and Son 2005, MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 2.0, Close: Michael & Castmoreless
  • Episode #1104
    Episode #1104
    Episode 4
    This Week's Sketches Include: iPad, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Duke Flickman Product Integration #1: Cluskers, Hollywood Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting, Cluskers Tomato Juice, Duke Flickman Product Integration #2: Duralog, Blind Kung Fu Master, Duralog, Drama Queen: Hurricane Relief Telethon, Duke Flickman Product Integration #3: Goodyear, Baby's First Steps, Duke Flickman Product Integration #4: Ugg Boots, MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD, Close: Duke Flickman Product Integration #5: Mercedesmoreless
  • Episode #1103
    Episode #1103
    Episode 3
    This Week's Sketches Include: The Return of the Rolling Stones, Open: Kanye West, Eric Balfour Backstage, FOX NFL Sunday, 24 with Bobby & Jordan, Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard", Angela: Sexually Active 8th Graders, Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard" Chapter 34, George Bush Rebuttification, Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard" Chapter 189, Intelligent Conversation, Commander In Chief Promo, Musical Performance: The Dandy Warhols "Smoke It", Close: FOX NFL Sundaymoreless
  • Episode #1102
    Episode #1102
    Episode 2
    This Week's Sketches Include: Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids, Presidential Address, Wedding Crashers, The Silver Fox, The View, Tank: Arcade, 57th Annual Emmy Awards, Music Video: Coldplay "I'm The Most Important Part Of Coldplay", Clownin and Krumpin, Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks, Close: Clownin and Krumpin
  • Episode #1101
    Episode #1101
    Episode 1
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Season 11 premiere: Mike's Hatemail, Premiere Party - 2005 Teen Choice Awards, Music Video: Jessica Simpson Not Featuring Nick Lachey "The Dukes Are Not Worth Watching", House, Mrs. Campbell Sells Her House, March of the Animals In Morgan Freeman's Back Yard, Jazzed For Crafts, The Psychiatrist, Musical Performance: OK Go "A Million Ways", Close: Stephnie & Castmoreless