MADtv - Season 9

FOX (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode #925
    Episode #925
    Episode 25
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Baby Abercrombie Superstitious Knights: Jinx Letters To Lincoln Stuart: Poker Game Real **********ing Talk: Censored The Price is Right: Prehistoria Funkenstein vs. the Werewolf Hookers Close-Aries
  • Episode #924
    Episode #924
    Episode 24
    This Episode's Sketches Include:

    What Can Brown Do For You?
    Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Prom Night
    Hollywood Squares: Desperate Gimmick Week
    Doggone Tired Of Them!
    Dominic The Giant At Work
    Shot In The Head
    Kappa Kappa Kappa - Sorority Row Makeover
    Encore: Loraine Goes to College
    Fox Action News
    Close: Brown/Squares Outtakesmoreless
  • Episode #923
    Episode #923
    Episode 23
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Whoopi Goldberg for SlimFast Dr. Kylie: Chinese Bird Flu Coach Heinz Lillian Verner Game Show III: Mother's Day Helenzilla Choppy: Sexual Harassment Drunk POV Encore-Dot: Child Genius Dr. Kylie Outtakes
  • Episode #922
    Episode #922
    Episode 22
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Angela: Heroes On Montel The Wizard of Oz: Realistic Ending Marvin Tikkvah: Chubby Chaser Love The OC Meets American Idol Losers Sean the Floor Leader: Bring Your Child To Work Day Food Network: Eggsellent Marathon Encore: Stuart Gets A Rival (#706) Closing: OC Outtakes
  • Episode #921
    Episode #921
    Episode 21
    This Episode's Sketches Include:

    Average Asian: Dating
    Movie Trailer (Kiss The Twisted Eye Of The Beholder Of The Ya-Ya Double Jeopardyhood)
    The Price Is Right: Circa 1986
    Funkenstein Against Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
    Bae Sung: Court Interpreter
    Encore: Oprah's Thinning Camera (#822)
    Restaurant Proposal
    Choppy The Janitor
    Close: Funkenstein Outtakesmoreless
  • Episode #920
    Episode #920
    Episode 20
    This Episode's Sketches Include: John Madden: Easter Money Dot: NOT a 24 Sketch Geert Gets A Job QVC Over 40 Hitprov-Romeo and Julie Encore: Ms. Campbell Fast Food Lawsuit Supermarket Superheros Sam Adams Time Travels
  • Episode #919
    Episode #919
    Episode 19
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Over The Rainbow #1 Who Wants To Be A Super Duper Millionaire Over The Rainbow #2 It's A Small World: Revenge Of Satans Undead Dolls 7am Condo Report 3 Crossing The Hell Over ABC Schedule Bae Sung: Airport Gay Hulk 2: Me Out Of Closet Fake Sponsors The Kim Jong-Il Show: JC Chasez Encore: Kenny Rogers' Jackass (#623) The Rear View To The World-Wide Websters Dictionary Close: Crossing The Hell Overmoreless
  • Episode #918
    Episode #918
    Episode 18
    This Episode's Sketches Include:

    Trojan OvaMax Contraceptive Patch
    The Wayne Brady Show Gets Cancelled
    Cold Case
    Taco Hell
    Wedding Day
    Jay Walking Mania
    Pirate Party Productions
    A Farewell To Frasier
    Fake Sponsor: UCLA Body Donor Program
    Encore: Public School House Rocks!: Nouns (#717)
    Close: Cold Case
  • Episode #917
    Episode #917
    Episode 17

