MADtv - Season 2

FOX (ended 2009)


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  • Best of Season 2
    Best of Season 2
    Episode 23
    The best sketches of season two.
  • Episode #222
    Episode #222
    Episode 22
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Gangsta Shop Quartet Opening--Host: L.L. Cool J En Vogue--Awards Manic Depressive Stripper C.L.O.P.S. Don't Talk To Me The Breakup Bossy Boss Miss Barone Spy Vs. Spy--Teatime Town Meeting
  • Episode #221
    Episode #221
    Episode 21
    This Episode's Sketches Include: I Do Opening--Host: David Faustino Hot for Teacher Welcome Home Tea 'N' A Lil Miss Adorable Helpful Hand Gangsta Meat Haven Day Off Breakin' Into the Biz Spy Vs. Spy--Guillotine
  • Episode #220
    Episode #220
    Episode 20
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Hell Date Opening--Host: Ryan Stiles Lex Jackson Perfect Match Sinbad Monologue--Ryan Stiles Toby Robbins Anya Apartment Visitor The Presentation Spy Vs. Spy--Brick Wall
  • Episode #219
    Episode #219
    Episode 19
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Unzipped-Isaac Mizrahi Opening--Host: Adam Arkin Mary Tyler Moore El Asso Wipo Kenny Kingston--O.J. O.J.: The Search Good Doc, Bad Doc UBS Charity Joel & Connie--College Lowered Expectations--ginger Snaps Monologue--Bob Marley Spy Vs. Spy--Ants
  • Episode #218
    Episode #218
    Episode 18
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Snoorfpk Opening--Host: Mark Curry Canoe Ike meets Ike When Babies Attack Monologue--Pablo Fransisco Kenny Kingston Show Guilt Ridden #1 Where Do They Get Those People? Spy Vs. Spy-- Air Attack Guilt Ridden #2 Never Say Die Guilt Ridden #3
  • Episode #217
    Episode #217
    Episode 17
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Black History Minute Opening--Host Thomas Callabro Cha-Cha the Gorilla Discount Undertaker Furious George Stupid Anonymous Talking To Corky and the Juice Pigs Trial T.V. Dr. Flavin Manhunt Spy vs. Spy--Gallows
  • Episode #216
    Episode #216
    Episode 16
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Ebonics Address The Writer Beach Blanket Ebola Cabana Chat--Pauly Shore Test Pattern Trainee Suicide Note Lowered Expectations-Antonia Drunk on the Job Spy Vs. Spy-- Bullet Brigade Monologue-Pauly Shore Lowered Expectations--Betsy
  • Episode #215
    Episode #215
    Episode 15
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Lowered Expectations-Connie Opening--Host: Bobcat Goldthwaite Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Seatbelt Dance Calling Couple Employee of the Month Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Fork Where Do We Stand? Manuel Lowered Expectations--Benny Who'd A Thunk It? Monologue--Bobcat Goldthwaite Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Plastic Bag Angel Of Death Weblen Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Cape Una Guava Spy Vs Spymoreless
  • Episode #214
    Episode #214
    Episode 14
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Prison Opening--Host: Tommy Davidson Recording Session Never a Bride Where's Cecil? CD Promo Babyman Switch Your Ride The General Cheese The Ladies Room Monologue--Tom Kenney Al Casdy-Self Confidence Training Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti
  • Episode #213
    Episode #213
    Episode 13
    This Episode's Sketches Include: The Man Opening--Host: Queen Latifah Larry Parker Hospital Rick's New Friends Young Alanis The Mailbox Monologue--Queen Latifah Progressive Parenting Joe Don's New Job Grubbin' With Charlie Borrow Your Car Spy Vs. Spy--Microphone
  • Episode #212
    Episode #212
    Episode 12
    This Episode's Sketches Include: X-News #1 Opening--Host: Rodney Dangerfield The R&B; Meeting Spy Vs Spy--Training Camp X-News #2 Suddenly Millenium Cabana Chat X-News #3 BBBBrack! Diet Steve 'n Roger
  • Episode #211
    Episode #211
    Episode 11
