Mafia and Gangsters

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    • Joseph "The Rat" Valachi
      This small-time gangster with a big mouth broke the mob's ranks by breaking its code of silence. Attorney General Robert Kennedy called Mafia sergeant Joe "The Rat" Valachi's revelations about Cosa Nostra, the government's "single biggest intelligence breakthrough" in combating organized crime. Joe Valachi cut an unimpressive figure as the squat, chain-smoking, coarse, thug with the crew cut. This low-level mobster was tougher than he was smart and more opportunistic than he was brave. His criminal dalliances included contract killings, loan sharking, racketeering, burglary, narcotics dealing and other marginally successful attempts at a gangster's life. Valachi had been part of the infamous Genovese crime family since its beginning, but it was his role as informant that would propel him to national notoriety and shake the very core of the Mafia's secret and corrupt society.moreless
    • Bugsy Siegel: Gambling On the Mob
      Profile of the gangster who built the Flamingo hotel and is credited with turning Las Vegas into a gambling mecca. When Bugsy busted his budget, the boys took a one-term write-off on his account--his bullet-riddled body was found in L.A. A Bio-Channel Special Presentation
    • Al Capone
      Al Capone
      Episode 2
      An account of Chicago's most famous gangster, up to his arrest for income tax evasion. Steiger is ideally cast as the ruthless gangster chieftain in this better-than-average biography. The documentary-like account has a very strong ensemble cast with fine support from Fay Spain and Martin Balsam. Capone died 1/25/47.
    • The Gambinos
      The Gambinos
      Episode 1
      History of one of America's most notorious organized crime families. This special 2-hour biography begins with the story of Carlo who was born in Palermo but made his way to America to make his first million selling counterfeit ration stamps during WWII. Also follows his successor Paul Castellano, and of course, the reign of John Gotti.moreless
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