    Colgate Commercial
    Dot: Spelling Bee
    Rusty: Academy Awards
    American Political Idol (Bill O'Reilly)
    Family Feud: Cold Mountain Vs. Lord of the Rings (Rich Talarico)
    The Olsen Twins' Hip Hop Sock Hop
    Encore: "Spishak: Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! '98"
    Closing: American Political Idol: Clay Singingmoreless
  • Episode #916
    Episode #916
    Episode 16
    Sketches: Mike Tyson's Gettin' It All Back Tour The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Opening Monologue Star Jones: Payless Shoes The Price Is Right Circa 1974 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Guests Bae Sung Master Translator 2: Movie Set (Anna Faris) Happy Trails Lorraine Static Electricity Sweater Co. Encore: "Angela's Big Fat Canadian Cousin" Close: Lorrainemoreless
  • Episode #915
    Episode #915
    Episode 15
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Abercrombie And Fitch 2 Crazy As Hell News The Lillian Verner Game Show: Valentines The Disneyland Scandal Two And A Half Men The Bureau Of Porno Actors Registration Real M************ Talk: Black History Month Action News Phillip Morris Awareness Campaign One For The Road Close: The Lillian Verner Game Show Outtakesmoreless
  • Episode #914
    Episode #914
    Episode 14
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Gabmore Girls Fake Sponsors Mrs. Campbell: The Apprentice The Kim Jong-Il Show Stuart: Next Door Aries' Vocal Tips The Bride Of Funkenstein Chrysler Drive & Love Encore: Senator Debate (#804) Ruben Studdard Performs "What Is Sexy" Close: The Bride Of Funkenstein Outtakes
  • Episode #913
    Episode #913
    Episode 13
    This Episode's Sketches Include: John Madden's Movie Minute Scare Tactics Dr. Kylie: Fertility Oscar and Sugar Shane Celebrity Survivor Celebrity Survivor: Tribal Council Football Coach Court TV's A Simple Life Encore: "Angela: Racism" Closing: "Celebrity Survivor: Meg Ryan and Dr. Phil"
  • Episode #912
    Episode #912
    Episode 12
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Neverland Ranch Music Video Text Messaging The Simpler Life OnStar: Britney Spears Flu Sex Snow White Audition Drama Queen: Dinner Theatre Missing Film Strip Encore: "Dot On Oprah" Closing: "The Simpler Life"
  • Episode #911
    Episode #911
    Episode 11
    This Episode's Sketches Include: An Elizabeth Smart Christmas Powerslut Girls Vs. Frosty Bowling For Christmas A Marvin Tikvah Christmas Feuding Family Christmas Happy Holidays from Woody Allen Renee Zellwegger's Holiday Wish The Babysitter Mutilator Suge Knight's Court Ordered Holiday Album Westside Connection Performs Happy Holidays from LL Cool J
  • Episode #910
    Episode #910
    Episode 10
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Lords Of The Bling: The Return Of The Bling Abercrombie & Fitch Fake Sponsor: Hilton Hotels News Retractions The Lillian Verner Game Show OnStar Lorraine: In The Baby's Room Postal Workers Go Postal Kate Hudson's Baby Shower Access Hollywood: Smashmouth Close: LV Game Show Bloopers
  • Episode #909
    Episode #909
    Episode 9
    This Episode's Sketches Include: The Today Show: Winter Concert Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Plane Ride Mexican Mariachi Band 60 Minutes Spishak Bug Zapper Special Patrick Special Olympics Saffron Johnson (Super Gay New Laker) Dr Phil: I Hear Voices Mo & Aries at the Vibe Awards Close: Vibe Awards
  • Episode #908
    Episode #908
    Episode 8
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Everybody Loves Raymond's Lesbian Cousin TRL: Music Video: Emcee Esher Connie Chung Tonight: Paige By Paige Shaq And The Super Lakers Football Game Marriage Proposals Hollywood Squares: Stars Of UPN Geert The Dutch Boarder Feuding Family 2: Thanksgiving Dinner Kathy Griffin's D-List Celebrity Thanksgiving Special Closing: Feuding Family Food Fightmoreless
  • Episode #907
    Episode #907
    Episode 7
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Me Against Madonna Washington Journal Sean's Surprise Birthday Party Wheel of Fortune: Government Worker Week Werewolf 2: Bad Credit Trina's Costume Party Sleep Cell Cat In The Hat Premier Part 1 Cat In The Hat Premier Part 2
  • The 200th Episode
    The 200th Episode
    Episode 6
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Hey Mad Video The Vancome Bachlorette Lady Season Six Clip: The Sopranos - Edited For Content Season Eight Clip: Oprah's Thinning Camera Kenny Roger's Punk'd Artie Lange Salute's MADtv Season One Clip: Terms of Imprisonment Stuart Goes Shoe Shopping Literally: MADtv Audience Season Three Clip: Funky Walker, Dirty Talker w/ Halle Berry Ms. Swan at the DMV Season Five Clip: The Wizard of Oz Lost Footage Dot: The Return of Karen Season Three Clip: I Love Lucy '98 Real Mother F****n Talk's 200th Episode Season Three Clip: CLOPS Pilsbury Doughboy Show Close w/ Ariesmoreless
  • Episode #905
    Episode #905
    Episode 5
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Average Asian Deux John Madden for Vagisil Angela's Funniest Home Video MTV's Direct Effect: 50 Cent Feline Feline & Hairball The Newlyweds Coldplay "The Narcissist" Music Video A Football Thing 7am Condo Report 2 The Powerslut Girls Matrix Revolutions Premiere Close: Bobby Outside of Studio
  • Episode #904
    Episode #904
    Episode 4
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Archie Tomlinson Oldsmobile E! Celebrities Uncensored Queer Eye For The Strange Guy The O'Reilly Factor: Gray Davis Snuggle the Fabric Softner Bear Goes On A Bloody Rampage Stuart Sees A Therapist Freddy vs. Jason vs. Snuggle Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Restaurant Mrs. Campbell: Emergency Room Ike and Josh Hitprov Musical Performance: Chingy "Right Thurr" Closing: Jack Nicholsonmoreless
  • Episode #903
    Episode #903
    Episode 3
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Olive Garden Boy Meets Goy Music Video: "Consensual" Sean the Freaky Floor Leader QVC Perry's Love Therapy MADtv at the Emmys Affleck Insurance Encore- Hooked on Phonics VG Close - Mo & Paul Red Carpet
  • Episode #902
    Episode #902
    Episode 2
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Kmart Joe Boxer Lorraine Goes To The Beach Shaq and the Super Lakers Dr. Kylie: Puberty Music Video: "Prostitution" Real **********ing Emmy Special Madonna Childrens Book 7am Condo Report The Fighting Temptations Premiere Encore: A Wedding Story (#804) Close: Red Carpet (Ike & Aries)
  • Episode #901
    Episode #901
    Episode 1
    This Episode's Sketches Include: Music Video: 50 Cent, C.R.A.P. Andy Dick - Welcome to Season 9 GAP Hag Fake TV (ABC) Marvin Tikvah & Hollywood Hopefuls California Recall Governors Debate 2003 #1 Rod Roddy: Divorce Lunch Date California Recall Governors Debate 2003 #2 Nick the Scientist Bible Dude: Illegal Music Downloading Music Performance: Mya performs "My Love Is Like..Wo" Show Close: Andy Dick argues with Michael McDonaldmoreless