Maggie (1981)

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1981 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Len considers a career switch after learning that a former colleague has struck it rich outside the teaching profession.

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    Miriam Flynn

    Miriam Flynn

    Margaret "Maggie" Weston

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Judith-Marie Bergan

    Buffy Croft

    Doris Roberts

    Doris Roberts

    Loretta Davenport

    Billy Jayne

    Billy Jayne

    Mark Weston (as Billy Jacoby)

    James Hampton

    James Hampton

    Len Weston

    Margaret Impert

    Margaret Impert

    Chris (as Margie Impert)

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      • Maggie: I say we celebrate.
        Len: Okay. Get out the champagne glasses.
        Maggie: Alrighty. Do you want Fred Flintstone or Scooby Doo?

      • Tom: Remember that talk you gave two years ago to the seniors on Career Advisement Day?
        Len: Oh, yeah. Spoke on opportunities in education. Something about, uh, you're not going to get rich, but teaching is its own reward.
        Tom: That's it! I'd been thinking the same thing, and when you said that, turned me around. I decided to get out, and get rich!

      • Maggie: Oh, Len's right. What's education ever done for us? I'm gonna start living, Loretta. And I'm gonna have a self-cleaning oven and a self-healing washer and a self-stocking refrigerator. And I promise you this: as God as my witness, these hands will never pour Draino again!

      • Len: Nope, it's time the old educator took some of his own advice. A man learns by changing. We live by today, change our tomorrows, and create forever.
        Maggie: Who said that? Emerson?
        Len: No, I read it in an underwear ad.

      • Len: What's that?
        Maggie: Our shower curtain. I kept snipping the mold off the bottom, and today I realized, we don't have a shower curtain, we have a balance. Look around you. This is a very sick house. One bullet through the attic'd put it out of its misery.

      • George: Look, Mr. Weston. I appreciate what you're trying to do, really. But you're educated. And I've seen your car, I've seen your home, and I've seen your life. Some of us do not want to be a leisure suit in a Jordache world.

      • Chris: I'm depressed.
        Loretta: Over what?
        Chris: I just wish everyone would ease up on Melissa Gilbert. There. I've had my say. And if you're all offended, I'm sorry.
        Loretta: Who's Melissa Gilbert?
        Maggie: She's on Little House on the Prairie.
        Chris: I saw her last night on Hollywood Squares, and you know where they put her? She was the outside square in the second row. Do you know how many questions the outside square in the second row gets? None.

      • Len: I saw a man in a $300 overcoat that had the world by the tail with a downhill drag. I don't know -- maybe he's right. Why do I keep hitting my head against a stone wall?
        Maggie: Because you're good at it... That didn't come out the way I planned.

      • Maggie: Oh, Marcia. This is such a beautiful coat.
        Marcia: Oh, thanks. At first, I felt guilty about buying it. Until I realized mink isn't an endangered species.
        Maggie: It isn't?
        Marcia: No. You see mink coats everywhere.

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