MADtv - Season 3

FOX (ended 2009)


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  • Best of Season 3
    Best of Season 3
    Episode 26
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Dentist in a Box Vancome ER Furious George Rescue 911 Clinton Town Meeting Gangsta Shop Quartet Bwisk Ice-T/Ice Cube Annie Ho Cabana Chat: Ice-T Menace II High Society
  • Episode #325
    Episode #325
    Episode 25
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Teepee Condoms Opening - Halle Berry Funky Walker: Halle Berry Lowered ExpectationsSteven Seagal Parker Sisters: Interns Davey & Goliath: Pet Cemetary Antonia: Heart Attack Awards Show Dead Beat Spishak: Pictures Entrance To Ecstacy Close - Halle Berry
  • Episode #324
    Episode #324
    Episode 24
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Lowered Expectations: Rosie Swan Fu (remote) Swan Fu (live) Lowered Expectations: El Asso Wipo Dennis the Menace II Society Let it Die Something So Perfect Lowered Expectations: Vicky the Dog Girl Family Scene Corky & the JP: Pants Mother of Mercy Corky & the JP: Circus Freaks Darlene McBride's Mother's Day Special Other Woman Corky & the JP: Private Dancermoreless
  • Episode #323
    Episode #323
    Episode 23
    This Episode's Sketches Include: That Was Me South Parknuts Antonia: Airport Window of the Soul Lucy II Celebrity Funeral: David Boreanaz This Close Waving His Thing Loud Restaurant Art Party Close - David Boreanaz
  • Episode #322
    Episode #322
    Episode 22
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Kids Say The Stupidest Things Opening - Lou Diamond Phillips Swan-Thru Mexican Wrestlers for Clinton Funky Walker: Lou Diamond Phillips Rockerbyes Corky & the JP: Janitor/Psycho Spishak Country Sausages Lowered Expectations: Manny Rosie O' Donnell 2150 Vancoma Spy Vs. Spy: Air Attack (218) Corky & the JP: TODD Close - Lou Diamond Phillipsmoreless
  • Episode #321
    Episode #321
    Episode 21
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Sleaze Lawyer Darlene's Songs for Kids Wet Stain Dharma & Gregs Ritalin Room Suddenly Millenium Coffe Guy: Stupormarket Gumby Old Men Power Friend Spy Vs. Spy: Bucket Brigade (216) Stupid, Fat & Ugly Anti-Depressercize Jr.
  • Episode #320
    Episode #320
    Episode 20
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Switcheroo Swan IV: All the President's Manicurists Hanson Interview Hanson Video LA Valet Eracists Go To Jail Playin' Chicken A Thousand Lays Cabana Chat: Anna Nicole Smith Night of the Proper Dead Big & Bigger Spy Vs. Spy - TNT (210) Don Martin - Frog Legs
  • Episode #319
    Episode #319
    Episode 19
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Lassie the Snitch Vancome at the Oscars UBS Dentist Riggs & Murtaugh Spice Girls Auditions: Voodoo Spice Kirk & Spock Variety Hour Spice Girls Auditions: Sumo Spice Coffee Guy: First Date Spice Girls Auditions: Man Spice Susan Whitfield: Makeout Party Spice Girls Auditions: Susan Whitfield Big John's Shirt and Tie Barn Spy vs. Spymoreless
  • Episode #318
    Episode #318
    Episode 18
    This Episode's Sketches Include: El Chevito Opening - Contest Winners Scrint! Cabana Chat: Phyllis Diller Spice Girl Auditions: Inbred Spice Corky & the JP: Too Fat to Rock & Roll Grace Under the Influence Spice Girls Auditions: Swan Tea N A Spice Girls Auditions: Diller Spice Girls Auditions: Sideshow Spice Beer Tucker N Perez Contest Winners Sketchmoreless
  • Episode #317
    Episode #317
    Episode 17
    This Episode's Sketches Include:

    Kenny's Ice Cream Parlor
    Opening - Jerry Springer
    The Jerry Springer Show
    Caroline in the City
    Clops III
    Vancome at Heaven's Gate
    Lowered Expectations: Jerry Springer
    Andy Griffith '98
    The Day Joe Told Off His Boss
    Close - Jerry Springer
  • Episode #316
    Episode #316
    Episode 16
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Paul Timberman's Workshop Olsen Twins Allergy Taste Test David Duchovny Live! Corky & the Juice Pigs: "Hot Squat Hombre" Funky Walker: Mark Hamill Darlene McBride: Valentine's Album Mass Suicide Talkin' American: Alanis Corky & the Juice Pigs: "Skateboard" Home Birthing Video Movie Buffs Spy Vs. Spy - Bulletproofmoreless
  • Episode #315
    Episode #315
    Episode 15
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Kenneth Starr Spice Girls Hunt Opening Eracists: Stand Off Claylien Resurrection Spice Girls Hunt #1 Coffee Guy: Exam Catwoman Spice Girls Hunt #2 Antonia: Suicide Hotline Spice Girls Hunt #3 Evangelista's Market Spy Vs. Spy: Microphone Savante: Career Day Mexican Wrestler's Theater: Mockingbird
  • Episode #314
    Episode #314
    Episode 14
    This Episode's Sketches Include:

