Madventures - Season 1

Monday 10:30 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Sep 21, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Madventures: The Worst Attacks Part Two
    Combination of the worst animal/insect attacks from season one - Part Two.
  • Madventures: The Worst Attacks Part One
    Combination of the worst animal/insect attacks from season one - Part One.
  • Mad Cook Special Part Two
    Part Two in the combination of Mad Cook scenes from season one.
  • Mad Cook Special Part One
    Part One in the combination of Mad Cook scenes from season one.
  • USA to Helsinki
    USA to Helsinki
    Episode 20
    Riku and Tuomas's world tour comes to an end for this season, they compete in a drag race, and then head to New York City, The White House. And finally self-proclaim themselves the kings of New York before heading home to Helsinki.
  • USA: Las Vegas, Memphis
    The Grand American Road Trip continues for Riku and Tuomas, through Route 66 to Roswell, New Orleans and then they set off on their pilgrimage to Memphis.
  • USA: Las Vegas
    USA: Las Vegas
    Episode 18
    Riku and Tuomas are fear and loathing in Las Vegas, they travel through the desert past the psychedelic casino's, This is bat country according to Riku.
  • USA: California
    USA: California
    Episode 17
    Riku and Tuomas set off on their great American road trip starting from California, in their 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible, which they nickname The Great Golden Shark.
  • Peru & Ecuador
    Peru & Ecuador
    Episode 16
    The Jungle survivors Riku and Tuomas continue their journey to Ecuador, which is described by tham as a miniature America, they trek over the mountains and jungle, they take a train ride down the devil's Nose in Riobamba.
  • Amazon, Peru
    Amazon, Peru
    Episode 15
    Riku and Tuomas travel on a Amazon expedition that will test their survival skills, from tackling the Amazon river and surviving the tarantulas and the boa constrictors, also Mad cook prepares some monkey.
  • Tonga: Peru
    Tonga: Peru
    Episode 14
    Riku and Tuomas's journey continues through Polynesia and South America into Peru which includes a long trek through the Andes mountain range, through Lima and into the capital of the Inca empire, Cuzco. Also the Mad cook Riku cooks up some Marvsin.
  • Tonga
    Episode 13
    Riku becomes Riku Robinson Crusoe when Riku and Tuomas create their own castaway Madventures, in Polynesia they take part in the Kava ritual, which involves eating the root of the natural herb Kava to induce relaxation and a state of meditation. Also Mad Cook rustles something up using the hottest chili pepper in the world.moreless
  • Australia: Sydney, New Zealand, Auckland, Tonga
    Riku and Tuomas continue their journey from Indonesia to Australia and visit the Sydney Opera House, and from Australia they pass through New Zealand to the islands of the Tonga. Have they found their paradise island at last?.
  • Indonesia: Sumba, Bali
    Riku and Tuomas discover that the island of Sumba is a well kept secret in Indonesia, we also see what happens when the Mad cook Riku cooks up some Cobra.
  • Indonesia: Bali, Sumba
    Riku and Tuomas head through Bali to the island of Sumba in Indonesia, where the population is less than 650,000, here they relax and enjoy some Safari surfing, also Mad cook shows us his legendary recipe Koiraresepti, which is cooked dog.
  • Indonesia: Medan, Lake Toba, Bali, Malaysia, Penang, Singapore
    Riku and Tuomas hear from a friend that the legendary Lake Toba in Sumatra is a dormant volcano, so they head from Thailand to Indonesia to visit Lake Toba to speak to the native Batak civilians and from Malaysia they travel onto Singapore.
  • Thailand: Koh Tao, Bangkok, Krabi
    Riku and Tuomas leave Koh Tao behind and head for Bangkok to sample the native alcoholic beverages. In the Mad cook session we see Riku cooking Scorpion and Satiaiset which is a small anthropod, also Riku and Tuomas try their luck at rock climbing and canoing.
  • Papua New Guinea: Warriors and Cannibals
    Explorers Riku and Tunna get lost in Papua New Guinea's darkest of jungles as they search for mankind's ultimate taboo. Is cannibalism still alive?
  • Thailand: Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Tao
    Riku and Tuomas continue their journey to Thailand, where they visit the island of Koh Phangan for the monthly full moon party, and take a test in Koh Tao.
  • China: The Quest For True Kung Fu
    Madventures looks for the ultimate meaning of ancient philosophy. On Mad Cook's plate, a hot dog is served.
  • Cambodia: Pnohm Penh, Siam Reap, Sihanoukville
    Riku and Tuomas continue their travels to Cambodia where they volunteer at the 21st century Angkor Wat temple which was built for King Suryavarman II, and we see their first mad cook session on the Sihanoukville beach.
  • Philippines: Crimes and Crucifixions
    Madventures looks for faith, hope and charity where none is usually found - prisons, cemeteries and wastelands. Riku becomes a practicing Catholic in the most painful sense of the word as the boys take part in Easter ceremonies people rarely get to see.
  • India: Goa, Cambodia, Pnohm Penh
    Riku and Tuomas to meet Ior Bock, who claims to be the direct descendant of the Finnish legendary hero Lemminkäinen, then they travel to west from Eldorado to Cambodia on a Royal Enfield Bullet 500, one of India's most popular motorcycles.
  • Russia: From Radiation to Revolution
    This is a journey beyond the rusted iron curtain and into the radioactive zone! The longest, most mythical railway on Earth takes Madventures to the man who seems to have reached immortality. Also in this episode: the weirdest sport on the planet!
  • India: Pushkar, Rishikesh
    Riku and Tuomas travel to a yoga academy in Rishikesh to find their inner light and some tips on how to quit smoking, but Riku finds he can only last a few days without a cigarette.
  • Japan: Robots and Samurais
    Madventures heads to Japan to explore the collision of the ultramodern and the traditional. Riku and Tunna have fun with Japanese robots and are forced to spend the night in a strange hotel. They also witness the making of an ancient Japanese sword.
  • India: Varanasi, Delhi, Rajasthan
    Riku and Tuomas have lost their direction in life, so to solve this they travel to the holy land of Varanasi in India to find their inner selves, from here they head through the deserts of Rajasthan to their final destination, Delhi, but their 40 days of traveling in the wilderness is halted by a severe case of diarrhea.moreless
  • South East Asia: The Long Road to Burma
    Riku and Tunna travel through South-East Asia in search of freedom. Drinking cobra blood and shooting bazookas, our mad men take on the ruthless military junta of Myanmar.
  • Nepal: Kathmandu, Chitwan, Annapurna
    Riku and Tuomas taste the local delicacy of buffalo's head in Chitwan, and whilst on the way up to the Annapurna peaks, they relax and take in the beautiful view of Nepal from four kilometers above sea level.
  • Brazil: On the River of Shamans
    Riku and Tunna travel from the urban jungles of Rio's favelas to the rainforests of the Amazon basin in the footsteps of William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, searching for the deepest swamps and quagmires of the sub-consciousness.
  • Nepal: Kathmandu
    Nepal: Kathmandu
    Episode 1
    Riku and Tuomas set off to their first destination, Nepal, to climb the peaks of Annapurna in the Himalayas.
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