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Maggie (1981)

Season 1 Episode 2

A Tooth for a Tooth

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1981 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A Tooth for a Tooth
Maggie babysits for a friend in hopes of coming up with enough money to cover Mark's braces, but the girl is not the angel Maggie is led to believe.

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    Miriam Flynn

    Miriam Flynn

    Margaret "Maggie" Weston

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Buffy Croft

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Doris Roberts (I)

    Loretta Davenport

    Billy Jayne

    Billy Jayne

    Mark Weston (as Billy Jacoby)

    James Hampton

    James Hampton

    Len Weston

    Margaret Impert

    Margaret Impert

    Chris (as Margie Impert)

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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Len: Girls ought to stick to the sports that they're suited for. Like volleyball, and... archery, and... mud wrestling.
        Maggie: You know something? You're a male chauvinist.
        Len: Margaret, I'm going to save you the embarrassment of being called on a redundancy by a stranger. Let me explain something. The term "chauvinist" comes from the name Chauvin. Nicolas Chauvin. A French soldier during the Napoleonic wars, whose undying loyalty and blind patriotism was legend. Hence, an unreasoning patriot is called a chauvinist. It would be redundant to say "male chauvinist," because Chauvin was a male soldier. And soldiering, like baseball, ought to be left to us guys.

      • Tiffany: When you have time, Mrs. Weston, would you check this over for spelling?
        Maggie: Oh, of course, dear. You know, I can't get over how quickly you get your homework done.
        Tiffany: Well, we just had to write a short composition on somebody very special.
        Maggie: Oh. "My Friend, Mrs. Weston." Oh, Tiffany.
        Tiffany: Did I spell "idolize" and "worship" right?

      • Len: At school, she's a little hellraiser.
        Maggie: I can't believe that. Tiffany's a dream to take care of. She picks up after herself, she does her homework, she even refolds the hand towels in the bathroom. She's a 10-year-old Buffy.
        Len: All I know is that she's gotten some bad reports from some of her teachers.
        Maggie: Oh, so has Mark and so has Bruce. What does that mean?
        Len: It means they're a couple of little hellraisers.

      • Chris: Well, you know, Rock Hudson started out selling cosmetics door to door. And then he was discovered by Doris Day. She needed a handsome date to make Peter Graves jealous. And... or was that a movie they were in?

      • Chris: Well, you went to college.
        Maggie: Yeah, but only for two years. And I took liberal arts. All that qualifies you to do is appreciate public television.

      • Len: Five thousand dollars?!
        Maggie: Well, now that's the bad news. The good news is, we can pay it off in 36 monthly installments.
        Len: Oh.
        Maggie: But then there's some more bad news. The annual interest rate is 10 percent, which really means we really owe sixty-five hundred dollars.
        Len: Oh, well, sure. If you can't afford something, they charge you more for it. That's the American way.

    • NOTES (3)

      • In an obvious dig at ABC, the writers had Maggie and Len discuss The Bad Seed. Maggie wonders whatever happened to Patty McCormack, and Len tells her that the last time he saw her was on The Ropers. The Ropers was a top 10 time-slot hit, until ABC moved it with the full intention of 86'ing it. Care to take a guess what time slot they moved it to?

      • Two degrees of separation: in addition to two of the Jacobs siblings playing alongside each other, Len tells Maggie that she reminds him of Jayne Meadows. Jayne was Rachel Jacobs' and Billy Jacoby's co-star in It's Not Easy.

      • On February 14, 2003, CBS aired a new special, The Stars' First Time on Entertainment Tonight. Doris Roberts' (who appeared in person with the rest of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond) first time was in 1981 when ET was just a few weeks old, and Mary Hart wasn't even there yet. Hart showed Roberts and her castmates an interview clip of her promoting Maggie during the making of this episode.

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