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Whitney Houston Sings the National Anthem Gratorade Sleeping with Brian Bosworth Cocoa & LeBlanc The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #1 Vancome Lady--Locker Room Vud Bowl V Mr. Woogie Spy Vs Spy--Pool Table The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #2 Children's Letters to Dennis Rodman UBS Superbowl Party Monologue--Dom Irrera The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #3 The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #4moreless
  • Episode #210
    Episode #210
    Episode 10
    This Episode's Sketches Include: L'Arrogance Opening--Host: Andrea Martin Slang Gang Christian Groupies Drunk President L.A. Valet Downsizing Speckie the Speculum The Basement Spy Vs Spy-TNT Monologue--Andrea Martin
  • Episode #209
    Episode #209
    Episode 9
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Opening--Host: Harry Connick Jr. UBS Vs Sped-Ex The Greatest Action Story Ever Told Cabana Chat Spy Vs Spy-Karate The Reinfather Harry Connick Jr. Song--"Must Have Been Old Santa Claus" Vancome Lady Christmas Pageant Granny's Liver Harry Connick Jr. Song--"This Guy's in Love With You"
  • Episode #208
    Episode #208
    Episode 8
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Lowered Expectations--Deidre Opening--Host: French Stewart Serenity Acres Talk Faster Nice-a Slice-a Pizza Cosmetic Surgeon in a Box Lowered Expectations--Sammy Hagar Cosby's Crib Make a Good Impression Spy Vs Spy--Mirror My Boyfriend the Bank Lowered Expectations--Kyle Serenity Acres
  • Episode #207
    Episode #207
    Episode 7
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Game Show Woman Opening--Host: Joe Rogan Be-Bitched Spy Vs Spy-Embassy 2 Cabana Chat The Raisinberg Trials Trick Question #1 Body Warmth Trick Question #2 The Dive Joel & Connie--The Affair
  • Episode #206
    Episode #206
    Episode 6
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Under the Bed Opening--Host: Kevin McDonald Walls Mart #1 Shock Therapy in a Box Walls Mart #2 Annie Ho Walls Mart #3 UBS Date Spy Vs Spy--Headphones Vancome Lady Casino Bad Day Monologue--Kevin McDonald Home Video
  • Episode #205
    Episode #205
    Episode 5
    This Episode's Sketches Include: The Witness Opening--Host: Neve Campbell Spishak Spishwax X-News #1 Dentist in a Box Republican Party of Five Dead McMahon Walking X-News #2 Church Choir X-News #3 Monologue--Craig Anton Airport Guy Spy Vs. Spy--Cactus
  • Episode #204
    Episode #204
    Episode 4
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Spishak Maxi Pad Opening--Host: Jack Wagner Cabana Chat Hockey Mother of Mercy First Day Pre-Teen Debate Spy Vs. Spy Embassy Dr. Kevorkian's 100th Customer Monologue--Taylor Negron The Minors Don Martin--Fancy Restaurant
  • Episode #203
    Episode #203
    Episode 3
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Playin' Opening--Host: Kim Coles Helpful Hand Insurance Substitute Teacher Spy Vs. Spy--Cats Cradle Turner Family Classics:Little Red Riding Hood Vancome Lady --Betty Ford Sex Toy Story Golden Souls Tan Don Martin-Balloon Head Turner Family Classics:Goldilocks Joel & Connie--Birds and Bees Turner Family Classics:3 Little Pigs The Visit Rabbit Frenzymoreless
  • Episode #202
    Episode #202
    Episode 2
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Chevrad Opening--Host: Ice-T Dolemite Debate Blow It Out Your Hole Cabana Chat Don Martin: Chiropractor Regis & Kathy Lee No Sweat The Bruce Aint Gay Show Free Pizza Ice-T Performance Spy Vs. Spy--Phone Gun Frank Gifford Outtakes
  • Episode #201
    Episode #201
    Episode 1
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Bob Dole Strong Arm Opening--Host: Christina Applegate X-News #1 Schizophrenic Jeopardy That's My White Mama--White Boy Action Jackson X-News #2 Two Mouthy Chicks Spy Vs. Spy--3 Pigs Time Machine Snoop Doggy-Dogg's Vegas Act X-News #3 Peed