    Lando Calrisian: Exotic Massage
    Rosie Show w/ Barbra Streisand
    Barbra's Sex Tapes
    Rosie Show w/ B.S.
    Vancome: Guidance Counselor
    Emotional Lawyer
    Fiona Apple video
    Dinosaur Dan
    Anti-Depressercize: Tony Little
    Mind Reader
    German Tourist (Dweezil & Ahmet)
    Spy Vs. Spy: Mirror over Fireplace (from #208)moreless
  • Episode #313
    Episode #313
    Episode 13
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Needy Evie Epidemic '98 Tonight Show w/ LaToya Surprise Lowered Expectations: Needy Evie Farrah/Farrakhan Chris Rock The Power of Ellen Corn on the Cop Spy Vs. Spy: Karate Autopsy Lowered Expectations: Harvey Route 666
  • Episode #312
    Episode #312
    Episode 12
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Titanic Happy Meal Opening - Pam Grier Swan Files 20/20 Cabana Chat: Pam Grier Roadkill Lunchmeat Power Press Corky & the Juice Pigs: Phone Sex Girls Negro Justice League Lowered Expectations: Susan Whitfield The Susan Whitfield Show Lowered Expectations: Mrs. Barone Sportscasters Spy Vs. Spy Embassy #2 Closing - Pam Griermoreless
  • Episode #311
    Episode #311
    Episode 11
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Wraparound #1 Spishak: Limbo G.I. Jew Wraparound #2 Cabana Chat: Howie Long Wraparound #3 A Pack of Gifts Now G.I. Junkie/G.I. Janitor Wraparound #4 Juice Pigs: Xmas Dreams Klumps Xmas Wraparound #5 Mexican Wrestling Theater Wraparound #6 Antonia: Xmas Hannukah Wraparound #7 Corky & the Juice Pigs: Omenmoreless
  • Episode #310
    Episode #310
    Episode 10
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Suppositurkey The Love Titanic Lowered Expectations: Swan I Furious George (from #217) Chelsea Big John's Shirts Guys Love That Lowered Expectations: Swan II Planet of the Vancomes Parker Sisters UBS Xmas Party Lowered Expectations: Swan III
  • Episode #309
    Episode #309
    Episode 9
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Gassy Clinton Darkness '97 Clops II What Happened to Dad? Lowered Expectations: Stan Juice Pigs: Pandas/Enviro Girl XXX Files (from #113) Darlene McBride Tour UBS: Answering Machine Ordering Spy Vs. Spy - Training Camp
  • Episode #308
    Episode #308
    Episode 8
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Spishak: Baby Blaster Talkin' American: Howard Stern Weekend at Tupac's Wonderful Zone of Disney Lean Bulime - Daisy Fuentes Funeral Songs Buffy the Umpire Slayer Funky Walker: Gilbert Gottfried Rangers Spy Vs. Spy - Headphones Sick Sloppy Crush Don Martin - Fancy Restaurant
  • Episode #307
    Episode #307
    Episode 7
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Kenny Country Broaster I Love Lucy '97 Lowered Expectations: Eddie Murphy Rod Shaft Erascism 12 Angry Men & a Vancome Lady Eisner Intros. and Sex Toy Story Eyewitness Swan II Lowered Expectations: Rui Peranio Ebonic Pyramid
  • Episode #306
    Episode #306
    Episode 6
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Farrah Fawcett Body Brush Clinton Town Meeting Corky & the Juice Pigs: Dolphin Boy Leaving Metropolis Barry White Knight The Enforcers Hate Guy Stalling Bill Cosby Video Stockholm & Berger
  • Episode #305
    Episode #305
    Episode 5
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Fun with the Chads Man in the Mirror Lowered Expectations: Antonia Charlie Newell Will Yell At Your Kids Talkin' American Jerry Clayvin Telethon #1 T.G.I. Saturdays Lowered Expectations: James Brown Jerry Clayvin Telethon #2 Antonia & James Coffee Lover Tour Jerry Clayvin Telethon #3 Get Yo Ass Outta Bed Today Show Spy Vs. Spy - Spaghettimoreless
  • Episode #304
    Episode #304
    Episode 4
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Windstorm Slingblade II Eyewitness Swan I Kwan #2 Smugglers Antonia: Word Association Spishak Soda #1 UBS on Strike Spishak #2 Funky Walker: Jennifer Love Hewitt Spishak #3
  • Episode #303
    Episode #303
    Episode 3
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Darlene McBride Liar Liar II Juice Pigs: REMember Dennis Miller: Police Negotiator The Klumps The Rosie Show Accounting with Milton Cladwell #1 Cops in Hollywood Accounting #2 Accounting #3 Juice Pigs: Burn Victim Girl Chevrad
  • Episode #302
    Episode #302
    Episode 2
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Marv Albert Song Opening-Carmen Electra Batman V Bwisk Ad Cabana Chat - Pregnant! You Got That From Me Coffee Guy Salt N Pepa & Rick Flimstones Sabrina Spy Vs. Spy - Guillotine
  • Episode #301
    Episode #301
    Episode 1
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Gus Opening-Sandra Bernhard G.I. Jackson Cholestra Vancome Rescue Sandra's Superstar Kit DEF Jam MLK NBT & A Ta Vare Sandra Bernhard Monologue